04/08/21 – Garden visitor!

We had our dinner in the garden this evening as it was so warm, and look who came to join us! We’ve let our garden go a bit wild this year. Part of me hates it but the other part of me loves how happy all the wildlife is in it! Yesterday morning we hadContinue reading “04/08/21 – Garden visitor!”

01/08/21 – Sunday salads

A nice salad, a long walk and a chance to paint my nails. It’s a classic Sunday for me! And one that was very much enjoyed. Covid numbers are going down in the UK and I have my second vaccine tomorrow! It feels like life is definitely getting more and more back to normal, andContinue reading “01/08/21 – Sunday salads”

27/07/21 – Walking snacks

Nic and I went on a lovely walk after work today. A big loop around our local area with snacking blackberries along the way from various bramble bushes! Such a treat. I’m working from home all this week as I don’t have any plans in town. It’s nice as I’m appreciating it more now I’veContinue reading “27/07/21 – Walking snacks”

26/07/21 – Bathroom progress!

This morning we went to B&Q to pay for our new bathroom!! It’s officially begun as we even left with a stack of tiles! The proper work won’t begin until October but it’s still so very exciting as it’s the last bit of the house that really needs some TLC. Apart from that I wasContinue reading “26/07/21 – Bathroom progress!”