13/06/21 – Back on the bike!

Another scorcher of a day today in London! Nic and I managed to sweatily get the tent up though to test it out (all good and ready for hols!)

I then dusted, cleaned and oiled my bike finally and went out on a sunny 13 mile ride to celebrate. It was fantastic to be out there again, I need to not fall out of habit again.

12/06/21 – Lunch out with Liv

I’ve had just the nicest day today! I got the train into London Bridge and then walked half an hour to Spittlefields in the glorious sunshine to have lunch with Liv. We had such a nice time and it was so great to be back in central London again.

After all that I got a train to Crystal Palace to hang out with my friend and her daughter, the mini paddling pool even came out for the first time! Nic then joined us for some dinner. Just a wonderful day all round for me!

11/06/21 – Keeping lunches fun

I’m back working from home in London but instead of moping around we decided to do something different for lunch and drive to a local park cafe!

The food was wonderful and then we went for a little walk around their “white garden”, a beautiful space full only of different types of white flowers. I spoke about it before in my blog but now we’ve finally seen it all in bloom!