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14/04/19 – Second puzzle down! — Apr 14, 2019

14/04/19 – Second puzzle down!

I’ve finished my second jigsaw puzzle of 2019! A 1,000 piece map of central London. I’ve really enjoyed it. I started out by creating the river and parks, then the orange ring road, all the landmarks and finally alllll the other roads. A lovely present for my birthday from Mariana and I really enjoyed it!

13/04/19 – Theatre day trip —

13/04/19 – Theatre day trip

Rach came up to London for the day today! We went to see Mousetrap as a birthday present to each other. It was very good, short, but also quite funny. And today’s show was around their 27,000th; the longest running show in West End.

A couple snaps of the sunset and it was time to get the bus home. Short and sweet, but a lovely day out.

12/04/19 – I love Fridays — Apr 12, 2019