22/08/2012 – My awesome friend made me pie.

The title explains this one. Sue is a great friend from Newport who has also moved to London! She cooked me dinner tonight and made a homemade pie, and it was amazing. That is all – marvel at how amazingly tasty it looks.

29/07/2012 – Batman Cookies!

An on-going joke between myself and Claire (my flatmate, if you haven’t already picked up on) is that our flat’s nickname is ‘The Bat Cave’ it is the name of the wireless, which obviously confirms it’s official status. Anyway, to the point, we made Bat Cookies! We used this recipe and they did not disappoint!  SoContinue reading “29/07/2012 – Batman Cookies!”

04/06/2012 – THE tastiest of puddings

Today was my last full day of coding this website, and it’s finally all done and annotated. I have a bit more work to do tomorrow but not much! Went for lunch with Claire as the last rev’s tradition today (for now anyway) and celebrated with the revolution mess, and it was amaaazing.