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31/05/20 – Jigsaw delivery! — May 31, 2020
26/05/20 – Tomato face! — May 26, 2020

26/05/20 – Tomato face!

I ran six miles this morning and it absolutely knocked me on my arse. I’m not entirely sure why, I’m thinking maybe not enough water or food yesterday, coupled with a very hot morning and not a good sleep. All combined made it a right slog!! But I did it, so I’m pleased with that!

24/05/20 – Park visit! — May 24, 2020

24/05/20 – Park visit!

Another cycling and pizza day for us! We cycled down to Beckenham Park today, probably with the added help of the wind as the hills hope felt like an extra slog. Ten miles later it was round two for pizza, this time with additional frozen wedges!

13/05/20 – And so it begins… — May 13, 2020
09/05/20 – Sun basking — May 9, 2020
05/05/20 – Cheers! — May 5, 2020

05/05/20 – Cheers!

Here’s to a fun work social! Tonight we all got randomly assigned someone to send takeaway food to. I sent my mate 12 cans of guiness, and in return from someone else I got a pizza and a nigroni! It was a fun evening chatting with everyone and seeing what they all chose to give.

28/04/20 – Feeling good — Apr 28, 2020