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30/11/18 – Productive day! — Nov 30, 2018

30/11/18 – Productive day!

I feel like Nic and I achieved a lot today. A slightly hungover 7am start but that didn’t stop us. We picked up decorating supplies for the master bedroom (with time to say hello to the bunnies in Pets at Home), painted a first coat of base coat and still had time for a really nice relaxing afternoon together. Success!

10/11/18 – Storm brewing! — Nov 10, 2018

10/11/18 – Storm brewing!

Off into central today with dark clouds over hanging. My visit was a happy one however, meeting up with my lovely friend Fiona (pictured on this blog a couple months ago at her wedding!).

We went to a pub and nattered for hours whilst the rain poured down outside. One of those days that flies by too fast and you’re already booking in the next visit.

07/11/18 – Cycling into Autumn — Nov 7, 2018
31/10/18 – No sweeties here! — Oct 31, 2018
28/10/18 – Autumn harvest — Oct 28, 2018

28/10/18 – Autumn harvest

We bought a big compost big yesterday which mean today it was time to clear out the vegetable plants.

An hour later and we have 1.7kg of green tomatoes to play with! We’re thinking a green tomato pasta sauce, or frying them up, anything but chutney as I’m not a big fan… Good haul though!

21/10/18 – Day of rest — Oct 21, 2018

21/10/18 – Day of rest

All of Nic’s family headed off this morning. As I’ve been so ill recently and it has been a very full-on week, we decided to take advantage of a lazy Sunday.

Our achievement of the day was going to Norwood Lakes for a nice walk. A really lovely and calming end to a hectic week.

15/10/18 – Foggy commuter — Oct 15, 2018