26/09/22 – Allotment sunset

I went for a lovely post-work walk this evening. I listened to my audiobook as the sun set. Walking through the nearby allotment it was fun to see what everyone had been growing over the last few months. In one of the plots there were just hundreds of sweetcorn plants! Now that’s my kind of harvest.

25/09/22 – Sunday meandering

A slightly chilled out today. I got my last run of week two of C25K (jogging and running) which went great. I’ve now taken off a minute off my 5k time! And then Nic and I headed out for a two hour walk around our local area to just get out for a bit. Then I mostly relaxed for the rest of the day! It’s been an easy one this weekend and I feel like I really needed it.

24/09/22 – New desk day!

We put up my new desk this morning and I’m over the moon with it! It’s a mechanical standing desk and it’s so lovely. I’m trying to make my office as nice a place as possible as I spent so much time in there. This is the next step and I couldn’t be happier! I can’t wait to use it to stretch my legs and keep myself focused during long meetings.

23/09/22 – Gin and friends!

It probably should be friends and gin but honestly this feels like the right way around. Tonight Nic and I had our lovely friend Ian visit. The aim was to make through lots of our surplus of gin but we ended up picking up more booze for the evening so I’m not sure we ate into the booze cupboard at all. But, we did have a wonderful evening, just talking about everything and anything. The type when you’re already putting in a date for the next one. A really top evening.

22/09/22 – Office nosying

I really enjoy coming into the office. Mostly because it’s lovely to see my friends and colleagues that I don’t often get to hang out with in person. But if I’m honest, I do also love just staring out the window. Today I saw a van get a ticket, and these influencer snapping photos outside the fancy houses. We get a lot of that and it’s always very entertaining.

20/09/22 – Rest day!

And on Tuesdays, we rest. Today I was back at work and only left the house for half an hour to walk to the post office and back. It was a day of comfy socks and slippers to give myself a bit of a break after the last seven days of exercise! So this evening after dinner it was feet up, PS5 on, and just chilling out for the whole evening.

19/09/22 – New walking PB

It’s the queen’s funeral today so we both got the day off work. We’re not that bothered by the Royal Family so decided to spend the day out in the countryside instead.

We got the train to Orpington and then set off on a ten mile looped walk. We ended up walking 13 miles after going from the station to the start of the walk. It was our longest walk yet and we had a really good day. Very lucky with the weather too! I’m excited to keep going with these long walks.

18/09/22 – Third run of the week

This is my happy little face after today’s 30 min 5k. I’m still loving doing c25k but without walking, it’s really making me push myself and feel excited for each run. The rest of today consisted of a trip to Crystal Palace for snacks for tomorrow and then an evening on the sofa playing games and relaxing.