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18/07/2012 – It’s My New Era — Jul 24, 2012

18/07/2012 – It’s My New Era

I’m not totally sure if I’m allowed to post photos like this, so it’ll probably be my last! (Don’t want to do a no-no in my early days of working here!) But here’s a sneaky photo of me working today, I’m REALLY loving working here. The people are lovely, and the working environment is even better, I’ll probably disclose more over the next few days/weeks/month, but it’s genuinely a really nice company!

26/06/2012 – Hard at work, or hardly working.. — Jul 7, 2012
03/06/2012 – I’m not the Mac Daddy — Jun 3, 2012

03/06/2012 – I’m not the Mac Daddy


A section of my messyImage desk, and another day of working, but today it’s been coding! Ups and downs have been had. It’s definitely been stressful, but I’m finally got the main frame down. And should in theory take no time at all tomorrow to polish it off. Though I’m struggling with the whole “staring at it too long so now it’s butt ugly” deal. But meh, I’m happy enough.