27/01/21 – Need to get out

Oh man I’m simultaneously climbing the walls and also not wanting to leave the house. Today the weather was miserable, so that didn’t help. I need Spring to pop it’s head around the corner… Or I need to suck it up and get running in the rain! The latter is probably my best option for now.

5 thoughts on “27/01/21 – Need to get out

  1. Your not alone, I have really struggled to leave the house for any sort of exercise in this lockdown. My motivation for most things is non existential the moment.

    1. That’s a relief to hear. I actually managed to get out today at lunchtime! I just can’t seem to get back into my morning habits at the moment. I think I’m a bit too glum for them unfortunately. I’m hoping it’ll pass as things get easier…

      1. It’s a struggle to stay motivated just now even for things that I enjoy. Could happily sleep through the rest of this lockdown & switch off completely.

        When I read your blog I’m always impressed how active you are. As you’ve gathered I’m not active/sporty in the slightest lol. But you know that’s ok we are all different and getting batter at accepting that.

      2. Yeah, I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have work I could just play Minecraft all day to escape from everything. I hope it gets easier for you.

        We are indeed all different! We all need our things that keep us going and happy, whatever they are. Right now I’m spending so much time on Minecraft after work, as it just helps me to escape from everything. That’s how I’m coping.

      3. My wife keeps me sane (or crazy, as we’re both a bit crazy/silly) otherwise I think I’d be in a very different place right now.

        Netflix, music, photography & whisky also helps lol.

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