16/06/22 – Guess who’s here!

My mum is visiting for a long weekend! We met for lunch in town as I cycled into the office today. I was absolutely roasting on my cycle home, but I’m making good speed progress. Tomorrow I’m running into work, so there’s a chance I’ll melt into a puddle before I make it to the office… Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen!

15/06/22 – Evening walks

The sun makes me so happy! And this evening was no exception. Nic and I walked 5.5 miles to go to dinner in Dulwich (and another 1.5 miles after!). We went through the woods which is where I took this very green photo. It was a really lovely walk after a long day working indoors when the weather is so lovely outside! We’re really falling in love with walking, I’m excited to do more and more!

14/06/22 – Sunny Cycle

I’m absolutely loving how much I’m managing to be active recently. Today I cycled into the office and loved every second of it! Surprisingly my average speed was faster on the way home despite it being hillier. I just went for it and really enjoyed myself. I took this photo on the way in as I noticed the sun had aligned perfectly between two buildings whilst I was waiting at traffic lights.

13/06/22 – Longest ever swim!

It was a bit of a struggle to get out of bed this morning but I managed it, mostly because I’d already prepaid for my swim session. I ended up doing 70 lengths, the most I’ve ever done and the first time ever swimming a mile (and then some!). I’m super pleased with myself. I then walked home happily in the sunshine.

The rest of the day was quiet. Managed two more walks with Nic though over the day! How can you not want to be outside with weather like this? I also snapped this photo of a little flower growing in our overgrown patio. Life finds a way!

12/06/22 – Day out with Rach!

I’ve known Rach since I was about 12! So I’m genuinely so pleased we’re still hanging out nearly 20 years later. Today I got the train into town then cycled over to meet her at Paddington. We then walked about 9 miles to Camden and back for lunch! It was a glorious day for it, we’ve been so lucky with the weather recently. Excellent day and I’m excited to do more and more of the same now covid is a bit at bay.

11/06/22 – Ten mile walk!

Today we walked a total of 13 miles! Ten of which were to Buckingham Palace from home! Nic and I set off this morning to walk to town, something we’ve had on the bucket list since we lived in the old house.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day for it. Sunshine with a slight breeze, just perfect. We then chilled out at home for the rest of the afternoon after getting the train home. I’ve had such a nice day.

10/06/22 – Back swimming!

I did it! I got up at 6.10am and ran to the pool, swam 1km and then ran another 2 miles. It made me feel so much better today. I’m also aching from my workout which is a feeling I really enjoy as I know I did a good job.

I’ve just been feeling a bit sorry for myself recently so I’m pleased to be “back at it” again. I need to remember what keeps me happy, and running and swimming are certainly part of that. I also went for a lovely 3 mile walk with Nic after work too, but met no cats along the way this time unfortunately!

09/06/22 – Cheer up buttercup

Still feeling a bit blah today so I’ve decided to take some action to get out of it. After work I got back to my weight lifting! It was super tough but I felt good for getting it done. Then after dinner Nic and I went for a 45 min walk around the neighborhood, and I got to pet more local cats which cheered me up even more. And now finally, as I lie in bed, I’ve booked onto swimming for tomorrow at 6.40am! I plan to swim and then go on a run after, so we’ll see how I feel after all that tomorrow. Wish me luck!

08/06/22 – More cat friends

I was a bit grumpy today as I think I have a huge post holiday come down after we’re now officially back from both New York and Ireland. I need more plans and fun things to look forward to. Next on the list is mum visiting though which should be really fun.

We did go on a lovely post dinner walk though where we met a new, friendly neighbourhood cat which was fun.

07/06/22 – Goodbye Ireland

After nearly nine hours of travelling thanks to delays and bus timings, we’re back home in London. And this time we’re sticking around for a few weeks at least! We had a fantastic time in Ireland but it’ll be nice to be home for a bit, have a bit of a detox after the last few weeks of fun. Next week is my first five day working week since early May! That’ll be a bit of a shock to the system. Here’s a photo Nic saying goodbye to Ireland and his nemesis, The Reek.