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16/08/17 – Celebrations all around! — August 17, 2017
15/08/17 – #Goodgym number 2! — August 15, 2017

15/08/17 – #Goodgym number 2!

I went to my second GoodGym session today but this time in Croydon. We ran a total of 3.5 miles and went litter picking in one of the local parks!

I cycled to this one and man I’m pooped. Nothing like jumping in the deep end. 25 miles of cycling done today, and a whole lot of rubbish off the streets.

14/08/17 – Warmer nights! — August 14, 2017

14/08/17 – Warmer nights!

We’re actually sleeping with the window open tonight. That may sound like a mundane thing to note but this August has been pretty miserable so far weather wise so the fact it’s warm enough for the window to be open is a real break through! Not much else to report on today cycled, worked, cycled, food shop, ate, bed. Simple.

13/08/17 – Memory forest —

13/08/17 – Memory forest

Nic and I went back to London today but not before stopping off at this beautiful area in the Vale of Glamorgan. A sad reason for visiting as it’s a natural burial ground but a beautiful area none the less. We’ve had a lovely weekend in the South West but we’re both looking forward to less driving for the next few weeks that’s for sure!

12/08/17 – Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2017 — August 12, 2017
11/08/17 – 6am breakfast adventure — August 11, 2017

11/08/17 – 6am breakfast adventure

We’re back in full swing with our fancy pre work breakfasts! Nic and I were up at 6am this morning to make it down to Darwin Brasserie in the Walkie Talkie for 7.30. London really pulled out the weather stops as it was absolutely glorious. We even got a great breakfast too unlike last time *cough* the black penny was terrible *cough*…

10/08/17 – Blue skies?! — August 10, 2017