25/04/21 – Back together!

After two weeks of Cardiff fun bubbling in the sunshine with my mum, I drove back to London today. It was bittersweet as I’m going to miss mum SO MUCH after spending two weeks straight with her, but also super happy to be reunited with my handsome Nic!

Here’s hoping that I can see mum and my sister much sooner than the last 7 month wait! As I truly had a wonderful time.

24/04/21 – You’re only 3 once!

It’s my nephew’s birthday next week so today we put together his birthday present from me and mum – a massive 12 foot trampoline!! It took me and my brother-in-law ages to put together but it was so much fun once we did! I may be x10 his age but I still had a whale of a time (after he got the first go of course)!

22/04/21 – Chips on the pier

We’re getting closer and closer to the launch date of my new product at work, so it’s full steam ahead and busy days at work right now!

Which means I’m also still taking great joy in my evening adventures out with mum as a way to calm down after work. Today we went to Penarth Pier for a lovely walk before eating chips in the car (it was cold alright?!)

20/04/21 – Reunited!

I got to see one of my best friends from home today after over a year! Rach and I went for a really nice lunchtime walk in the sun with her dog Cooper. It was so lovely to finally be able to catch up in person. Every new day feels closer and closer to our previous ‘normal’ before covid and that makes me very pleased.

17/04/21 – Blue skies and blue waves

We’re absolutely winning with the weather this trip! It may be chilly but the sun is certainly shining. This afternoon mum and I went to Llantwit Major to have a walk along the cliff tops. It was stunningly beautiful, and thoroughly blew away any remaining cobwebs I had hanging around!