01/10/22 – October sunrise swim

This is something I’ve always wanted to do – a sunrise swim in the North Sea. And it did not disappoint, nor was it warm however! It was about 12 degrees but we did it and felt so good about ourselves. You can see the two tiny blobs in the water, that’s us! It wasContinue reading “01/10/22 – October sunrise swim”

30/09/22 – Blustery beach trip

I’m always happy to be on a beach, even if it is blowing a gale! I’ve had the nicest day with Liv today, we went to the beach three separate times, attempted some shopping, laughed at a lot of people’s failed attempts at wrangling umbrellas in gale force winds, and just had a really lovelyContinue reading “30/09/22 – Blustery beach trip”

28/09/22 – Autumnal sunset

It’s gone chilly!! The heating has even been on for nearly two hours today and yesterday… And we’re in proper jumpers inside the house. Summer has officially left the building. But we’re still out walking in the evenings just a bit more wrapped up, taking in the wonderful sunsets and surviving flowers.

27/09/22 – Still in shorts!

It was cold and rainy but I still headed out in my shorts and t-shirt for a run! I’m on week three now of C25K but doing it with jogging and running, and I’m still loving it. It makes me completely shut off whilst running as I don’t need to think about anything, and I’mContinue reading “27/09/22 – Still in shorts!”

26/09/22 – Allotment sunset

I went for a lovely post-work walk this evening. I listened to my audiobook as the sun set. Walking through the nearby allotment it was fun to see what everyone had been growing over the last few months. In one of the plots there were just hundreds of sweetcorn plants! Now that’s my kind ofContinue reading “26/09/22 – Allotment sunset”

25/09/22 – Sunday meandering

A slightly chilled out today. I got my last run of week two of C25K (jogging and running) which went great. I’ve now taken off a minute off my 5k time! And then Nic and I headed out for a two hour walk around our local area to just get out for a bit. ThenContinue reading “25/09/22 – Sunday meandering”

24/09/22 – New desk day!

We put up my new desk this morning and I’m over the moon with it! It’s a mechanical standing desk and it’s so lovely. I’m trying to make my office as nice a place as possible as I spent so much time in there. This is the next step and I couldn’t be happier! IContinue reading “24/09/22 – New desk day!”

23/09/22 – Gin and friends!

It probably should be friends and gin but honestly this feels like the right way around. Tonight Nic and I had our lovely friend Ian visit. The aim was to make through lots of our surplus of gin but we ended up picking up more booze for the evening so I’m not sure we ateContinue reading “23/09/22 – Gin and friends!”

22/09/22 – Office nosying

I really enjoy coming into the office. Mostly because it’s lovely to see my friends and colleagues that I don’t often get to hang out with in person. But if I’m honest, I do also love just staring out the window. Today I saw a van get a ticket, and these influencer snapping photos outsideContinue reading “22/09/22 – Office nosying”