17/01/22 – That winter sun

At 30 years of age I’m really starting to notice just how much the weather impacts my mood. It’s not overly drastic, and to be honest I do love most weathers, but give me a blue sky and whatever the temperature or situation, I’ll be a very happy bunny.

Just look at the phenomenal sky we had this afternoon. Who cares if it’s only 4pm and the sun is setting, when it’s this beautiful you can forgive it. I just need to bask in it enough to see me through the next batch of grey sky days…

16/01/22 – Sunday sunshine views

Back at it again, this Sunday with my first 10k in a couple months! It certainly felt harder than it has done but I always think whilst you lose fitness fast you also gain it back fast. My goal is to not really get the train into work much if I can help it, try to always cycle or run in! Easier said than done though…

14/01/22 – Happy for sunshine!

I worked in the kitchen for most of today and it was such an exciting change to my life it made me realise I might be suffering slightly from cabin fever and should probably get out more .. But the sun was shining and that was enough to keep me happy, and so was the Venus fly trap as it also basked in the warmth.

11/01/22 – New bathroom selfie!

Uneventful day today. But I’m plodding along just nicely. I wore a bright outfit to shake things up a bit and felt all the better for it. Another lovely evening walk with Nic and then hours of chill out time. I think I’ll look back on all this WFH time fondly once it’s far in the past, for now though I must admit I’m getting a bit jaded!

10/01/22 – Still WFH

I need to go into the office soon so I can appriciate working from home again… Nic and I have been trying to lay low since the covid numbers went up crazy high recently. We’ve still managed so far to not catch it at all, but I’m starting to climb the walls a bit so I’m very pleased to see the numbers starting to go down now! Excited for some holidays this year and general time away from home.

09/01/22 – A break from reading, by reading…

Okay I’ve finally given in and officially told myself I’m taking a break from Les Mis for a bit. I have a backlog of some amazing books but I’m just not reading as I’m a bit fatigued by Les Mis! So I’m putting it on hold to pick up this book. Annoyingly I’ve forgotten how I came about it… I’m hoping my sister sees this and tells me it was her as that’s what my inclination is! (Sorry Mel!)

Edit – It’s from my friend Alana! She’s written a message on the inside of it to me. Mystery solved – what a lovely friend.

08/01/22 – Rainy family day out

We went to Richmond today to have lunch with Nic’s mum and dad. We went for a soggy walk hand up and down the river before eating an incredible meal at a Persian Restaurant. It was absolutely delicious! A really lovely day out, and the first one in about ten days, nice to get some fresh air, even with the rain.