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21/10/20 – Autumnal walks — Oct 22, 2020

21/10/20 – Autumnal walks

I’ve been having wicked headaches this week, it feels like had them more often than not…

Still managed to leave the house today at lunchtime and it made for a gorgeous walk in the autumn sunshine. A chance for some big deep breaths of fresh air which definitely helped. I’m really pleased the rain helped off, even just for our midday walk!

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13/09/20 – Vineyard tour! — Sep 13, 2020

13/09/20 – Vineyard tour!

Mum and I went on a vineyard tour today in Wales’ oldest vineyard! It was so interesting, I learnt a lot about wine making and got to meet some adorable llamas and very small sheep (so they can eat the grass but not reach the grapes!). It was a gorgeous day out with the sun shining down on us and our glistening glasses of wine.

26/08/20 – Watering time! — Aug 26, 2020

26/08/20 – Watering time!

Today’s evening task was to water all the plants and get them all happy again. Then it was time to do the same for me, but with some alcohol free gin! We’re loving it at the moment and have three different bottles in. Great for mid-week guilt free drinking!

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