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19/02/20 – Emergency cans — Feb 19, 2020
18/02/20 – A half day treat — Feb 18, 2020

18/02/20 – A half day treat

Living a life of luxury today! I took a half day off work to spend some time with Rach for her birthday.

We went for lunch followed by wine in the National Opera bar and finally to see Everyone’s Talking About Jamie in the West End. It was my ideal day and we managed to somehow miss the downpour of rain at Piccadilly Circus, bonus!

17/02/20 – The Late Late Train — Feb 17, 2020

17/02/20 – The Late Late Train

The trains were a soggy nightmare this morning after the weekend’s storm. Instead of getting my late train, I got the late late train. Granted it’s much quieter and I secretly enjoyed being able to read my book for half an hour… But I probably shouldn’t make a habit of it(!)

16/02/20 – Sunday V&A trip — Feb 16, 2020

16/02/20 – Sunday V&A trip

What better thing to do on the second day of the half term when it’s raining than go to one of the main museums in London of course!

Luckily I go there quite early, so even though I was quite damp from the journey in, I at least didn’t have to queue. The queue a couple hours later was massive! All in all a very cold and wet day, but with some culture in the middle of it all.

15/02/20 – Storm Dennis is here — Feb 15, 2020

15/02/20 – Storm Dennis is here

After storm Clara last weekend, it’s time for storm Dennis to give our fence another test of strength. I didn’t need much of an excuse to stay home today as I was already feeling pretty grumpy from still being ill.

With the house admin complete it was time to make some reading headway whilst listening to the house potentially moving three feet to the left due to the wind…

14/02/20 – Valentine’s flowers — Feb 14, 2020
13/02/20 – Covent Garden sunshine — Feb 13, 2020