27/02/21 – Shiny car!

After all the recent snow and rain the day has finally come to give Reggie the car a proper wash. Hoovered, shampooed, washed and waxed, he’s now absolutely gleaming and I’m feeling super accomplished from completing this task. We also deep cleaned the bathroom today and Nic made a huge batch of three different pasta sauces to freeze. Successful day all around in the sunshine!

26/02/21 – Morning reflection

This morning I went for a speedy 5km run. It was 2 degrees, a clear blue sky with the sun shining – ideal conditions.

Once I got back home I noticed there was still steam rising off me so I went into the garden to stretch and cool down. The birds were chirping, the sun shining and the dew was glistening on our grass. I took some time to just sit down on the patio and bask in the warmth and morning noises of my street waking up. It was so wonderful and calming. I feel like I’m finally becoming happy within myself.

25/02/21 – Longer days

Just look at that sky! Our evening walks are no longer dark and dreary but colourful and well, not so dark. It’s doing an absolute wonder to my mood – I feel like a different Steph from a month ago.

After dinner I got way more done on my cross-stitch whilst having a lovely natter with my mum. I’m making slow but steady progress on it!

24/02/21 – Morning exploring

I ran to Streatham Rockery his morning as I spotted it on a map and thought it looked interesting! And I wasn’t wrong. The run itself was chocked full of hills, but the Rockery was incredibly tranquil. I sat down for a minute to take in all the bird noise and fresh morning feeling. I’m planning on getting out more in the mornings as we step into spring, it’s making me so happy!

23/02/21 – Spring is springing!

Seeing this tree in full blossom made me so happy this morning! I was out on an hours walk before work with Corinne on the phone. It was such a gorgeous dawn and a wonderful opportunity to find the time to catch up with great friend.

In some other wholesome news, after dinner I spent two hours doing some of my new cross stitch whilst on a call with another friend, Fae, as she did one of her cross stitches! All in all making for a very civilized and calm Tuesday.

22/02/21 – New obsession

I’ve recently got a Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing and I have become so engrossed by it. I can’t get enough of improving my little island, what is it, six months late to the party?

Since giving up social media for Lent my free time has revolved heavily around my new Switch and reading and not much else. But it’s making me not miss social media at all so that’s a win!

21/02/21 – Long run Sunday

I ran to Clapham Common and back today today. It was an absolute slog… Not enough food and water yesterday, and too thick of top when it’s 14 degrees – sweaty! I ended up tying my top up to get my tummy out to cool off! That’s a bucket list item to have enough confidence to do that so I’m secretly pleased about that.

I ran 10.5 miles in total as I had to do some retreating of the flooded fields and paths in Tooting Bec. But I’m glad I did it and now I’m glad to go to sleep!

20/02/21 – Quiet Carnaby

Nic and I drove to London today to grab some things we needed from The Japan Center. We headed in early just in case it was busy, and it was absolutely dead! This was Carnaby Street just as we headed home at midday. It has filled me with so much happiness just from a single day out away from Thornton Heath, the first since early December! It was also interesting to see London so calm. It was so quiet we found ourselves talking in hushed tones… Very strange but also enjoyable.

19/02/21 – Friday lunchtime!

Nic finished his contract today at work, so we went to Crystal Palace to celebrate with a fancy sandwich! We took a little walk whilst waiting, it was lovely to properly get out the house at lunch.

Then this evening I finished Anne Frank’s diary. I properly cried, how can you not? But her words were so wise beyond their years.

It’s a wonder I haven’t abandoned all my ideals, they seem so absurd and impractical. Yet I cling to them because I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.

Anne Frank “Diary of a Young Girl”

18/02/21 – Golden hour dreams

Busy day today! Went for a four mile run with Corinne (she was on the phone!) this morning before work. It was great apart from when it got too windy and we struggled to hear each other, I think we’ll switch to walking instead next time…

I had lots of meetings today and also a fun zoom party for my friend Sharon’s birthday! That was a great laugh and cheered me up no end.

The days are stretching out, and the smell of spring is truly in the air. It’s happening, winter is finally leaving us – just look at that sky this evening!