27/02/21 – Shiny car!

After all the recent snow and rain the day has finally come to give Reggie the car a proper wash. Hoovered, shampooed, washed and waxed, he’s now absolutely gleaming and I’m feeling super accomplished from completing this task. We also deep cleaned the bathroom today and Nic made a huge batch of three different pastaContinue reading “27/02/21 – Shiny car!”

26/02/21 – Morning reflection

This morning I went for a speedy 5km run. It was 2 degrees, a clear blue sky with the sun shining – ideal conditions. Once I got back home I noticed there was still steam rising off me so I went into the garden to stretch and cool down. The birds were chirping, the sunContinue reading “26/02/21 – Morning reflection”

22/02/21 – New obsession

I’ve recently got a Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing and I have become so engrossed by it. I can’t get enough of improving my little island, what is it, six months late to the party? Since giving up social media for Lent my free time has revolved heavily around my new Switch and reading andContinue reading “22/02/21 – New obsession”

17/02/21 – Wise words

I’m currently reading Anne Frank’s diary and it’s such an incredible book. She’s a insightful writer, especially so for such a young age. I thought it would be a bit of a slog to get through but I’m finding myself flying through it by reading at every single moment of free time I have asContinue reading “17/02/21 – Wise words”

08/02/21 – Day of rest

I woke up today with a killer headache after what was one of my worst sleeps in months. I ended up taking the day off work and slept for another three hours! Clearly I needed it. It snowed and snowed today but we didn’t feel like going out in it. Snapped this photo of NicContinue reading “08/02/21 – Day of rest”

06/02/21 – New book!

Finally finished one of my more slower books and I’m onto a fresh fiction that I got for Christmas from my sister! I’ve been looking forward to this for ages – to lose myself in a lovely story. A lot of my books have been pretty hard going recently so I’m hoping this will beContinue reading “06/02/21 – New book!”

11/01/21 – Power hour!

Nic and I popped to Waitrose this evening. It was thankfully very quiet! We decided to shop in person so that someone who needed an ocado slot could now hopefully get one, as it’s all a bit mental again online due to the third lockdown. Once we got back we did what I’ve named “powerContinue reading “11/01/21 – Power hour!”

09/01/21 – Walking with purpose

Nic and I went on a lovely walk with a purpose today. Someone on Reddit from California wanted photos of a specific bust in a cemetery in West Norwood. It was an easy task and an interesting destination for our “daily exercise” we’re allowed to do at the moment (still very strange to say that…).Continue reading “09/01/21 – Walking with purpose”