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06/09/20 – Day out! — Sep 6, 2020
05/09/20 – A day off — Sep 5, 2020
04/09/20 – Ups and downs — Sep 4, 2020

04/09/20 – Ups and downs

I did it! I absolutely smashed my morning run, 6km in 31mins. I felt so much better than I have for ages. Then… later on today I suddenly got super down again. I’m sure it’ll pass but I spent the rest of the day with a mad fast heart rate trying hard to focus on other things. It’ll pass…

03/09/20 – Accountability — Sep 3, 2020

03/09/20 – Accountability

I was asked recently on here by a lovely follower how I keep active all the time. Right now I just cannot be bothered! So tonight I’ve actioned my final trick, laying out all my clothes and having an early night. Right now I’m dying to go for a run, but come 7am it might be an entirely different story… Fingers crossed!

02/09/20 – Bed buddies — Sep 2, 2020

02/09/20 – Bed buddies

Five years of consistent daily photos and I still occasionally panic about not having taken a photo! Tonight was one of those nights as Nic and I chill on our phones in bed. So here’s one of us (that’s his hand, not mine!) being happy, as he’s really made me laugh this evening.

01/09/20 – Movie night! — Sep 1, 2020

01/09/20 – Movie night!

We ordered in dinner tonight from one of our fave restaurants and then had a movie night with popcorn. We watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre… Only kidding, we watched Cars 2 as we’re massive kids working our way through Disney+. We really did enjoy it though!

31/08/20 – Bubbly bath to calm down — Aug 31, 2020

31/08/20 – Bubbly bath to calm down

It’s finally cool enough to have a bath! I went through a phase of having full cold tap on showers recently, I was enjoying them (as much as you can enjoy a freezing shower) and felt very bad ass being able to do it, but I must admit I really enjoyed my warm bath after a 12k run today. *whispers* I’m excited for winter…

30/08/20 – Weekend Vermouth — Aug 30, 2020
29/08/20 – Bank holiday golfing — Aug 29, 2020
28/08/20 – Two books down — Aug 28, 2020

28/08/20 – Two books down

I walked half an hour to the shop this morning before work and finished my audible book, and then this evening read for three hours to finish my Kindle book! So much reading… That brings me to 29 books this year so far! Looking to be my most read in one year soon… And I love it!