22/09/21 – What good friends do

We had gorgeous Autumnal weather today in London. I was back in the office as I had dinner plans near St Paul’s with the lovely Liv! We had amazing vegan burgers and nattered the evening away. Another day where I fall asleep just so grateful for my wonderful friends.

21/09/21 – Crystal Palace day out

The sun was shining today! It’s my last day of holiday and I had just the nicest of days. I got my hair cut, went for brunch with Nic, went on a lovely walk around Crystal Palace with him marvelling at how quiet it was as it’s not the weekend, finished my cross stitch and read lots of my book. Very calming, very chilled, the ideal Tuesday.

20/09/21 – A lovely day out

I’m still on holiday! For just two more days but I need to make them count. Today I went on a day out with my friend Nat and her baby. We visited a castle and gardens and it was just gorgeous. We smelled the roses, had a lovely lunch, ate grapes off the vine… I even got to play in a water maze! Really really enjoyable day, just nattering away for hours on end with a great friend.

19/09/21 – Cold food diet…

With the electric out on our entire bottom floor for what looks like the next two months, it’s time to get creative with salads (and takeaways, let’s be real here).

So far I’m not complaining as I loved our dinner tonight (and the cheeky Sunday lunch we went to the pub for)! And on top of all that I ran 12km this morning!! I slowed right down, just enjoyed myself, and low and behold it worked. Am I really about to rediscover my love of running? Still feeling foggy headed but a bit better than yesterday 🙂

18/09/21 – Back at it

My anxiety has been entirely out of sorts these last few days. So today after spending a lovely afternoon catching up with my friend, I took the rest of the day to just sit down and finally do some more cross-stitching whilst listening to various musical soundtracks.

It’s hard to wind down, but I’m trying my best. Tomorrow will be a better day.

17/09/21 – Bustling about

My feet were killing me after today! I’ve done so much walking these last few days and today was no different. We went to Bromley today to get a few things, that’s where I saw this very happy squirrel who had just found some chips in a bin! Then I went into town and walked 40 mins to get to the theatre. A lovely day that felt very Autumnal which is making me happy!

16/09/21 – Aquarium trip!

More on the tourist theme! Today we checked out of our hotel and went for a meander around the V&A. After that we headed over to The Sea Life Centre! We didn’t queue at all and the entire place was so quiet – we’ve been very lucky on the whole for queues. We saw some amazing creatures and then walked to London bridge, grabbed lunch in Padella (at last after years!) before finally getting out train home. I’ve had such a wonderful little trip with Nic, just 7 miles away from home!