07/02/21 – Snowy run!

It’s snowed all day here today. I went out for a nine mile run in it when it hadn’t yet settled on the pavements. It was wonderful, so refreshing and calm. I enjoyed all the nods of encouragement from passers by who were also out braving the elements. Later on today I devoured more of my new book which I can’t get enough of, had a lovely catch up with my mum and got a load more animation work done! All in all a really great Sunday.

06/02/21 – New book!

Finally finished one of my more slower books and I’m onto a fresh fiction that I got for Christmas from my sister! I’ve been looking forward to this for ages – to lose myself in a lovely story. A lot of my books have been pretty hard going recently so I’m hoping this will be a lot easier on the old noggin. Fingers crossed!

05/02/21 – Crystal Palace lunchin’

Today we drove to Crystal Palace Park to give the car a run and to have an exciting Friday lunchtime! The weather was glorious and we walked around the park in the sunshine. It’s made us immediately want to book a day off work to come here on the next sunny day. It really feels like spring is on its way!

03/02/21 – Lots of animation

I finally got a load of progress done on my latest animation project. I’ve been struggling to get back into it recently but this evening I made huge strides forward with it so I’m very pleased!

Gorgeous sunset tonight. I’m loving that the days already feel much longer! Not long now until spring kicks off.

02/02/21 – Sing us a song

On our lunchtime walk today we could hear a robin singing but could not spot him anywhere, but knew he must be close he was so loud. Nic then pointed out the robin was about a meter just in front of us! We watched the little bird sing for about a minute, right close up to us. It was such a lovely experience!

01/02/21 – It’s February, baby!

A little bit achy today but much better than yesterday! It’s finally February after the year that was January… We’ve cracked open the mini eggs so that’s kept me happy. Also managed to do three miles of walking today so that’s good too! I’m really trying hard to get into more of a routine and venture outside more, it definitely makes me feel better.

31/01/21 – Long run, achy legs

Decided I would head out on a slower pace today and see where it takes me. I ended up running nine miles! I’m very pleased with that. I listened to a chunk of my audio book and actually enjoyed myself. I think I’ve been pushing it too hard on every run, so I’m planning on chilling out a bit on the “speed”.

Only downside is my legs are well sore now! Hopefully they’ll be happier tomorrow. I certainly am – longest run of the year so far!

P.S I ran up the hill in the photo! (Used the photo opportunity as an excuse to catch my breath)

29/01/21 – Belated Christmas gift!

Nic and I are both contracting for the same company at the moment and yesterday we received belated Christmas gifts from them! Two smart mugs! You can control the temperature you want your drink to stay at from the app and it stays hot. I’ve now used it for multiple cups of peppermint tea and I must say it’s amazing not having to gulp down a cold mouthful of tea at the end.

It’s such a lovely gift and is bringing me great joy. I’m also drinking a lot more water because of it!