04/03/23 – Warmer days are coming

I ran another half marathon today! That’s my first time ever I think that I’ve done two weeks in a row. It was a bit tough at mile nine but I managed to bring it back for the last three miles. What’s spurring me on at the moment is all the blossom that is out.Continue reading “04/03/23 – Warmer days are coming”

07/02/23 – Foggy run to work

Another run to work today, and this time I went a slightly longer route so did ten miles! I’m really pleased, but it was absolutely freeeeezing, so I was very happy to make it to the office. The views were still great over London Bridge, even if the fog blocked out Tower Bridge.

22/01/23 – Foggy morning!

The whole world was very ominous this morning as a thick, cold frost rolled in. Nic and I went to the gym where I remembered very quickly how rubbish the gym is… But I did manage a 29 minute 5k, even if I did have to watch The Simpsons on my phone to stop meContinue reading “22/01/23 – Foggy morning!”

08/01/23 – Six muddy miles

This is a really accurate photo to sum up today. Nic and I went on a really really lovely but muddy six mile walk around Woldingham Circular. It was a lush day out just nattering away the whole time, and we were exceptionally lucky with the weather. It rained a bit but not too bad,Continue reading “08/01/23 – Six muddy miles”

03/01/23 – Back to work run

Well, today was a bit of a slog. I think I’ve been having too nice of a time these last couple of weeks off work, which made today exceptionally hard. I really enjoy my job, but boy did I want to be anywhere else but at work today… I did manage to fit in aContinue reading “03/01/23 – Back to work run”

02/01/23 – Wimbledon Walk

We went on a lovely walk with our friend Andy today. It felt so wonderful getting outside with the blue skies and shining sun. A brisk but beautiful day for a 7km walk with excellent company. This year I’m hoping to do a lot more outdoor activities whilst catching up with friends. Nothing beats aContinue reading “02/01/23 – Wimbledon Walk”

17/12/22 – Goodbye snow

London is finally warming up a bit which means we’re saying goodbye to the snow at last! We took a walk to Crystal Palace and saw it all melting away. We didn’t even have to defrost the car when we went out later in the day! I’ve had a really nice day today with someContinue reading “17/12/22 – Goodbye snow”

16/12/22 – It’s still so cold!

Look at this poor frosty car… It just looks so cold. I’m actually quite excited for the temperature to leave negative figures soon. It should be tomorrow that this happens which is good as it’s not making us want to leave the house much right now… Just look how cold it looks!

13/12/22 – Day three of snow

It’s still in minus temperatures right now so the snow has stuck around for another day. It’s gone a bit more icy now but it’s still looking wonderful. Today we got a new mattress delivered and it made me realise how grateful I was that my job wasn’t delivering mattresses in the snow… What aContinue reading “13/12/22 – Day three of snow”

12/12/22 – The snow has arrived!

Last night it properly snowed after I got in from my run. And this morning we woke up to a glorious winter wonderland outside. It’s a true white blanket that has made the whole world look lovely and clean. We went for a longer walk at lunchtime all wrapped up. I loved every second ofContinue reading “12/12/22 – The snow has arrived!”