26/06/22 – Sunday garden work

Our neighbours are getting a new fence put in next week which means we have to make sure our garden edge is completely clear and ready for them. That meant hours of pulling, chopping and weeding today, but we finally got there. Both of us have very achy arms but also a huge sense ofContinue reading “26/06/22 – Sunday garden work”

15/06/22 – Evening walks

The sun makes me so happy! And this evening was no exception. Nic and I walked 5.5 miles to go to dinner in Dulwich (and another 1.5 miles after!). We went through the woods which is where I took this very green photo. It was a really lovely walk after a long day working indoorsContinue reading “15/06/22 – Evening walks”

13/06/22 – Longest ever swim!

It was a bit of a struggle to get out of bed this morning but I managed it, mostly because I’d already prepaid for my swim session. I ended up doing 70 lengths, the most I’ve ever done and the first time ever swimming a mile (and then some!). I’m super pleased with myself. IContinue reading “13/06/22 – Longest ever swim!”

11/06/22 – Ten mile walk!

Today we walked a total of 13 miles! Ten of which were to Buckingham Palace from home! Nic and I set off this morning to walk to town, something we’ve had on the bucket list since we lived in the old house. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for it. Sunshine with a slight breeze,Continue reading “11/06/22 – Ten mile walk!”

06/06/22 – Cycling The Greenway

Despite being quite hungover from last night’s antics the plan today was to cycle The Greenway and we decided to stick to that plan! Thankfully it helped get over our hangovers rather than hindering and were soon having a fantastic time. The views were incredible and the weather ideal. It was probably my favourite dayContinue reading “06/06/22 – Cycling The Greenway”

04/06/22 – We climbed it!

And it was a proper slog. By far the hardest hike I’ve ever done, and a proper hike at that! 750m of elevation in only about 2.5 miles. The photo is from about two thirds up before the final climb. We were shattered by the end, scrabbling up to the top trying not to slip.Continue reading “04/06/22 – We climbed it!”

03/06/22 – The goal for tomorrow!

We’re off on another adventure! We’re in Westport this weekend for a friend’s 40th. Tomorrow we’re hiking up this wonderful mountain, so hopefully we won’t be too broken by the end. But for now we just had a lovely walk to watch the sunset after dinner. I did love New York, but I think weContinue reading “03/06/22 – The goal for tomorrow!”

02/06/22 – Bank holiday chill

The first of six days off! Today was a chill one. We had a lovely lie in (who knows if it was tiredness, laziness, jetlag or all three?!). We then headed off to decathlon again to get a couple more things for this weekend, we’re now finally ready. After all that we went out forContinue reading “02/06/22 – Bank holiday chill”

01/06/22 – Hello June

As if it’s already June, as if it’s even 2022! Time just flies, doesn’t it? Today was a quiet day. It was a very productive day at work as I start to properly wrap up on one client project before moving over to a new one the week after next. We went for another twoContinue reading “01/06/22 – Hello June”

30/05/22 – Coat road test!

Back to work today and it’s raining and cold. So cold in fact the heating came on for the first time in weeks! But it’s not all doom and gloom as it meant we got to don our new coats and hiking boots for a proper test out in the elements. We went for anContinue reading “30/05/22 – Coat road test!”