26/01/22 – Mystery solved

That glowing photo yesterday was grass lights! We saw it again today on our way to a late night shop in Sainburys so I went to scope it out and took this photo. You can see the glowing light about the grass. The amount of light pollution from this is insane! What a carbon footprintContinue reading “26/01/22 – Mystery solved”

25/01/22 – The glow of Selhurst

Is it the Northern Lights?! No… I think it’s the glow from Selhurst Park where Crystal Palace FC play, it’s still pretty spectacular though that’s for sure. Today was a very busy day. Up at 7.30 for a morning run, then basically 7 hours of animation work trying to get a tight deadline done, withContinue reading “25/01/22 – The glow of Selhurst”

24/01/22 – It’s so cooollldddd

We’ve double duveted!! It’s so chilly in the house today despite it claiming to be 19 degrees, we even turned it up but it still felt chilly… I’m getting that point where I’m like “okay, I’m done with winter now, can we have spring please?” I’ve had my fill of coats and jumpers, I nowContinue reading “24/01/22 – It’s so cooollldddd”

23/01/22 – Blending with my surroundings

I ran 8 miles today! I’m seriously on track for my goal of running to work next month. How to carry a winter outfit and shoes in though is another problem I’m trying to solve… But as for today’s run it went great! Feeling so much better getting into exercise again and hopefully it’ll stickContinue reading “23/01/22 – Blending with my surroundings”

22/01/22 – Saturday stroll

We went to Beckenham today to see our friends for some post Park Run brekkie. Nic and I were in team croissant, not Park Run… We then went for a lovely meander around the park together. It felt lush to get out of the house and made us realise we did to make way moreContinue reading “22/01/22 – Saturday stroll”

18/01/22 – Back in the pub!

For the first time in many months we’re back in the pub this evening! Luckily it was very quiet so we didn’t feel on edge at all in terms of covid. It was so lovely to see Ian and we had a great evening chatting away and catching up. Being back in the office wasContinue reading “18/01/22 – Back in the pub!”