20/02/23 – Detour before home

Mel came to the bus stop to wave us off this morning before we began the long but beautiful trip home to London. We stopped off at Luzerne for a few hours to have lunch and take in some last minute views. It was still the festival going on though, with the streets absolutely rammed, so we scurried away up the hill to have a bit of a quieter last Swiss moment!

19/02/23 – Big sledging day!

Today was such a fun day. We sledged a 5.5km run! We went over 40km/h for one part of it! It was probably the highlight of the holiday for me and what glorious weather for it too. Happy happy Steph. We then just chilled out for the rest of the evening as it’s our last night before we head home.

18/02/23 – Hiking down and lake walks

Today was a bit less extreme than yesterday but it was still a load of fun. We started out the morning hiking down to Meiringen for a later coffee and pastry breakfast. We then got the gondola back up and finally walked back to Mel’s for lunch now she had finished work for the day.

In the afternoon we all headed to Brienz which was absolutely beautiful in the afternoon sun. I managed to dip my toes in but that’s as far as I got! We did pull up some deckchairs though to chill out for half an hour just taking in the beautiful views.

17/02/23 – Hike up, sledge down!

Today was seriously a load of fun. Nic and I set off to hike up the Käserstatt. We walked over green grass, piste snow, and finally knee high snow! It was a tough slog up but we made it and having a beer at the top was just a wonderful feeling. We then were joined by Mel and gang for lunch before we all sledged back down! This was my first time sledging and I fell in love with it immediately.

12/02/23 – First ’23 half marathon

I ran my first half marathon of the year today. This was me seven miles in as I reached the river. It was a great run, ideal weather for it and not too busy along the way. I ran 23 miles this week! So I’m going to take the next week off to recover and go on holiday. Time to chill out.

11/02/23 – Long walk day

Today Nic and I walked seven miles to Battersea Power Station, and quite speedily at that as we were so hungry and ready for a pint and chips at the end!

It ended up being one of our fastest walks! And the chips were incredible. We then just had a mooch around the power station looking at all the fancy shops and pretending we were on holiday. It’s a bit like another world in there, very clean and fresh.