25/11/22 – A wonderful birthday eve

Today mum and I went to visit St Paul’s Cathedral since we’re staying so close to it. We walked all the +500 stairs to the top and the views were incredible, especially as we were so lucky with the weather. We then went for a few drinks before heading out for dinner in One AldwychContinue reading “25/11/22 – A wonderful birthday eve”

24/11/22 – London trip time!

I’m reunited with mum once more so it’s time for the fun to begin! We headed out for a lovely dinner after I finished work, and then went for drinks at the Royal Opera House. We got to quickly see one of my friends and drink some lovely sparkling wine. A really excellent evening toContinue reading “24/11/22 – London trip time!”

23/11/22 – Overwhelmed by mayo…

I popped to the shop on the off chance they had mayonnaise, and not only did they have it, they had five different types! This is our very tiny local shop. I was stuck for choice for a while as I just wasn’t expecting it. Today I also packed as I’m heading into London forContinue reading “23/11/22 – Overwhelmed by mayo…”

20/11/22 – Light of my life

Popped up to see what Nic was up to today and found him looking like a cool album cover. Today consisted of not having much luck in either B&Q or IKEA and then coming back home again to chill out. I was meant to be giving blood but as I was ill last week itContinue reading “20/11/22 – Light of my life”

16/11/22 – Wet wet wet

This rain just feels a bit relentless recently. But I guess that always feels the case when you have a leak in your roof! Lots of work achieved today and a generally good and busy day. Nothing much else to report as I’m trying to rest up a bit and recover from my infection IContinue reading “16/11/22 – Wet wet wet”