24/09/21 – More fun friends

This is the third evening in a row I’ve had lovely plans with lovely friends. Tonight was dinner with Nic at Dan and Nat’s house! It was so nice, we laughed a lot and ate a lush dinner. My clouds are lifting and I’m feeling so much happier, just look at the phenomenal sunset justContinue reading “24/09/21 – More fun friends”

17/09/21 – Bustling about

My feet were killing me after today! I’ve done so much walking these last few days and today was no different. We went to Bromley today to get a few things, that’s where I saw this very happy squirrel who had just found some chips in a bin! Then I went into town and walkedContinue reading “17/09/21 – Bustling about”

07/09/21 – A taste of summer

I’m normally someone who’s pretty upbeat about whatever summer we get, but even I admit this year has been pretty pants! So I’ve made sure to thoroughly make the most of this mini heat wave we’re in the middle of right now. We had two lovely walks in the sunshine today – basking happily awayContinue reading “07/09/21 – A taste of summer”

05/09/21 – Close encounter

Didn’t enjoy this start to my day! Going face to face with this guy… Today was a very relaxing day (apart from that first encounter). I bought a puzzle book and spent the majority of the day slowly working my way through it with my audio book playing. The only break I took was toContinue reading “05/09/21 – Close encounter”

01/09/21 – Last minute meandering

One last lunchtime walk with mum before I headed back to London this evening! Taking in the lovely petunias along the way, and savoring my last few hours hanging out with mum. But it’s not all doom and gloom as she’s already booked her train to visit next month – woo hoo! And I’m veryContinue reading “01/09/21 – Last minute meandering”

31/08/21 – Buzzing around

Back to work today finally feeling a bit more myself than the last week of ill Steph. Got lots done and then went on a lovely evening walk with mum where I snapped this equally busy bee. Mum then made Christmas dinner!! So I’m just living my best life once again. And I promise toContinue reading “31/08/21 – Buzzing around”