04/12/21 – Winter walks

Winter walks have an entirely different feel though when it’s 25 degrees out! Whilst we meandered the long way around the lake to get lunch today we saw this cormorant drying out their wings in the lovely sunshine. The whole scene felt very calming and quiet, which was pretty much the theme for today’s activities.

01/12/21 – Les Mis again!

I loved it so much after I first saw it I straight away booked tickets to see it again, and this time front row!

Today was just lovely! Mum has arrived ready for our Florida trip, so we had a lovely late lunch together in town, then I had some time to kill before heading off to see the incredible Les Mis! It was as fantastic as ever. Good night!

29/11/21 – I made a skirt!

Today was a sewing day! After finalising all the final docs and test for Florida, I decided to take my mind off everything by getting some sewing done. I fixed my friends jeans, and my linen trousers, and then got to work on making myself a skirt… with pockets!

It should have been quite straight forward, but annoyingly my sewing machine did not like my fabric so kept getting stuck. But I got there in the end and I’m pretty happy about it! Excited to get more projects like this done in the future!

28/11/21 – Last minute lunch

One of my favourite joys in life is last minute plans with friends. Today Mariana popped up asking if I wanted to go for lunch and it took me less than a second to say “yes please!” So off we went out into the freezing cold to find somewhere that had room for lunch last minute on a Sunday. It makes me feel so lucky to have such lovely friends, nearby and spontaneous!

27/11/21 – First Christmas movie!

It’s tiiiiiime! Nic and I watched Last Christmas this evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even had a lovely White Russian to go with it!

Relaxing day of not much else apart from that. Got a lot of sorting and packing ready for Florida, I still won’t quite believe I’m going until I’m on the plane, especially with the recent news so fingers crossed for me please!

25/11/21 – Winter sunshine lunch

Drove to meet Corinne for lunch today! We went to the food market near her flat and ate in the glorious winter sunshine. It was about 4 degrees so certainly nippy, but we were wrapped up and ready for it that’s for sure! Finally got the rest of the house sorted today and our new mattress. For the first time in about two months isn’t looking back to some sense of normality!