03/05/21 – An easy Sunday

Finally headed out to a run this morning. I did 7 miles around blustery Streatham, it was good to get out again! Later on I just chilled out with Nic and finally got more done on my cross stitch. Hoping to finish it this week which is very exciting as it’ll be my first everContinue reading “03/05/21 – An easy Sunday”

04/04/21 – Big day in

I’ve had such a lovely day today. The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky here in London. We decided to make the most of it by starting to get the garden a bit more summer ready. The grass was cut, weeds pulled, cat paths blocked up (sorry furry friends, this has toContinue reading “04/04/21 – Big day in”

01/04/21 – Sweet dreams

I’ve been having such strange dreams recently. My dream catcher really isn’t pulling it’s weight… I get obsessed with an idea and then can’t get it out of my head even though I want to stop thinking about it. I’ve been meditating more to try and get over this but when it’s 3am it’s hardContinue reading “01/04/21 – Sweet dreams”

27/03/21 – A day of calm

After a few nights bad sleeps, today was a day to chill out and recover a bit. I even had a nearly two hour(!) nap in the middle of the day! The rest of the day was spent relaxing, playing Animal Crossing and enjoying some of my new presents including my Beano annual from myContinue reading “27/03/21 – A day of calm”

24/03/21 – Another book down

I’m about to finish my 13th book of the year. This one has been lapped by many of my other books, all 13 of this year at least! It was tough as it’s quite heavy, but also incredibly interesting so I didn’t want to not have it sink in. Really interesting about why we’re badContinue reading “24/03/21 – Another book down”

11/03/21 – Unexpected find

Last time I was at my mum’s I found this book on a shelf. Mum didn’t know where it had come from and it sounded right up my street so I nabbed it! It’s way heavier than I was expecting, but also a lot more interesting. It talks all about our decision making skills andContinue reading “11/03/21 – Unexpected find”

10/03/21 – Covid test…

Our whole area is being asked by the council to take a covid test due to the discovery of the new variant in the area. We’ve been told to otherwise continue as normal but I’ve decided to hold off any friend walks until I get my result! Other than that, today was a very productiveContinue reading “10/03/21 – Covid test…”

04/03/21 – Making the time

Up at 6.50am today to go on a walk whilst on the phone to a wonderful friend who lives in the Philippines. It was cold and foggy but oh so lovely to catch up with her once again. One upside of covid for me is reconnecting with friends that are far away. Normally we’d bothContinue reading “04/03/21 – Making the time”

01/03/21 – Tucked up at 10

As if it’s March already. As if it’s coming up to a year of working from home and government rules of when we can see our friends! The last 12 months have been so strange. This morning I went on an hours walk whilst on the phone to Corinne! It was chilly, but a wonderfulContinue reading “01/03/21 – Tucked up at 10”