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09/10/18 – Blooming marvelous — October 9, 2018
08/10/18 – A view to wake up to — October 8, 2018
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04/10/18 – Foggy Palace — October 4, 2018

04/10/18 – Foggy Palace

Woke up to this foggy atmosphere this morning. I actually managed to get my bum out of bed and to Crystal Palace Sports Center for a KM swim. It wasn’t my best but certainly not my worst. And I did feel great after. After work I walked around Fae’s for a lovely birthday dinner for Mariana! A charming Thursday.

03/10/18 – A silent street — October 3, 2018

03/10/18 – A silent street

Finally headed out for a run this mroning! Working from home more is great as I get to go swimming and running before work without getting up at 6am, it does mean I need to be more conscious of getting a photo for my blog. I’m happy with this one though!