14/04/21 – A rustling friend

Back at work today! Kicked the day off with a 5km run, then a full day of designing without any meetings so it was abnormally productive! We then had Helen round tonight for an exceptional long overdue catch up in the garden. It was so wonderful nattering after so long. During the evening we heardContinue reading “14/04/21 – A rustling friend”

06/04/21 – Blue sky and snow!

The weather was all over the place today! Up at 7am to do a 7 mile run and I was greeted with blue skies and crisp morning air. Then come 3pm, I look out of the study window to see snow! It’s incredible to think last Saturday I was in the garden, reading my bookContinue reading “06/04/21 – Blue sky and snow!”

29/03/21 – Dusk evening walks!

I’m so tuned into springs arrival and the changing of the seasons this year. Due to covid and being stuck in our local area, I’m obsessed with how light the evenings are already. It opens up so many more opportunities for seeing friends and having gorgeous walks like this after work. And with it beingContinue reading “29/03/21 – Dusk evening walks!”

23/03/21 – The evening sun

We got out a bit later tonight for our evening walk but were still greeted by a gorgeous blue-gradiented sky. This time of year is a dream when the sun is shining, let’s hope it stays this way for my birthday on Thursday! Another busy day at work today, but also another one with lotsContinue reading “23/03/21 – The evening sun”

22/03/21 – Spectacular evening walks

We’ve gone from walking in the dark after work to suddenly walking at sunset and it is spectacular. We saw some incredible views as we did our post-work debrief this evening, including seeing the bright red sun just dip over the horizon. The birds were singing so loudly we stopped for a minute just toContinue reading “22/03/21 – Spectacular evening walks”

20/03/21 – The daffs are out

I go on about it a lot here but boy do I love spring time… Our local parks are just full of daffodils and blossom and gorgeous smelling flowers! It’s making me so happy even on cloudy days. We were tempted to stay in today but ended up going for a 3 mile walk andContinue reading “20/03/21 – The daffs are out”