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16/06/19 – Pride Skittles — Jun 16, 2019

16/06/19 – Pride Skittles

Ooof, I love design with a message. We picked up a bag of these white Skittles yesterday for Pride Month. Their slogan says “Only one rainbow matters this Pride”. What an awesome idea and a lovely way to show support.

Productive day today! 10km run, got my bike fixed and updated my personal website. Feeling good.

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08/06/19 – New painting! — Jun 9, 2019

08/06/19 – New painting!

I managed to snag another one of my incredibly talented friend’s paintings! As Fae has moved to Barcelona I got one of her gorgeous pieces and I just love it so much.

In other news, we didn’t leave the house at all today and I have zero regrets about that.

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12/05/19 – Impulse buy! — May 12, 2019

12/05/19 – Impulse buy!

Can you imagine? No, this was me just showing Nic what Cardiff music shops have to offer. Another lovely day in Cardiff. This time shopping with mum! She bought a new microphone and I got some extremely white converse now that mine have fallen apart. This weekend has felt like days!