12/03/23 – Tough run calls for a hot bath

I headed out in such high spirits this afternoon for a speedy 5km run, after so many long runs recently I thought it would be easy. Boy was I wrong. I went too fast on the first km and after that it was a right slog. Lesson learnt, eat more before runs. I had aContinue reading “12/03/23 – Tough run calls for a hot bath”

11/03/23 – Shopping day!

My mum was meant to be here this weekend but unfortunately she got Covid so we had to rearrange. So I found myself suddenly with two spare days to fill. Nic and I decided to go to Westfield to get some shopping done as we so rarely do a proper shopping day. It wasn’t entirelyContinue reading “11/03/23 – Shopping day!”

10/03/23 – One more relaxation day…

Okay maybe just one more relaxation day. I’m grateful it’s Friday today as I’ve done about 45 hours of work this week not including traveling to Leeds. I’m knackered, so after work I popped in the bath to help myself chill out. Here’s me post bath, happily getting ready for an early night!

07/03/23 – Work trip!

For the first time since before covid I headed off to Leeds this evening with a few co-workers to visit a clients office and the team I’ve been working for the last year. I’m seriously excited as it’s just so fun to be out of the office again for work and I’m sure it’s goingContinue reading “07/03/23 – Work trip!”

05/03/23 – More Capital Ring walking

Today Corinne and I walked section 2 and 3 of the capital ring, kicking off from where we left off last time. We walked 12.5miles today, with Nic joining us for the last 4. It was a really lovely day but my hip is now quite sore… Maybe 25 miles in one weekend wasn’t myContinue reading “05/03/23 – More Capital Ring walking”

04/03/23 – Warmer days are coming

I ran another half marathon today! That’s my first time ever I think that I’ve done two weeks in a row. It was a bit tough at mile nine but I managed to bring it back for the last three miles. What’s spurring me on at the moment is all the blossom that is out.Continue reading “04/03/23 – Warmer days are coming”