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18/07/17 – Country stars — August 19, 2017
17/08/17 – Soggy morning — August 17, 2017
16/08/17 – Celebrations all around! —
15/08/17 – #Goodgym number 2! — August 15, 2017

15/08/17 – #Goodgym number 2!

I went to my second GoodGym session today but this time in Croydon. We ran a total of 3.5 miles and went litter picking in one of the local parks!

I cycled to this one and man I’m pooped. Nothing like jumping in the deep end. 25 miles of cycling done today, and a whole lot of rubbish off the streets.

14/08/17 – Warmer nights! — August 14, 2017

14/08/17 – Warmer nights!

We’re actually sleeping with the window open tonight. That may sound like a mundane thing to note but this August has been pretty miserable so far weather wise so the fact it’s warm enough for the window to be open is a real break through! Not much else to report on today cycled, worked, cycled, food shop, ate, bed. Simple.

13/08/17 – Memory forest —

13/08/17 – Memory forest

Nic and I went back to London today but not before stopping off at this beautiful area in the Vale of Glamorgan. A sad reason for visiting as it’s a natural burial ground but a beautiful area none the less. We’ve had a lovely weekend in the South West but we’re both looking forward to less driving for the next few weeks that’s for sure!

12/08/17 – Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2017 — August 12, 2017