26/09/22 – Allotment sunset

I went for a lovely post-work walk this evening. I listened to my audiobook as the sun set. Walking through the nearby allotment it was fun to see what everyone had been growing over the last few months. In one of the plots there were just hundreds of sweetcorn plants! Now that’s my kind ofContinue reading “26/09/22 – Allotment sunset”

25/09/22 – Sunday meandering

A slightly chilled out today. I got my last run of week two of C25K (jogging and running) which went great. I’ve now taken off a minute off my 5k time! And then Nic and I headed out for a two hour walk around our local area to just get out for a bit. ThenContinue reading “25/09/22 – Sunday meandering”

19/09/22 – New walking PB

It’s the queen’s funeral today so we both got the day off work. We’re not that bothered by the Royal Family so decided to spend the day out in the countryside instead. We got the train to Orpington and then set off on a ten mile looped walk. We ended up walking 13 miles afterContinue reading “19/09/22 – New walking PB”

12/09/22 – Plant doctor continues

We’re back home and back at work… This evening I went round the whole house checking in on all our plants, seeing who needed a little bit of TLC. The photo is of one of my new pots which makes the job much easier! All the rest I use a little moisture reader to seeContinue reading “12/09/22 – Plant doctor continues”

10/09/22 – Hiking day

Today’s agenda was a lovely long walk around the Bath Skyline. We ended up walking 9.4 miles and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, even the hilly bits! We were so lucky with the weather and had blue skies for a lot of it. After another trip to the hotel spa we headed out toContinue reading “10/09/22 – Hiking day”

05/09/22 – It’s feeling autumnal!

Nic and I finally managed a weekday evening walk in! We’ve been struggling a bit with both of our jobs being pretty full on. But the sun shined as we headed out for a lovely early evening walk. It’s already feeling a bit autumnal, the mushrooms were in full bloom and looked pretty spectacular. ThenContinue reading “05/09/22 – It’s feeling autumnal!”

25/08/22 – The rains arrived!

London was very wet today. I had already decided to go into the office so I donned my rain coat and headed off… well I actually got a taxi to the station first as the rain was just that bad! A very busy but productive day at work and then it was back home, viaContinue reading “25/08/22 – The rains arrived!”

23/08/22 – A young visitor

We had this sleepy guy nap in our garden this afternoon. I accidentally tapped the window with my camera which then woke him, but it meant I got this lovely inquisitive photo. I do hate the foxes here, as they scream and poop everywhere, but to see them simply napping or chilling out is alwaysContinue reading “23/08/22 – A young visitor”