16/01/21 – Steaming fence

Well, there was no snow to be found this morning. Instead it absolutely chucked it down until midday. Then suddenly the sun came out in force and was so contrastingly warm, the fences were steaming! I’ve not seen that before and tried to get a photo. You can see it a little bit but it was so strange.

Today I got a bit of animation work done, then played Minecraft, ran 5k and made tikka paneer with Nic. A nice, full Saturday, just a shame about the snow!

15/01/21 – Here comes the snow!

Quite the sunset tonight. Tomorrow we’re due snow apparently, so we’ll see! This evening I made a lot of progress on my video I’m working on so I’m feeling very good about that. Big day at work too as we soft launched the product I’ve been working on for the last few months so that’s also exciting!

14/01/21 – Flower delivery!

My mum gave us a trial for a flower delivery service she uses! I completely forgot about it so was pleasantly surprised when they turned up today. It was fun arranging them but I’m not sure I can stump up the money to keep up with it! But it’s made me realise I should pick up more flowers when we go shopping.

Apart from that it was a pretty uneventful rainy working day in here in London! We managed to go for a nice walk at lunchtime in the brief gap between rain showers, so that was nice.

13/01/21 – Lunchtime rainy run

After struggling to get up before work to exercise, I finally decided to run at lunchtime instead. It worked great! It was cool and rainy, but it wasn’t dark and was very quiet.

I got 5k done, but most of all it really cheered me up. Got back home, made a lush cheese and sweetcorn toasty, showered and went back to work. This is definitely a breakthrough and I’m hoping it’ll help me fit a lot more runs in!

12/01/21 – New camera!

My new camera arrived today and I’m super happy with it! Just look at that zoom from my study window of today’s bleak weather.

Quite the nothing day today apart from camera fun. I got lots done at work then had a stir fry for dinner with Nic. We put a tub of ice cream in the oven to help it thaw out… I mean, I did warn you it was a nothing day. It’s hard to keep a blog interesting when we’re in lockdown. Hoping to get out on my bike tomorrow morning if the weather’s not too shabby, fingers crossed!

11/01/21 – Power hour!

Nic and I popped to Waitrose this evening. It was thankfully very quiet! We decided to shop in person so that someone who needed an ocado slot could now hopefully get one, as it’s all a bit mental again online due to the third lockdown.

Once we got back we did what I’ve named “power hour” where we both work for an hour on our own personal projects and then share what we’ve done at the end. Nic created more tracks for his EP he’s working on, and I got more sketching and planning done for my next video project. We both made great progress so hopefully there will be many more power hours to come!

10/01/21 – Carshalton cycle trip!

I woke up to this glorious wintery scene this morning. This isn’t a black and white photo, it’s covered in frost!

I waited a couple hours for it to thaw a bit and then popped on my many layers and headed out for a cycle. I went to Carshalton, round to Purley and then home again. It was just over 18 miles and I loved it. I had very cold toes by the end, but it was wonderful getting out there again. I’m already planning my next adventure!

Also today I posted another new blog post on my other blog if you’re interested – https://stephjonesblog.wordpress.com/2021/01/10/animated-alphabet-round-up/ Thanks!

09/01/21 – Walking with purpose

Nic and I went on a lovely walk with a purpose today. Someone on Reddit from California wanted photos of a specific bust in a cemetery in West Norwood. It was an easy task and an interesting destination for our “daily exercise” we’re allowed to do at the moment (still very strange to say that…).

The nice surprise was what a gorgeous day it was today! And how calm and peaceful the cemetery was. The person on Reddit was also happy with the photos so that’s made pleased too!

08/01/21 – Cosy study

Yesterday we took down all the Christmas decorations and tree. Sad times… But this year was the most we’ve ever made out of a tree due to being in London for Christmas! We definitely got our money’s worth.

As I’m still slightly refusing to let go of Christmas I’ve kept my little fairy lights up on my snake plant! Alongside the candle it’s making my study feel very cosy throughout these very chilly days we’ve been having recently in London.

07/01/21 – Snowy cycling!

I finally got out on my bike this morning before work! I’m so so pleased that I did. It snowed whilst I was cycling and I had the biggest grin on my face (under all my layers!)

I did a ten mile loop around our area. I’m hoping to up that over the next few weeks so I can get back to my fitness of being able to cycle to the office every day. I figure I have quite a bit of time to prep for that though!

It wasn’t heavy the snow, but I managed to take a photo of some snow flakes once I got back. It made me so happy!