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07/04/20 – And relax — Apr 7, 2020

07/04/20 – And relax

After a very stressful two days I feel like I’m finally starting to relax again… It’s hard when suddenly every gets a bit overwhelming. But after a lovely evening I’m excited to have a decent sleep with hopefully fewer anxiety dreams.

06/04/20 – Giant puzzle progress — Apr 6, 2020
05/04/20 – Sunshine in the garden — Apr 5, 2020
04/04/20 – Papa John’s fueled 7 miles — Apr 4, 2020

04/04/20 – Papa John’s fueled 7 miles

Today started off with a very warm seven mile run. Luckily I got out early enough that I didn’t have to avoid too many people, though it was certainly picking up by the time I was passing the common. Snapped this photo at the end of my run showing off the incredible blue sky, shame my phone camera is still smashed…

03/04/20 – Morning meander — Apr 3, 2020
02/04/20 – Birthday book — Apr 2, 2020

02/04/20 – Birthday book

Another 10k morning run checked off! I’ve moved onto my audible book for running as I’m starting to get bored of my music choices… I need to keep motivated! In the evening it’s a chance to read an easier book, the one my mum got me for my birthday which I’m loving.

01/04/20 – Morning walk —

01/04/20 – Morning walk

I decided to head out for a morning walk today to get started on my new audio book. I’m struggling to get through them as fast as I’m currently commuting just a few feet from my bed to our study… But today’s walk made me fit in a whole hour of the book which I’m pleased about.