26/11/20 – Here it comes…

On a very cold and quiet evening walk tonight with Nic we saw the beginnings of Christmas in our local area! It’s made me feel really happy. I love this time of year seeing more and more trees and lights popping up! I’ve also just finished the sixth Harry Potter book! What an emotional journeyContinue reading “26/11/20 – Here it comes…”

14/11/20 – Lockdown escapism

I’m still absolutely loving rereading Harry Potter as a bit of lockdown escapism. Three weeks later and I’m up at 1am as I finish the 5th book like it’s 2003… I just can’t get enough of them! I think it took me about three months to finish the series last time I read them, I’veContinue reading “14/11/20 – Lockdown escapism”

12/11/20 – Running and politics

Went for a great run this morning! 5k I’m under 28 mins. I’m finally enjoying it again and able push myself a bit, even if it was chilly! After work then dinner, I watched Peoples Question Time where Sadiq Khan and other London counsellors are asked questions from the public. It was very interesting andContinue reading “12/11/20 – Running and politics”

10/11/20 – Light bedtime reading

I’m onto book five! I’m slowing down now, as they get a bit meatier (and the story gets more frustrating!) I’m a quarter of the way though after some evening reading the last couple days. I went on a run this morning! I could not be bothered but then I managed to run a fastContinue reading “10/11/20 – Light bedtime reading”

03/11/20 – It’s chilly!

I was just saying the other day it’s strangely mild still even though we’re quickly speeding towards winter. Today quickly acted those feelings as it was freezing! In the evening it dropped to 1 degrees and I was missing my gloves… I am happy about this though deep down as it was slightly disconcertingly warmContinue reading “03/11/20 – It’s chilly!”

01/11/20 – Onto the next!

Oh look, another Harry Potter book photo… But it’s now day seven and I’m onto the fourth book and it’s the first beefy one of the series! Today was a day in for me and Nic and it was super lovely, we chilled out, made pasta sauce and just had a really lovely day shieldingContinue reading “01/11/20 – Onto the next!”

29/10/20 – Onto book three!

I tried to stay off my knee today as it’s still quite sore. So around work I just read a lot of Harry Potter! I’m now a third through book three and still loving it. I’m pleased they get longer and longer as it’ll keep me occupied for ay least November getting through them!

27/10/20 – Old favourites

I’ve been flying through Harry Potter since starting it Sunday! I’m half way through book 2 and loving it. After reading some quite heavy thriller books recently it’s nice to have an easy break, going back to an old favourite. I’m reading in the mornings, at lunchtime and then after dinner at the moment! ProperContinue reading “27/10/20 – Old favourites”