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16/01/20 – She’s alive (just) — Jan 16, 2020

16/01/20 – She’s alive (just)

After waking up and feeling atrocious still, I rang the doctor for another appointment this morning. I luckily got one just after 10am. I was then given steroids for my chest and told to start taking them as soon as I got home (all six that I have to take in one go each day!)

After sleeping away the rest of the day, I woke up at 5pm feeling so much better. So much better in fact I made it to the play that we couldn’t cancel the tickets for! I coughed my way through due to laughter but I’m so pleased I went. After feeling quite down and very ill recently, it was just what I needed. Now, to tackle being back at work tomorrow!

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11/01/20 / Ten mile meander — Jan 11, 2020

11/01/20 / Ten mile meander

Nic and I set off on a mission today to find the park from the puzzle map I’ve been working on! We found it, and met some friendly ducks in the process (and two less friendly swans). We ended up walking and nattering for 10 miles! It’s been a really nice day.

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