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03/04/19 – Undecided weather — Apr 3, 2019
02/04/19 – Ticket collection! — Apr 2, 2019

02/04/19 – Ticket collection!

Another busy day at work. I’ve had thumping headaches recently. I’m hoping I’m not getting ill! Today Nic and I met up with Lee. He bought our tickets for Primavera Sounds so we had to do that handover. But it also meant we got to have dinner and a pint with the lovely Lee which is always a treat!

01/04/19 – And so it’s April — Apr 1, 2019
31/03/19 – New puzzle! — Mar 31, 2019

31/03/19 – New puzzle!

Out with the old, in with the new! I’ve finished my New York puzzle and now making headway on my London puzzle Mariana got me for my birthday!

This morning I also went for brunch and a long walk around Crystal Palace with Moira which was so lovely, the perfect end to my chilled out weekend.

30/03/19 – Running through tourists — Mar 30, 2019
29/03/19 – River sunsets — Mar 29, 2019
28/03/19 – Treat yo’self! — Mar 28, 2019

28/03/19 – Treat yo’self!

I ran 8.5 miles to work again today and absolutely smashed it! I’m really enjoying my running recently and excited to get some longer runs in soon.

After work I walked to Levi’s Regent Street via Carnaby Street to get some snazzy 501s with my birthday money! I’m in love with them and so happy to treat myself for once.