24/01/21 – Snow day!

It’s snowing in London today! Big, proper flakes. It’s so wonderful. We walked to Sainsburys in the heavy snow, saying hello and chatting to two random houses on the way. There’s something about snow that makes everyone laugh and be so friendly. It’s been a wonderful day, and I’ll be sad to see it turnContinue reading “24/01/21 – Snow day!”

23/01/21 – Chilly hilly run

Gorgeous day today with an amazing sunset to finish it off! I read a lot of my book, went on a lovely run in the fresh air then had the rest of our dinner from last night. We’re still on lockdown here so there’s not a huge amount to do but I’m trying to stayContinue reading “23/01/21 – Chilly hilly run”

22/01/21 – A gorgeous day

The weather was truly gorgeous for the first half of today. We went on a lovely and crisp walk at lunchtime, taking in the fresh air. After work I picked up Dishoom for dinner which was a huge treat as we haven’t eaten there in about a year now! It was delicious and I’m feelingContinue reading “22/01/21 – A gorgeous day”

19/01/21 – Tofu Tuesday

Latching onto the little things… Made some progress today at work on my latest project. Then this evening popped to Sainsbury’s to get some cake ingredients and veggies for Nic’s birthday! Had a gorgeous stir fry for dinner then a nice zoom chat with some friends. Eye is still twitching like mad though, possibly dueContinue reading “19/01/21 – Tofu Tuesday”

18/01/21 – Monday once more

It’s blowing a gale out there today! You can tell in the photo by the slanted, blurry tree. a mildly productive Monday made all the better by a lush virtual chat with two of my favourite friends this evening. I cannot wait to give out some good cuddles once we can do so again… WhatContinue reading “18/01/21 – Monday once more”

17/01/21 – Cycle and an egg!

Today’s weather was too good to miss out on so I hoped on my bike for a trip via Central London! I stopped off at tower Bridge to eat my first creme egg of the season then headed back home again. It was wonderful to get out into the sunshine and see London for theContinue reading “17/01/21 – Cycle and an egg!”

16/01/21 – Steaming fence

Well, there was no snow to be found this morning. Instead it absolutely chucked it down until midday. Then suddenly the sun came out in force and was so contrastingly warm, the fences were steaming! I’ve not seen that before and tried to get a photo. You can see it a little bit but itContinue reading “16/01/21 – Steaming fence”

15/01/21 – Here comes the snow!

Quite the sunset tonight. Tomorrow we’re due snow apparently, so we’ll see! This evening I made a lot of progress on my video I’m working on so I’m feeling very good about that. Big day at work too as we soft launched the product I’ve been working on for the last few months so that’sContinue reading “15/01/21 – Here comes the snow!”