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11/08/17 – 6am breakfast adventure — August 11, 2017

11/08/17 – 6am breakfast adventure

We’re back in full swing with our fancy pre work breakfasts! Nic and I were up at 6am this morning to make it down to Darwin Brasserie in the Walkie Talkie for 7.30. London really pulled out the weather stops as it was absolutely glorious. We even got a great breakfast too unlike last time *cough* the black penny was terrible *cough*…

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07/08/17 – Gin tour! —

07/08/17 – Gin tour!

Off to Plymouth this afternoon for a last minute distillery tour at Plymouth Gin. It was so interesting, and we got a cheeky GnT at the end, bonus.

Later on it was time for chips then various friends and family catch ups – a good day all round, especially if you include the trip on a miniture train we had in the morning!

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