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14/09/20 – Taking in the views — Sep 14, 2020

14/09/20 – Taking in the views

Another trip up to Brecon today to see Mel and the kids! The drive is so breathtakingly beautiful. I’m trying to really soak it all in before I eventually head back to London on Friday. Today was a gorgeous day, both weather and emotionally, I just love being back with my family after so long, every day spent with them is such a treat.

13/09/20 – Vineyard tour! — Sep 13, 2020

13/09/20 – Vineyard tour!

Mum and I went on a vineyard tour today in Wales’ oldest vineyard! It was so interesting, I learnt a lot about wine making and got to meet some adorable llamas and very small sheep (so they can eat the grass but not reach the grapes!). It was a gorgeous day out with the sun shining down on us and our glistening glasses of wine.

12/09/20 – Family day! — Sep 12, 2020
11/09/20 – Running errands — Sep 11, 2020

11/09/20 – Running errands

Today started off with a pilates class for me and mum! I enjoyed it more than any recent YouTube class I’ve done before which I’m really excited about. We then popped into town so I could get new running shoes due to my old ones giving me grief. Look how fun they are! I need to keep resting though as I’ve given myself an injury from wearing older shoes… what a plum!

10/09/20 – Too much fun — Sep 10, 2020
09/09/20 – Reunited! — Sep 9, 2020

09/09/20 – Reunited!

I’m back together with my mum!! After over six months were reunited and already having fun. I had a lovely drive down in my shiny white hire car and now it’s time to chill out for a few days with my family. This trip couldn’t have come at a better time.

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