30/09/22 – Blustery beach trip

I’m always happy to be on a beach, even if it is blowing a gale! I’ve had the nicest day with Liv today, we went to the beach three separate times, attempted some shopping, laughed at a lot of people’s failed attempts at wrangling umbrellas in gale force winds, and just had a really lovelyContinue reading “30/09/22 – Blustery beach trip”

27/09/22 – Still in shorts!

It was cold and rainy but I still headed out in my shorts and t-shirt for a run! I’m on week three now of C25K but doing it with jogging and running, and I’m still loving it. It makes me completely shut off whilst running as I don’t need to think about anything, and I’mContinue reading “27/09/22 – Still in shorts!”

23/09/22 – Gin and friends!

It probably should be friends and gin but honestly this feels like the right way around. Tonight Nic and I had our lovely friend Ian visit. The aim was to make through lots of our surplus of gin but we ended up picking up more booze for the evening so I’m not sure we ateContinue reading “23/09/22 – Gin and friends!”

18/09/22 – Third run of the week

This is my happy little face after today’s 30 min 5k. I’m still loving doing c25k but without walking, it’s really making me push myself and feel excited for each run. The rest of today consisted of a trip to Crystal Palace for snacks for tomorrow and then an evening on the sofa playing gamesContinue reading “18/09/22 – Third run of the week”

13/09/22 – New running shoes!

Finally finally finally, I’ve got new running shoes! I’ve decided to do Couch to 5k again, but jog when it says to walk and run fast when it says to run. I want to get my speed back up and I think this will really help. My first run went great! I really enjoyed properlyContinue reading “13/09/22 – New running shoes!”

09/09/22 – Spa day!

Today was another day of relaxation, with a visit to the Therme Spa. It was so wonderful. My favourite moment was being in the rooftop pool, feeling the cool air on my face whilst being in the hot hot swimming pool, pure bliss. I feel so relaxed from this holiday, it’s absolutely achieved what weContinue reading “09/09/22 – Spa day!”