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10/08/20 – Unbelievable heat… — Aug 10, 2020
09/08/20 – Prep work —

09/08/20 – Prep work

Another lovely day today. I sun bathed for a few hours before getting ready (pictured) to head to friends for a BBQ. It was delicious and such a wonderful evening. I thought I’ve been okay in lockdown but it’s making me so happy seeing more friends when we can recently.

08/08/20 – Vegan fish and chips! — Aug 8, 2020

08/08/20 – Vegan fish and chips!

Just look at how bloody gorgeous this looks?! Today I cycled into London to meet Liv for lunch. We both had this incredible tofu fish and chips and it was so delicious! I’m already so excited to take Nic here soon. It was from Unity Diner near Spittlefields and I cannot recommend it enough!

07/08/20 – Hot run! — Aug 7, 2020

07/08/20 – Hot run!

Set out at 8am today only for it to be 24 degrees already on my run! I keep trying to see it as good training but man is it rough at the time… The house reached 29 degrees and outside got to 37! Madness, too hot for this Stepho.

06/08/20 – Shuffling around — Aug 6, 2020
05/08/20 – Blustery golden hour — Aug 5, 2020
04/08/20 – Back to work… — Aug 4, 2020

04/08/20 – Back to work…

Back “in the office today” and its taking some getting used to after two weeks of basking in various pools and beaches in Devon and Cornwall… I need to get my head back in the game! Luckily we had an excellent dinner tonight to look forward to! Vegan stir fry which was delicious!

03/08/20 – Masked IKEA grins — Aug 3, 2020

03/08/20 – Masked IKEA grins

It certainly wasn’t as fun as it normally is, but we got a load ticked off our todo list today! A trip to IKEA, B&Q and Sainsbury’s in the hire car and we’re all set for another new months. They might be hidden, but there’s a couple of big smiles under those masks!

02/08/20 – Stonehenge fly by! — Aug 2, 2020
01/08/20 – Last day! — Aug 1, 2020