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16/01/19 – Exploring Farringdon — Jan 16, 2019
15/01/19 – Emotional read — Jan 15, 2019

15/01/19 – Emotional read

I worked from home today. A chance to get a cheeky 1hr lie in and a lovely long evening with Nic – the joy of no commute!

This evening I reached the half way point of Robert Webb’s book. I absolutely sobbed as it was all about his mum dying. It made my heart hurt as so much of it hit home from when my dad died. I cannot recommend his book enough though, go now and buy it.

14/01/19 – Sunrise to match! — Jan 14, 2019
13/01/19 – Spectacular sunset — Jan 13, 2019
12/01/19 – Trip to IKEA — Jan 12, 2019

12/01/19 – Trip to IKEA

I have an agonisingly bad back today. Hi the extent it’s spasming when I move in a certain way from the pain.

Despite this, I still thought it was a good idea to do a three mile walk to IKEA, whoops. Unsurprisingly no photos were taken during that trip. One was taken however of my satisfying dinner as I finally got to sit down (Nic made the dinner!).

11/01/19 – Lighting the way — Jan 11, 2019
10/01/19 – My lovely friends — Jan 10, 2019