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29/10/16 – My illness arrives — Oct 29, 2016
26/02/2014 – Good Morning B’ham! — Mar 1, 2014

26/02/2014 – Good Morning B’ham!

A gorgeous day in Birmingham this morning! Brisk, bright and beautiful. This was the view looking out of my hotel window, I find it quite satisfying.

After a quick continental breakfast, it was off to meetings for the day where I presented my user journeys to a new client. Exciting times!

Such a busy day as soon after meetings and lunch we got the train home, I then headed to the gym to run and do weights to kill time before heading out for dinner (which sadly got cancelled last minute!). Really nice, busy day.


28/01/2014 – Stick to it — Jan 30, 2014

28/01/2014 – Stick to it

It’s soon to be a month of dieting, and you get to that struggling point, or at least I do! Offered an apple by a colleague to keep me going but I need to improve on my work snacks!

First day back on my bike since Thursday and my knee feels ok so I’m ploughing on in hope it doesn’t get worse. These wintery evenings are getting the best of me, you can tell it’s the end of a long financial month – lots of cosy movie nights in with friends 🙂


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