27/11/20 – Winter is coming!

Woke up to London feeling beautifully wintery this morning with a fresh blanket of cold fog on everything. It settled down and stayed until around lunchtime.

In other news I had so much fun with Nic this evening, eating pizza and playing mini games on the Switch. Who knew virtual darts would be so difficult?

26/11/20 – Here it comes…

On a very cold and quiet evening walk tonight with Nic we saw the beginnings of Christmas in our local area! It’s made me feel really happy. I love this time of year seeing more and more trees and lights popping up!

I’ve also just finished the sixth Harry Potter book! What an emotional journey that one was… Onto the last book!

24/11/20 – Sunset forest walks

We did another long walk today, a 7 mile circular route in Kent. It was really fun following the written instructions. We only had to back track once, which I think is pretty good going!

Today is also ten years on from the day my dad took his own life. It’s why I’ve taken a couple days off work this week. I’m okay, time heals pain after all. A mere thimble of tears compared to what felt like an ocean worth ten years ago. I just felt like I had to say something, acknowledge it.

23/11/20 – Local wanderer

Nic and I have today and tomorrow booked off work. Today we walked seven miles around our local area wandering the scenic routes between errands.

We stopped for a while to watch these parakeets shouting loudly at a squirrel in that hole in the tree! We’re not too sure who we were rooting for though… Nic told me neither were the bad guy as it was just nature, but I still think it was the parakeet being a butthole.

22/11/20 – 12 miles of nattering

I’m really enjoying being able to meet up with friends, one-on-one, during this lockdown. It means I’m getting a lot of walking in! Today I racked up another 12 miles from chatting and walking to two separate friends. It’s a wonderful time of year for it as well as the air is so crisp and nature is so golden! I’m feeling a lot more myself these last few weeks.

21/11/20 – More weekend walking

Lovely, muddy walk with Nic today. Feeling smug in our wellies as we trudged through Sydenham Woods to get to the view of London from The Horniman Museum. Then Nic dropped me off so I could go for another walk around Norwood Lake with Mariana!

Lots of walking with my faves, followed by a Sains trip with Nic to stock up on fun food for the next three days we have on holiday from work!

19/11/20 – Tofu time!

I had to get a bit it resourceful this evening when it came to pressing tofu for our dinner… Ended up using a bunch of heavy cookbooks and topped it off with a spider plant, poor thing didn’t stand a chance! We made sweet and sour stir fry but the sauce was only okay. I need to learn to make this one from scratch I think!

18/11/20 – Morning sunshine run

Started off today with a 8km run that I only mildly had to drag myself out of bed for this morning. I’m enjoying it a lot more recently, now that I’m running for the fun of running, rather than being so competitive with myself and others.

I still have a while to go yet, but I’m getting there, sometimes it can still be a right slog. It’s a lot easier though to just enjoy the run when you’ve got a good audio book on and the morning sunshine on your side!