10/03/23 – One more relaxation day…

Okay maybe just one more relaxation day. I’m grateful it’s Friday today as I’ve done about 45 hours of work this week not including traveling to Leeds. I’m knackered, so after work I popped in the bath to help myself chill out. Here’s me post bath, happily getting ready for an early night!

05/03/23 – More Capital Ring walking

Today Corinne and I walked section 2 and 3 of the capital ring, kicking off from where we left off last time. We walked 12.5miles today, with Nic joining us for the last 4. It was a really lovely day but my hip is now quite sore… Maybe 25 miles in one weekend wasn’t myContinue reading “05/03/23 – More Capital Ring walking”

12/02/23 – First ’23 half marathon

I ran my first half marathon of the year today. This was me seven miles in as I reached the river. It was a great run, ideal weather for it and not too busy along the way. I ran 23 miles this week! So I’m going to take the next week off to recover andContinue reading “12/02/23 – First ’23 half marathon”

15/01/23 – A lovely local walk

We walked 7 miles today with Georgie and Andy. It was lovely to have a shakeup of company, and what excellent company at that! We walked around our local area, getting some food from the market and then onto Dulwich Village for a (soft) drink at the pub before walking back. I finished the dayContinue reading “15/01/23 – A lovely local walk”