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09/08/20 – Prep work — Aug 10, 2020

09/08/20 – Prep work

Another lovely day today. I sun bathed for a few hours before getting ready (pictured) to head to friends for a BBQ. It was delicious and such a wonderful evening. I thought I’ve been okay in lockdown but it’s making me so happy seeing more friends when we can recently.

03/08/20 – Masked IKEA grins — Aug 3, 2020

03/08/20 – Masked IKEA grins

It certainly wasn’t as fun as it normally is, but we got a load ticked off our todo list today! A trip to IKEA, B&Q and Sainsbury’s in the hire car and we’re all set for another new months. They might be hidden, but there’s a couple of big smiles under those masks!

30/07/20 – Cornish waves — Jul 30, 2020
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17/07/20 – New do! — Jul 17, 2020

17/07/20 – New do!

I got my first haircut of 2020 today! Well, first professional haircut as Nic did a good job of shaving the back of it a month or so ago! I’m very happy with it so I’m pleased. I didn’t really enjoy the experience though so I might not go again for a while, or at least until this get a bit more “normal”.

21/06/20 – A lazy Sunday — Jun 21, 2020

21/06/20 – A lazy Sunday

Ran an early 10k this morning to get out before the heat. I then spent the rest of the day lazing around the house, relaxing. Nic and I did venture out again after dinner for a trek to find a specific bag of crisps from a Polish shop 2 miles away… The things you do for your fave snack!