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22/09/20 – Goodbye hire car — Sep 22, 2020
21/09/20 – Back to the grind —

21/09/20 – Back to the grind

And thus also forgetting to take a photo during the day time… So instead here’s a last minute photo of me in bed with my Kindle. Today was fine, the highlight was having a laugh with Nic in Sainsbury’s and winning £5 on a scratch card we got to get change for the trolley!

20/09/20 – Another sunny day — Sep 20, 2020

20/09/20 – Another sunny day

We decided to keep making the most of the hire car and head back out into the countryside today! It was another glorious day for it. We ventured all around Surrey Hills, including this gorgeous vineyard where we picked up some English vermouth, and gin from Silent Pool! Another wonderful day.

19/09/20 – Pooh woods! — Sep 19, 2020
18/09/20 – Back to London! — Sep 18, 2020
17/09/20 – Down the bay —

17/09/20 – Down the bay

Our last sunset walk of my trip, this time down gorgeous Cardiff Bay. I’ve had such a wonderful time this last week and a bit. It’s been a real regenerative trip, both mentally and physically, and I very much have my family to thank for that. Coming back to London much calmer.

16/09/20 – Calm sunset walks — Sep 16, 2020
15/09/20 – WFCardiff — Sep 15, 2020

15/09/20 – WFCardiff

Back working again today after my lovely break, but still from mum’s house! I’m so pleased to have a few more days hanging out with her, even if it is now sandwiched around work… We managed to fit in a lunchtime trip to M&S and a gorgeous sunset walk around the village. I’m feeling very lucky.

14/09/20 – Taking in the views — Sep 14, 2020

14/09/20 – Taking in the views

Another trip up to Brecon today to see Mel and the kids! The drive is so breathtakingly beautiful. I’m trying to really soak it all in before I eventually head back to London on Friday. Today was a gorgeous day, both weather and emotionally, I just love being back with my family after so long, every day spent with them is such a treat.

13/09/20 – Vineyard tour! — Sep 13, 2020

13/09/20 – Vineyard tour!

Mum and I went on a vineyard tour today in Wales’ oldest vineyard! It was so interesting, I learnt a lot about wine making and got to meet some adorable llamas and very small sheep (so they can eat the grass but not reach the grapes!). It was a gorgeous day out with the sun shining down on us and our glistening glasses of wine.