16/11/20 – Forgotten self care

I’ve been letting things slip recently with looking after myself. So last night I took some time to file down and paint my nails in a fun pattern, then after dinner tonight I had a lush soak in the bath reading more Harry Potter. I feel so much better from it and I can’t recommend enough that you do the same if you can. Enjoy!

15/11/20 – Soggy catchup

I met up with my friend today for a walking catch up (a luxury of lockdown 2.0). We walked nearly 7 miles over 2.5 hours catching up on so many things. It was truly wonderful and we already have another walk booked in for next week! It absolutely chucked it down but that just made it more… refreshing? I’ve missed my friends so much this year.

14/11/20 – Lockdown escapism

I’m still absolutely loving rereading Harry Potter as a bit of lockdown escapism. Three weeks later and I’m up at 1am as I finish the 5th book like it’s 2003… I just can’t get enough of them! I think it took me about three months to finish the series last time I read them, I’ve certainly sped up in the last five years.

12/11/20 – Running and politics

Went for a great run this morning! 5k I’m under 28 mins. I’m finally enjoying it again and able push myself a bit, even if it was chilly!

After work then dinner, I watched Peoples Question Time where Sadiq Khan and other London counsellors are asked questions from the public. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot, and definitely plan to go to the next one.

11/11/20 – Cheeeeeeese

I went to the dentist today! It was mostly good news, turns out you can over brush… who knew. I used to never smile with my teeth, I was so self conscious. I’m not sure when I changed but now I can’t smile without it being a big cheesy grin! Life is a lot easier when you work hard to stop caring what people think about you. I love my teeth because I love smiling and that’s all that matters 😄

10/11/20 – Light bedtime reading

I’m onto book five! I’m slowing down now, as they get a bit meatier (and the story gets more frustrating!) I’m a quarter of the way though after some evening reading the last couple days.

I went on a run this morning! I could not be bothered but then I managed to run a fast last km which made me happy! I do have it in me, I just need to get out of my head a bit, which is hard right now.

09/11/20 – Parakeet watching

Today Nic and I made a pack lunch and went to the park to eat, just to shake things up a bit. We ended up watching these parakeets for about 15 minutes trying to work out what they were waiting for that was inside that hole… They kept fighting over it but it looked like a squirrel? It certainly kept us entertained though!

08/11/20 – Autumn colours

Another autumnal walk today to get us out of the house. I wasn’t in the best mood today… But it was a nice walk none the less. I spent most of the rest of the day napping then reading more Harry Potter (onto the fifth book!) Let’s hope tomorrow will be better after a good night’s sleep.