17/08/22 – On the cat walk

Today was a very long day at work… 12 hours long to be precise. We finished the day with a nice hour-long walk before dinner though to decompress and chat about both of our long days. Though it’s been long, it was a really productive and enjoyable day. But right now, I’m exhausted and veryContinue reading “17/08/22 – On the cat walk”

16/08/22 – Vegan dinner out

I went into the office today to spend some time with friends at work. It was a busy busy day but then after work we went out for dinner and then onto dinner. It was bloody lovely catching up, I enjoy going into the office so much. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the effort isContinue reading “16/08/22 – Vegan dinner out”

15/08/22 – The aftermath…

I’m covered in so many bruises from yesterday. Once I got home I had dinner and then slept for 10 hours! I was exhausted from the weekend. Today I felt a lot better but still very achy, and a bit slow brained this morning. Nic and I did go for a lovely hours walk afterContinue reading “15/08/22 – The aftermath…”

14/08/22 – Second Tough Mudder!

She’s only gone and done it again! Second Tough Mudder and it was a SLOG in the 35 degree heat. I properly dehydrated myself to the extent that I thoroughly enjoyed the water obstacles. I’m really pleased I did it though, as hard as it was running in the relentless heat, I still had aContinue reading “14/08/22 – Second Tough Mudder!”

13/08/22 – Ready to be tough and muddy

Here’s my outfit test for tomorrow’s Tough Mudder! I’m a little bit nervous as I’m much weaker than I was when I last did it, but it’s a bit shorter as I’m doing it with people from work and I’m a lot stronger in the mind now! I’m sure it’ll be fun! Wish me luck!

11/08/22 – Team night out

I had a lovely night out tonight with some of the people in my current client team. After a long week so far at work it was lovely to unwind with some drinks and pizza near work. I feel like I say it all the time but London is HOT right now and I’m reallyContinue reading “11/08/22 – Team night out”

10/08/22 – Big moon!

Pretty pleased with this photo I took of the moon tonight. It’s the clearest I think I’ve ever taken and now I’m dying to buy a telescope… Today was another hot day in London. But we did get out at lunchtime to go to Sainsbury’s and the local coffee shop so that was lovely. IContinue reading “10/08/22 – Big moon!”

09/08/22 – Date night!

I decided this afternoon that Nic and I needed a lovely evening out in the sunshine. So at 5.30 we packed up from work and headed out for cocktails and an Italian dinner. It was absolutely delicious, and as an added bonus, the restaurant played the entirety of ABBA Gold! So we spent a lotContinue reading “09/08/22 – Date night!”

08/08/22 – Day in the office

We’re in for another batch of sunny days here in London. Today the heat was full on when I stepped out of the air conditioned office for lunch. I went in today just for a change of pace but I’m exhausted now and hoping for a long sleep tonight to make up for the recentContinue reading “08/08/22 – Day in the office”