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21/09/20 – Back to the grind —

21/09/20 – Back to the grind

And thus also forgetting to take a photo during the day time… So instead here’s a last minute photo of me in bed with my Kindle. Today was fine, the highlight was having a laugh with Nic in Sainsbury’s and winning £5 on a scratch card we got to get change for the trolley!

20/09/20 – Another sunny day — Sep 20, 2020

20/09/20 – Another sunny day

We decided to keep making the most of the hire car and head back out into the countryside today! It was another glorious day for it. We ventured all around Surrey Hills, including this gorgeous vineyard where we picked up some English vermouth, and gin from Silent Pool! Another wonderful day.

19/09/20 – Pooh woods! — Sep 19, 2020
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17/09/20 – Down the bay —

17/09/20 – Down the bay

Our last sunset walk of my trip, this time down gorgeous Cardiff Bay. I’ve had such a wonderful time this last week and a bit. It’s been a real regenerative trip, both mentally and physically, and I very much have my family to thank for that. Coming back to London much calmer.

16/09/20 – Calm sunset walks — Sep 16, 2020