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04/02/20 – Sunshine commute — Feb 4, 2020
03/02/20 – Getting there (again) — Feb 3, 2020
02/02/2020 – A day at home — Feb 2, 2020

02/02/2020 – A day at home

I ran 5km today! After months of being ill after my ankle being sore for months as well, I’m finally feeling well enough to get back into my running and I’m excited. Apart from that today was a chilled out house day. Watering the plants and reading a lot of my next book. The perfect Sunday.

01/02/20 – The British Museum — Feb 1, 2020

01/02/20 – The British Museum

Nic and I have had a lovely day out with his mum and dad today. They drove down to see him as it was his birthday last week which was really nice! We went to the British Museum, for lunch and then finally a drink at the Royal Opera House. It was chilly but a really fun day out.

31/01/20 – Jamuary! — Jan 31, 2020
30/01/20 – Speed reading — Jan 30, 2020

30/01/20 – Speed reading

I cannot get enough of my new book. In two days I’ve nearly finished it. Yesterday I read for about 3 hours and today I’ve done nearly the same. I’m hooked! It’s not even been that well received by I’m dying to find out the ending! I even managed to get some lunchtime reading in.

29/01/20 – Lighter evenings — Jan 29, 2020