21/12/20 – Christmas prep!

I’ve got my Christmas nails ready to go! We managed to tidy all the house, I wrapped all my presents, and then had time for a little me time.

I’m still exhausted and finding it hard to wind down from life right now. Sleeping badly isn’t helping. But tomorrow I’m hoping a long run will help! Then another relaxing day, trying not to find things to worry about…

5 thoughts on “21/12/20 – Christmas prep!

    1. Thanks Victoria! I’m super pleased with them too.
      Yeah, I think I was set on going home to Cardiff for Christmas and that would be a clear change of scenery. But then that can’t happen now so I need to find a new way to stop worrying about everything and chill out! Thanks for your lovely message.

      1. I know! Though I’m very lucky that the back up plan is Christmas with my boyfriend in London.

      2. Yeah. I’m just so relieved my sister has changed her plans so my mum won’t be on her own.

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