23/12/20 – Hands up for wine!

Another day stuck in our house in tier four… We went out for a little walk around the block today but the weather has been atrocious. It feels so strange to be in London for Christmas, and especially when we can’t really do anything. I’m hoping next week we can go on some longer walksContinue reading “23/12/20 – Hands up for wine!”

29/01/2014 – Or not…

Contrary to my last post, I might have let myself have a couple treats this evening… Today is my busy day for exercise – I missed my morning weight lifting class due to road works whilst cycling in to work, so I ended up running 4km in 20 minutes out of frustration on the treadmill.Continue reading “29/01/2014 – Or not…”

24/01/2014 – Happy Birthday Apple!

It’s Apples birthday today! I’m hardly a fan girl, my PC is my love at home, but at work I seem to be surrounded. Calm day at work today, started the day with a 5km run, and I’m so close to under 30 minutes, not long now hopefully. More wine and hanging with housemates inContinue reading “24/01/2014 – Happy Birthday Apple!”

22/01/2014 – Wine Wednesdays!

I’m getting ever so slightly fed up of winter, so when I had an offer of “Does anyone want wine?” from my housemate whilst in work, it was entirely welcomed! Wednesday evening watching the football with my lovely housemates and a delightful glass of wine (or two) goodbye blues!

25/11/2013 – Shopping, Wine and Web Design

Went into town (Cardiff) today with my Mum for a spot of shopping! Followed by a quick catch up with Rach, then to relax with a glass of wine and Web Designer magazine, lovely. I’m loving my time relaxing at home.

25/08/2012 – Dinner and a (Michael McIntyre show!)

As the title says, today I treated my mum to dinner and tickets to Michael McIntyre. It was such a nice evening, and we both really enjoyed it! He was on top form and we laughed loads! What a great day – really enjoying my time at home, nice get away from the busy LondonContinue reading “25/08/2012 – Dinner and a (Michael McIntyre show!)”

08/08/2012 – CWW

It’s Cheap Wine Wednesday (I’m promising myself this won’t become a ‘thing’). A cheeky drink with a couple new friends from work escalated in meeting up with Claire and buying in some delightful “Tesco Value Spanish Rose Wine”. We regret nothing, it was a great night, thoroughly enjoyed with lots of singing, drinking, dancing and maple syrupContinue reading “08/08/2012 – CWW”

22/07/2012 – Claire’s Arrival!

My flat mate Claire moved in yesterday, and it’s lovely having some company. I helped her move in and then we carried on sorting out the flat, before opening a bottle of wine, watching a movie and having fondue! Loving life again, so nice living with a girl for once! (If you follow my blog,Continue reading “22/07/2012 – Claire’s Arrival!”