27/11/21 – First Christmas movie!

It’s tiiiiiime! Nic and I watched Last Christmas this evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even had a lovely White Russian to go with it! Relaxing day of not much else apart from that. Got a lot of sorting and packing ready for Florida, I still won’t quite believe I’m going until I’m on the plane,Continue reading “27/11/21 – First Christmas movie!”

25/11/21 – Winter sunshine lunch

Drove to meet Corinne for lunch today! We went to the food market near her flat and ate in the glorious winter sunshine. It was about 4 degrees so certainly nippy, but we were wrapped up and ready for it that’s for sure! Finally got the rest of the house sorted today and our newContinue reading “25/11/21 – Winter sunshine lunch”

24/11/21 – Van day out!

Due to various mattress palavers recently, today we hired a van to take an old mattress to the recycling centre and a new one back to IKEA… It was right pain as the first van we got was too small for the new one (as we didn’t want to fold it and risk breaking it)Continue reading “24/11/21 – Van day out!”

23/11/21 – Shopping day out

Popped to London this morning to get some shopping done both for my Florida holiday next week and Christmas! I took myself out for breakfast whilst I waited for the shops to open and then picked up some lovely things! It was a exceptionally productive day, and I’m now even more excited for Florida withContinue reading “23/11/21 – Shopping day out”

22/11/21 – Calming crackle…

Or not… I can’t work out if I love or hate this candle. We’ve been sorting out a lot of stuff in house recently with a whole host of things going to charity. This candle has been with us since the old flat, it crackles really loudly and I just can’t decide if I loveContinue reading “22/11/21 – Calming crackle…”

19/11/21 – The C Word

Completely cleaning and sorting our drinks area has made me very excited for Christmas. It’s going to come around so fast as I’m off to Florida in a couple weeks and then when I’m back it’s onto two weeks until Christmas! I’m starting to think about doing all my shopping which I’ve hardly started yet…Continue reading “19/11/21 – The C Word”