27/07/21 – Walking snacks

Nic and I went on a lovely walk after work today. A big loop around our local area with snacking blackberries along the way from various bramble bushes! Such a treat. I’m working from home all this week as I don’t have any plans in town. It’s nice as I’m appreciating it more now I’veContinue reading “27/07/21 – Walking snacks”

25/07/21 – The rain has arrived

Bit of an admin day for us today. Headed to B&Q first thing to chose the final bits for our new bathroom which is very exciting! Then it was home just in time to miss the biblical level downpour that happened over London. I got to chill out in our conservatory and just listen toContinue reading “25/07/21 – The rain has arrived”

19/07/21 – The stars are out!

The stars are out tonight and it’s finally a bit cooler to sleep. We’re dropping to nearly 20 degrees tonight so I’m ready for a good night’s sleep. Nic and I went out on our bikes this lunchtime for a little 4 mile razz around. Unfortunately it was also 30 degrees! So by the timeContinue reading “19/07/21 – The stars are out!”

27/06/21 – Change of plan

Well, that took an unexpected turn! This morning whilst we were working out our plan of things to do today my NHS Covid App told me I needed to self isolate for four days! A massive blow for us. Nic and I decided we had to jump in the car and head home to ourContinue reading “27/06/21 – Change of plan”