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25/03/19 – Happy birthday to me! — Mar 25, 2019
24/03/19 – Birthday packages! — Mar 24, 2019
23/03/19 – Pudding of my dreams — Mar 23, 2019

23/03/19 – Pudding of my dreams

I’ve had the nicest, chilled out Saturday. Nic took me for a pre-birthday lunch in Crystal Palace. We finished with this incredible caramelized banana eton mess which was phenomenal. I’ve painted my nails, had a bath and nearly finished my jigsaw puzzle. Turning 28 is a lot different from turning 18.

22/03/19 – Birthday weekend — Mar 22, 2019
21/03/19 – Sweaty betty — Mar 21, 2019

21/03/19 – Sweaty betty

Another run to work in the bag and it felt great! I’m really enjoying my running at the moment and so pleased I also seem to be improving. Cycling appears to be taking a back seat this year, but I’m not bothered whilst I’m enjoying my audio books and running.

20/03/19 – Life of a sim — Mar 20, 2019

20/03/19 – Life of a sim

I had a very busy and productive day at work today. Cycled in again, in the recently milder weather, much nicer than the gail force winds we’d been having prior.

This evening Nic and I continued playing Sims3! I’m really enjoying it, he’s much better at keeping them happy than I am, pretty similar to real life…

19/03/19 – I’m in trainers! — Mar 19, 2019