02/03/23 – A long day…

I did about ten hours of work today! It’s been a very long day but also a very productive one. I’m still very happy that tomorrow is Friday though, that’s for sure! This evening was more work and then just playing on my phone before reading more Harry Potter. It’s not that exciting which means I forgot to take any decent photos!

28/02/23 – Pasta making course!

After work today I went to a pasta making course with Corinne. Nic, Mariana and I bought it for her birthday about seven months ago and we finally got to use it. It was super fun and we had a great time! We made lots of lovely pasta and got some freebies to take home. What a fun Tuesday!

26/02/23- Day out in Hastings

I spent my Sunday with these two handsome men today! Nic and I drove to Hastings to hang out with our good friend Ian. It was a lush day where we spent the entire time nattering away about a million different things. It was also so lovely to be by the sea again, even if it was baltic! (I didn’t even go onto the beach… Brrrr).

25/02/23 – Running and catch ups

I started today off with a 21km run! My second half marathon of the year. It felt a lot harder at the end than a lot of my most recent runs but it turns out it was also my third fastest!

I then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at Mariana’s house now she’s back from Portugal. We had a lovely lunch and catch up, I played Dr with her little girl and met her new wee baby! Then it was back home for dinner with Nic. It’s been a very busy day so I’m already in bed, but I’ve really enjoyed it! Excellent Saturday. I took this photo as the sun was setting on my way home from Mariana’s.

24/02/23 – Damp day…

It’s been a bit soggy in London this last week. We’ve also had no plans and have hardly left the house apart from working out. I’m excited for a proper busy few days that are coming up, but I’ve been also trying to enjoy the down time whilst it lasts. I have enjoyed my week off from life but it’s been a bit tough to take decent photos!