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20/10/20 – Movie night — Oct 21, 2020

20/10/20 – Movie night

It’s all a bit of a slog right now, not really having a life outside of our home, the world feeling like it’s being ran by the worst possible people. It’s hard to keep your heard up through it all.

So tonight Nic and I decided to batton down our hatches away from the outside world. We made a lush curry for dinner and had a movie night with popcorn. It was so lovely, to try to forget everything for one night… then I accidentally checked Twitter… Ugh…

19/10/20 – Sparkly nails for me! — Oct 19, 2020

19/10/20 – Sparkly nails for me!

Well, there’s one way to cheer me up! I painted my nails again this evening, and they’re incredibly sparkly! I’m still not feeling 100% but I had a lovely evening after work, chatting to my mum for an hour whilst I did my nails.

I’m trying so hard to do things for me. Clothing choices that make me feel bad-ass, nails that shine bright as the evenings draw in, lazing about in my jammies on the weekend if I feel like it. I’m so much happier in myself than I was as a teenager and it’s a wonderful feeling. Knowing whatever I look like on the outside, I’m still me inside and that’s what matters the most. And if I love me on the inside, I’ll learn to love my outside too!

17/10/20 – Practicing skating — Oct 17, 2020

17/10/20 – Practicing skating

The weather today was a picture perfect autumnal day. Jumper weather, crispy leaves and sunshine, well no rain at least. We walked to the park to practice skating more! I’m slowly improving at stopping, bit by bit I seem to be getting there, and becoming more confident.

I also got a load of reading done around that. Finishing my 33rd book of the year and starting my 34th! Officially now the most books I’ve ever read in one year which is fun. I feel like I’ve gone through some real meaty ones as well which is good.

16/10/20 – Our last visitor —

16/10/20 – Our last visitor

Just in time before London moves to tier 2… Liv came around this evening for a socially distanced dinner! She left before midnight, so we’re all legal and it was such a wonderful evening. Drinking wine and talking for hours, it’s filled me with enough joy to hopefully see me through this next lockdown.

I hope everyone is doing okay. There are a few tough weeks/months ahead of us, but it’s all for the greater good to protect our most vulnerable. And it’s good to remember it’s all temporary, we will get through this. Much love x

15/10/20 – New jeans! — Oct 16, 2020

15/10/20 – New jeans!

I bought these jeans as my skater on Tony Hawks wears a pair and I thought they were awesome. I’m absolutely in love with my real life pair!

Clothes make me so happy. I love being able to express myself and feel bold and confident in fun outfits. I’m also now very lucky to be in a position where I am able to avoid fast fashion and shop at more long lasting and sustainable brands which makes me feel a lot better about buying new clothes.

10/10/20 – Doing it for me! — Oct 10, 2020

10/10/20 – Doing it for me!

I wore lipstick today, a habit I’ve really fallen out of this year. I imagine it’s because I’ve not really gone anywhere special due to covid, so not had a reason to doll up. But then this morning it hit me, I don’t need a reason or a justification. So today I put on my hot pink lippy and headed out for a walk in the rain with Nic, feeling fabulous and doing it all for myself and no one else.

(Bonus: Nic was also a fan, and hyped me up the whole time!)

09/10/20 – Making time for fun —

09/10/20 – Making time for fun

Life is tough right now. It’s a lot tougher for others than for me, I know that’s for sure as I have a roof over my head and food in my belly, but I’m still finding the whole covid situation quite emotionally overwhelming.

To combat this, I’ve recently been taking time to focus on what currently accessible things can put an immediate smile on my face. One of them is the incredible rope swing we discovered a couple weeks ago. We made a special visit to it today at lunchtime for a quick swing before getting back to work! It threw me into a great mood from the moment my feet left the ground.

08/10/20 – Always time to read — Oct 8, 2020

08/10/20 – Always time to read

I got up at 6.45 this morning to chat with my best friend that lives in the Philippines. It was 2pm for her, so worked out perfectly, as she starts work at 3pm. I cannot tell you how lovely it was to spend my early morning catching up with her. After that I had half an hour to kill so got back into bed to read.

I try hard to spend less time on social media and more time reading when I have these pockets of downtime. Something that’s really helped me is downloading the kindle app to my phone. It makes it a lot easier to make that switch from watching copious amounts of TikTok videos I’m possibly guilty of doing…

07/10/20 – Happy hill training — Oct 7, 2020

07/10/20 – Happy hill training

Second run of the week! I’m still on the path of gaining back my love for running and this morning was another bound forward towards that goal.

I went on a 4k run, 1k of which was up a 50 meter climb (10%!). I didn’t care about my time, I just kept ploughing up the hill, listening to my body and my audio book on racism. It was a tough run but I felt like I really achieved something by the end, even though it was possibly my shortest solo run in eight years!

06/10/20 – Happiness is… — Oct 6, 2020

06/10/20 – Happiness is…

An easy evening with Nic, taking turns on Tony Hawks Pro Skater together. Working out how to overcome the difficult challenges whilst hyping each other up along the way.

It’s also about my new dungas that arrived today! There’s nothing better than feeling great in your clothes. That’s why this year I got rid of all my size ten clothes, and it was honestly so freeing. I was fed up of never feeling quite right in my own skin, so I changed the goal posts.