23/10/21 – Saturday cycle!

I had a lovely 16 mile cycle this morning. It felt very Autumnal and beautiful with all the orange leaves. Then later on Liv came over for a catch up sleepover! It was a wonderful chance to fill her in on everything that’s been happening with me recently and get up to date on her news too. Another really nice day (or maybe I’m just a lot happier now I’ve left my job!)

22/10/21 – Freedom Friday

After finishing off a bit of freelance work this morning, Nic and I headed to Bromley for the afternoon! We went to GBK for a cheeky burger and then picked up a couple bits and bobs in the town. It’s day two of leaving my last job and I’m feeling amazing. I’ve had a wonderful day and I still have seven more weeks before I start my new job! A true lady of leisure.

21/10/21 – Lunchtime freedom

Despite leaving my main job yesterday, I still have other freelance work to do today, but I’m perfectly happy with that as I’m loving that project right now. It also means I can do fun design work but also spend an hour and a half eating lunch in the park with Nic in the autumn sunshine! Best of both worlds I say. I am one happy Steph once more.

20/10/21 – One door closes…

I finished at my job today!! Apart from some freelance work I now have two months off before I start my new role and I’m beyond excited for it, both the break and the new job!

To top off an excellent day, Nic and I went to our friends Nat and Dan’s for dinner tonight and it was so delicious, and so much fun! I’m ready to relax a bit and just take some time to decompress.

17/10/21 – Happy on two wheels

I went on a lovely 14 mile Autumnal bike ride today! The weather was gorgeous. I then went on a lovely walk with Nic in the afternoon before making apple compote with apples our nextdoor neighbour dropped round! It’s been a very wholesome and seasonally apt day for me and I’ve loved every second of it.

16/10/21 – Day at the Tate

Nic’s parents came down to visit us today! We went out for a lovely lunch in Richmond then headed to the Tate Modern for the day. We saw some incredible and timeless classics, and of course a few pieces that spurred the old “how do you even quantify what art is?” discussion. But it wouldn’t be the Tate without having it of course!