15/09/22 – Evening Westfield Trip

Nic had to pick up an order from a shop in Westfield tonight so we decided to make an evening out of it. After work we got the train to Shepard’s Bush and went for dinner at a delicious Indian restaurant. It was amazing food but incredibly rich, I only managed half of mine but it’s now happily sat in the fridge waiting for dinner tomorrow! It was a nice evening out, we don’t often go that far so it felt like a proper event.

14/09/22 – Lifting iron!

I went to my first ever proper weight lifting class tonight! I squatted 30kg and did loads of press-up training which was hard but I absolutely loved and it and definitely will be back. It’s so nice having lots of hobbies outside of work, I find it really helps me switch off. I’m a very happy Steph right now!

13/09/22 – New running shoes!

Finally finally finally, I’ve got new running shoes! I’ve decided to do Couch to 5k again, but jog when it says to walk and run fast when it says to run. I want to get my speed back up and I think this will really help.

My first run went great! I really enjoyed properly pushing it on the fast runs and I’m dead excited to keep going with it.

12/09/22 – Plant doctor continues

We’re back home and back at work… This evening I went round the whole house checking in on all our plants, seeing who needed a little bit of TLC. The photo is of one of my new pots which makes the job much easier! All the rest I use a little moisture reader to see how they’re getting on, it’s really taken a lot of the guesswork out of the whole process as we have so many now.

11/09/22 – Last Bath moments

We made sure to squeeze the most out of our Bath trip with afternoon tea at The Pump Room in the last few hours before our train home. It’s safe to say we were stuffed by the end of it! We had to take away some of the cakes for our train ride home.

I’ve honestly had just the nicest holiday. I feel so happy and refreshed from it! Walking and relaxation was the perfect mix for this holiday and I can’t wait to do more similar.

10/09/22 – Hiking day

Today’s agenda was a lovely long walk around the Bath Skyline. We ended up walking 9.4 miles and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, even the hilly bits! We were so lucky with the weather and had blue skies for a lot of it. After another trip to the hotel spa we headed out to a vegetarian Indian restaurant for a delicious and well deserved dinner!

09/09/22 – Spa day!

Today was another day of relaxation, with a visit to the Therme Spa. It was so wonderful. My favourite moment was being in the rooftop pool, feeling the cool air on my face whilst being in the hot hot swimming pool, pure bliss. I feel so relaxed from this holiday, it’s absolutely achieved what we wanted it to!