27/10/21 – Next stop, Cardiff!

I packed up and headed out of Bristol this morning, happy to never drive in the city again if I can avoid it… But filled with happiness from the last two days of seeing friends that I’ve missed an awful lot these last few years. I’m now in Cardiff with my mum for stage twoContinue reading “27/10/21 – Next stop, Cardiff!”

17/10/21 – Happy on two wheels

I went on a lovely 14 mile Autumnal bike ride today! The weather was gorgeous. I then went on a lovely walk with Nic in the afternoon before making apple compote with apples our nextdoor neighbour dropped round! It’s been a very wholesome and seasonally apt day for me and I’ve loved every second ofContinue reading “17/10/21 – Happy on two wheels”

26/09/21 – Feet up and a good book

We went to our last summer BBQ today with our friends. It was really lovely, and the sun actually showed his face for quite a lot of it! Once we got home Nic and I sat and read together in the living room for a while. We still don’t have electricity in this room, butContinue reading “26/09/21 – Feet up and a good book”

10/09/21 – Sweet sweet bed

Not going to lie to you friends, today was a bit of a slog after rolling in at 2am this morning from drinks… My day did get considerably better once I was fuelled with hash browns! I ended up having quite a productive day which is good. And now it’s finally time to rest again,Continue reading “10/09/21 – Sweet sweet bed”

08/09/21 – Happy swim face!

That’s now twice this week I’ve gone for a swim in the morning! I’m absolutely loving it. I run the 1.5k down, then do about 1.5km swim and then run back! It’s one of the very few things I can do mindfulnessly, as I only concentrate on the lengths I’m doing and nothing else. It’sContinue reading “08/09/21 – Happy swim face!”

06/09/21 – Monday pints!

I went for a lovely run and swim this morning! I’m hoping that’s me getting hooked again as I really enkoyed myself. It’s such a gorgeous sunny day that later on in the afternoon Nic and I had the sudden want for pints, so once we were done with work for the day it wasContinue reading “06/09/21 – Monday pints!”