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18/06/19 – Design for Good — Jun 18, 2019

18/06/19 – Design for Good

Today I went to a conference entitled “Design for Good” all about well… designing for good purposes. It covered a range of topics from ethical questions to designing for accessibilities, all of which were super interesting. It was a nice day out the office and I got to learn a lot which I love doing.

17/06/19 – Red sky at night… — Jun 17, 2019
16/06/19 – Pride Skittles — Jun 16, 2019

16/06/19 – Pride Skittles

Ooof, I love design with a message. We picked up a bag of these white Skittles yesterday for Pride Month. Their slogan says “Only one rainbow matters this Pride”. What an awesome idea and a lovely way to show support.

Productive day today! 10km run, got my bike fixed and updated my personal website. Feeling good.

15/06/19 – Soggy day at the seaside — Jun 15, 2019
14/06/19 – Frank Skinner! —
13/06/19 – Breakfast date! — Jun 13, 2019
12/06/19 – Vegan dins! — Jun 12, 2019

12/06/19 – Vegan dins!

Nic and I have been trying out these vegan meals recently. We were recommended them and they’re really good! Well, most are, some are awful. It does mean when we’re feeling lazy we can cook up one of these without feeling guilty though!

(Slow news day… Worked from home and had no evening plans!)