14/04/21 – A rustling friend

Back at work today! Kicked the day off with a 5km run, then a full day of designing without any meetings so it was abnormally productive! We then had Helen round tonight for an exceptional long overdue catch up in the garden. It was so wonderful nattering after so long. During the evening we heardContinue reading “14/04/21 – A rustling friend”

12/04/21 – Run with mum in the sun

I’ve had a lovely day today! Mum and I went on a really nice 9km run in the sunshine. Then I headed off for my first massage of the year!! It was amazing and I feel so good for it already. Then we got Reggie the car washed and chilled out for the evening. OneContinue reading “12/04/21 – Run with mum in the sun”

08/04/21 – Decanting time

Our latest GoodClub order arrived today. It’s a zero waste service we’ve been using. You get things delivered in tubs, decant them out and then return all the tubs and packaging. I do it because it’s great for the environment, but I do also super enjoy doing all the decanting and seeing the results onContinue reading “08/04/21 – Decanting time”

07/04/21 – Midweek treats!

I got a covid test this morning in prep for me bubbling up with my mum this weekend. It luckily came back negative so it’s all systems go! After that it was another busy day at work then finally the time came to down tools and chill out with a rose bud gin and tonic.Continue reading “07/04/21 – Midweek treats!”

06/04/21 – Blue sky and snow!

The weather was all over the place today! Up at 7am to do a 7 mile run and I was greeted with blue skies and crisp morning air. Then come 3pm, I look out of the study window to see snow! It’s incredible to think last Saturday I was in the garden, reading my bookContinue reading “06/04/21 – Blue sky and snow!”

04/04/21 – Big day in

I’ve had such a lovely day today. The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky here in London. We decided to make the most of it by starting to get the garden a bit more summer ready. The grass was cut, weeds pulled, cat paths blocked up (sorry furry friends, this has toContinue reading “04/04/21 – Big day in”

03/04/21 – Big day out

For the first time in maybe 5 or 6 months we got to sit in a friend’s garden today! What a joy it was to feel cold, yet incredibly content to be once again sat with friends. I took a couple photos but both had their adorable son in, so I don’t want to putContinue reading “03/04/21 – Big day out”