29/10/16 – My illness arrives

I’ve been feeling pretty ropey these last few days. I expected it to eventually pass, but apparently it actually had other plans. So here I am on a weekend, splayed out on either the sofa or the bed for a majority of the day with Cal the dog whilst Nic looked after my numerous grumblings (he’s totally theContinue reading “29/10/16 – My illness arrives”

26/02/2014 – Good Morning B’ham!

A gorgeous day in Birmingham this morning! Brisk, bright and beautiful. This was the view looking out of my hotel window, I find it quite satisfying. After a quick continental breakfast, it was off to meetings for the day where I presented my user journeys to a new client. Exciting times! Such a busy dayContinue reading “26/02/2014 – Good Morning B’ham!”

28/01/2014 – Stick to it

It’s soon to be a month of dieting, and you get to that struggling point, or at least I do! Offered an apple by a colleague to keep me going but I need to improve on my work snacks! First day back on my bike since Thursday and my knee feels ok so I’m ploughingContinue reading “28/01/2014 – Stick to it”

21/03/2013 – Birthday Presents!

Another busy day, but came home to presents in my postbox, but a broken key! finally got it straight again and got my package, not to be opened until Monday. Then sorted my flat out as my best friend is coming to stay this weekend to start celebrating my birthday on Monday!

14/12/2012 – Worky work.. shopping!

This Tuesday is my works staff do, and after a rather short day in work (Friday’s are 9-4) myself and Jas headed to the shops and I found an awesome dress so I’m excited! Westfield in London (Shepard’s Bush) is amazing, it’s just so big! I’m exploring the Stratford one tomorrow to finish off myContinue reading “14/12/2012 – Worky work.. shopping!”

13/12/2012 – Nap time!

You know those days, where all you want to do is nap the day away? Yeah, well today was one of them. Though I managed to lie out on my lunch break which perked me up! And Sue came round tonight which is always a lovely treat!