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27/06/20 – New book! — Jun 27, 2020

27/06/20 – New book!

I try to always have one biography, one fiction and one non-fiction book on the go, so I can switch between them depending on my mood. My current non-fiction is taking me a while to get through as it’s quite heavy. Thinking Fast and Slow is all about how the mind comprehends different types of information. It’s already very interesting, but I think I’ll be reading it for a while!

24/06/20 – Serious Sunshine — Jun 24, 2020
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20/06/20 – Nosing and nails — Jun 20, 2020

20/06/20 – Nosing and nails

There were police in our street today! We’re not sure why but I ended up painting my nails whilst the drama unfolded… I’m pleased my nosying resulting in me ticking off something from my todo list, even if I didn’t come any closer to finding out what was going on…

14/06/20 – Running and reading — Jun 14, 2020

14/06/20 – Running and reading

It is HOT today in London, well compared to recently. It really threw me out on my morning run. I was aiming to do 9 miles but ended up coming back early and doing 7. I was exhausted by mile 3!

The rest of the day was chilled out with a lot of reading. I’m loving Purple Hibiscus right now. I bought it after listening to the Ted Talk “The danger of a single story” which was spoken by the author. I highly recommend the book and the Ted Talk!

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