26/06/22 – Sunday garden work

Our neighbours are getting a new fence put in next week which means we have to make sure our garden edge is completely clear and ready for them. That meant hours of pulling, chopping and weeding today, but we finally got there. Both of us have very achy arms but also a huge sense of achievement!

25/06/22 – Long ride day!

I went out on a lovely long bike ride today. I cycled 38 miles, my longest ride this year. I really enjoyed myself too! I went to Hampton Court Palace, then along the river to Battersea Park and finally home.

I’m definitely going to go on some more long rides this summer. My goal is to cycle to Brighton which I’ll hopefully do next month or the one after with a couple friends. I do love cycling!

24/06/22 – TGIF…

What a long working week! It’s been very rewarding and I’ve had lots of nice things said about me this week, but it’s also been pretty tiring that’s for sure.

I forgot to take a photo today, but Nic took this one of me zoned out after eating pizza for dinner. I’m excited to have a chilled out weekend to recharge a bit!

23/06/22 – Creepy crawlies

Started today off with a one mile swim (as if I can say that now!) Then after work I walked down to Crystal Palace for a massage and spotted this humongous beetle on the ground. It was seriously about 4cm long! No thank you. I think I’d cry if it got into our house… That’s enough nature for me for one day.

22/06/22 – Ten mile evening walk!

After work, our plan was to walk 4.5 miles to Addington Hills to have a little picnic for dinner and then get the bus back. All went to plan until we just ended up walking, and walking, and walking! In the end we were having such a nice time we decided to just keep going all the way back home after our picnic. Over ten miles later and we made it! We ended up walking over three hours and honestly I loved every second, such a great way to spend the second longest day of the year.

20/06/22 – A day in

Today I didn’t leave the house! After a week and a half of doing something every day, I’ve finally had a day where I’ve not left the house.

Apart from a full day of work, the most productive thing I’ve done today is redo my nails. And I’m very happy with them! They’re a lovely shade of pink and have already made me happy just staring at them. My nails are finally getting long again, woo hoo!

19/06/22 – Fun with Mum on Sun(day)

What a lovely day I’ve had- today was a Mum and Steph day! We went to Greenwich then went on a nice walk to The O2, meandered around there for a bit before getting the cable car over and back. Finally we got the boat all the way to central before getting dinner and heading home. We walked about 11 miles and nattered the whole way. It was a really great day, just me and my Mum.

18/06/22 – Morning at the pool

Mum and I went to Tooting Lido this morning. I did a good 1km swim workout, and then we played around for a bit but mostly chatted by the poolside in the sunshine (and some rain!). It was a really lovely way to spend a Saturday.

After swimming we met up with Nic for lunch and a walk around Brockwell Park before heading home to chill out, play some games and finally have an indoor (oven based) BBQ due to our current pre-existing plans being rained off.

17/06/22 – Second run to work!

I managed to do it again! I ran the 9 miles to work and didn’t end up as a mere puddle at the end (close though!). I took this lovely photo at 8 miles in, crossing over London Bridge.

After work I went for a couple of cheeky halfs with mum in the pub, and then headed to Dishoom for a really lovely dinner with her and also Nic! The food was, as ever, absolutely delicious and the company even better. How lucky am I!