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27/06/20 – New book! — Jun 27, 2020

27/06/20 – New book!

I try to always have one biography, one fiction and one non-fiction book on the go, so I can switch between them depending on my mood. My current non-fiction is taking me a while to get through as it’s quite heavy. Thinking Fast and Slow is all about how the mind comprehends different types of information. It’s already very interesting, but I think I’ll be reading it for a while!

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22/06/20 – It’s heating up! — Jun 22, 2020

22/06/20 – It’s heating up!

Gorgeous day today, sadly I was stuck inside working but it’s nice to have the window open! This week it’s hotting up in London, I’m quite excited to put our new fan to the limits. This evening Nic and I went on a lovely walk around a local wooded park which was gorgeous in the setting sun.

21/06/20 – A lazy Sunday — Jun 21, 2020

21/06/20 – A lazy Sunday

Ran an early 10k this morning to get out before the heat. I then spent the rest of the day lazing around the house, relaxing. Nic and I did venture out again after dinner for a trek to find a specific bag of crisps from a Polish shop 2 miles away… The things you do for your fave snack!

20/06/20 – Nosing and nails — Jun 20, 2020

20/06/20 – Nosing and nails

There were police in our street today! We’re not sure why but I ended up painting my nails whilst the drama unfolded… I’m pleased my nosying resulting in me ticking off something from my todo list, even if I didn’t come any closer to finding out what was going on…

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