15/01/23 – A lovely local walk

We walked 7 miles today with Georgie and Andy. It was lovely to have a shakeup of company, and what excellent company at that! We walked around our local area, getting some food from the market and then onto Dulwich Village for a (soft) drink at the pub before walking back. I finished the dayContinue reading “15/01/23 – A lovely local walk”

07/01/23 – 10 miles down!

Today Corinne and I did section one and two of the Capital Ring walk! We’ve decided to complete the entire 78mile loop over this year. It was a really great day, and we were exceptionally lucky with the weather as it chucked it down as soon as we finished walking. Onto the next sections inContinue reading “07/01/23 – 10 miles down!”

06/01/23 – Bingo night out

The intention this evening was to have a curry and play some bingo with Andy and Georgie, however unfortunately bingo shut at 9pm due to low numbers. So… we went to the pub and chatted instead! It was a really fun evening and has already made the weekend feel so long which is exactly whatContinue reading “06/01/23 – Bingo night out”

31/12/22 – New Years Eve fun!

We decided to have a calm night in this New Year’s. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up for it! Nic and I donned our glad rags and played games whilst we waited for the new year to roll in. I had a really fun evening and I’m really excited for the year ahead.Continue reading “31/12/22 – New Years Eve fun!”

30/12/22 – Christmas number 3!

It’s Christmas for the final time of 2022! Today Nic and I swapped presents and had a lush vegan Christmas dinner. We had a blast making it and creating various cocktails along the way. I’ve had a truly wonderful day and I’m so full of happiness, even if we did forget the vegan pigs inContinue reading “30/12/22 – Christmas number 3!”