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25/04/19 – Cheeky half then home — Apr 25, 2019
24/04/19 – Seven snakes — Apr 24, 2019

24/04/19 – Seven snakes

We had to make a trip to Ikea this evening as we messed up our cupboard order by buying white glass instead of mirror glass… It also meant we had to build the last door of our new cupboard ourselves. It took them 3 hours to build the whole cupboard and bed. It took us two hours to just build and hang one door…

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21/04/19 – Back in we go!

We managed it again, but it felt much colder today! The air temperature felt warmer as you could sunbathe, but the water was freeeeezing. We made it though and felt great afterwards! I’m happy the best time in my happy place of blue skies and clear waters.

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