12/04/21 – Run with mum in the sun

I’ve had a lovely day today! Mum and I went on a really nice 9km run in the sunshine. Then I headed off for my first massage of the year!! It was amazing and I feel so good for it already. Then we got Reggie the car washed and chilled out for the evening. OneContinue reading “12/04/21 – Run with mum in the sun”

03/04/21 – Big day out

For the first time in maybe 5 or 6 months we got to sit in a friend’s garden today! What a joy it was to feel cold, yet incredibly content to be once again sat with friends. I took a couple photos but both had their adorable son in, so I don’t want to putContinue reading “03/04/21 – Big day out”

26/03/21 – More birthday celebrations!

I went for a birthday picnic with Corinne today in the rain! It’s wonderful to have friends that will embrace life no matter what elements are thrown at you. Then this evening it was my zoom birthday party with the girls! It was so much fun. They sent me cocktails and we talked for hours.Continue reading “26/03/21 – More birthday celebrations!”

25/03/21 – Happy 30th birthday to me!

I turned 30 today! I booked the day off work so I could run a half marathon to Big Ben and back. It was an uphill slog on the way home by I made it eventually! Once I got back Nic and I had lunch then Mariana dropped some presents over from her and theContinue reading “25/03/21 – Happy 30th birthday to me!”

21/03/21 – Go bold or go home

A tourist on their hols, or a Steph embarking on a sunny run?! Got the arms out today for a morning 5 mile run. The sun was shining and it was waaaarm. After that it was brie and cranberry sandwiches with Nic (civilised) and then a long catch-up walk with Moira. What a nice Sunday.

07/03/21 – Reunited with a bonus!

I’m back walking with my lovely friend, Nat. We went on a hiatus from meeting up this winter due to the covid numbers going so high, then she gave birth to her little baby boy! So today was extra special as I got to finally reunite with Nat and meet her exceptionally adorable wee one.Continue reading “07/03/21 – Reunited with a bonus!”