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09/02/20 – Stormy Sunday lunch — Feb 9, 2020
05/11/19 – OXO views — Nov 5, 2019
28/10/19 – New job views! — Oct 28, 2019

28/10/19 – New job views!

I started my new contracting role today! It comes with this wonderful view which I certainly won’t get tired of whilst here. It’s been a busy yet successful day trying to get my head around everything. Also my sister got married! So whatever happened today, it was always going to be a good day ❤

04/03/2014 – Stairway to London’s Heaven — Mar 4, 2014

04/03/2014 – Stairway to London’s Heaven

I did it! At 6:15am I set off to cycle to Tower 42 where I would be setting off at 7:30 to climb 600ft in steps (920, 42 floors).

I’m so pleased with my finishing time of 8mins56, I was aiming for under 15 minutes so I smashed that! I ended up the fourth fastest girl of my group, just a minute behind the fastest. It was all worth it for the breathtaking views though – an absolutely glorious day.

Then it was off to work! And with pancakes for dinner tonight, what a smashing day!


04/03/2013 – View of Relaxation — Mar 16, 2013
01/11/2012 – November Nightime — Nov 13, 2012

01/11/2012 – November Nightime

This year has flown by, yet at the same time seemed so long! I can’t believe it’s November already, but at the same time I can’t believe I was living in Newport only 6 months ago! After work I went for a walk around London, just as I do. I decided to go on the London Eye just before it shut – Benefits of this was it was very quiet and London was illuminated in the night time with a lovely glow. Bad side – couples, gross. Tested out iPhone 5 camera, and I’m impressed, PANORAMIC BABY!

27/10/2012 – Day in London’s Sky —

27/10/2012 – Day in London’s Sky

The first day of Mum’s treat weekend started off with a trip to St James’ park so we could play/pet the noses of the squirrels! They’re very tame, and I knew she’d like it! We then went to the London Eye which is always nice, and Mum’s first time! After that we headed to Vertigo – Tower 42’s Champagne Bar in East London – the views were amazing, definitely worth the hefty price tag for drinks, although you have to book in advance for a time slot. Finally, we got a taxi to Cotto, an Italian Restaurant that is well-known for dealing with gluten free dishes, it was fantastic, another well recommended place! Great, yet tiring day in all.