02/07/21 – Tandem selfie!

Today started off with a lovely sea swim with blue skies to wake us all up! Then we went for an 11 mile cycle on a tandem bike! Our second time riding one and it was definitely a success, we even managed to get some speed up on the way back over taking lots ofContinue reading “02/07/21 – Tandem selfie!”

28/06/21 – Isolation day 2!

As I write this we’re officially half way through our isolation period! Just 48 hours to go until we’re free and able to return back to Cornwall to carry on our holiday. Today was a day of rest. I sat out in the sunshine finishing off my book, chatted to my sister and painted myContinue reading “28/06/21 – Isolation day 2!”

16/06/21 – Sunshine skating

Started my day off with a gorgeous 4.5 mile skate around Dulwich park today! The weather was absolutely perfect and I’m even getting faster, though stopping is still slightly problematic. Tonight we then had Corinne and Jack over for dinner in the garden! We had pasta and managed to stay in the garden for aContinue reading “16/06/21 – Sunshine skating”