21/05/22 – A central park day

It was absolutely roasting in New York today! We ended up walking about 15 miles around Manhattan and we’re now quite exhausted. But it was an excellent day in the heat, even if we did have to move from shade to shade. We saw a lot of Central Park and ate some great food. DayContinue reading “21/05/22 – A central park day”

16/05/22 – New holiday coat!

In a bid to get some sod’s law on our side, we bought new rain coats for our upcoming holiday! Now if it rains we’ll be happy to use our new coats, or hopefully because we bought new coats it won’t rain! This week is my last on my current project so it’s busy tryingContinue reading “16/05/22 – New holiday coat!”

14/05/22 – Basking in the sunshine

Finally, some warmth!! The sun has taken it’s sweet time to show up properly in London this year. It’s been so windy and chilly these last few months. Today I took great delight in suncreaming myself up and basking in the sunshine for a couple hours reading my book. It was absolutely lovely.

08/05/22 – First half marathon of the year!

I’m feeling very pleased with this run today. It was my first half marathon of the year. I attempted the same run I did a few weeks ago where I really struggled. This time though I had a lot more water, lighter clothes and gels! It felt a lot easier so by the time IContinue reading “08/05/22 – First half marathon of the year!”

24/04/22 – Relaxing under blue skies

I’m so in love with our conservatory right now! We went out with friends this afternoon for a walk around our local park and some lunch. But around that, I found myself basking for most of the day reading my book or doing puzzles in our sunny conservatory. It’s definitely my current happy place. CanContinue reading “24/04/22 – Relaxing under blue skies”

23/04/22 – Strength time!

Please note I’m working on my form as I can see I’m a bit too far forward here with my knees and not quite deep enough! But I am loving doing strength training again!! Once I size out of this set I’m going to treat myself to a proper 20kg Olympic bar and I’m superContinue reading “23/04/22 – Strength time!”

15/04/22 – A very Good Friday

What a good day we’ve had today! First was a gorgeous roast dinner at our friends Nat and Dan’s house which was honestly so delicious. Then we picked up stuff for a BBQ and headed home to do some spring cleaning and sorting in the sunshine before Liv came round for dinner and a sleepover!Continue reading “15/04/22 – A very Good Friday”