15/11/20 – Soggy catchup

I met up with my friend today for a walking catch up (a luxury of lockdown 2.0). We walked nearly 7 miles over 2.5 hours catching up on so many things. It was truly wonderful and we already have another walk booked in for next week! It absolutely chucked it down but that just madeContinue reading “15/11/20 – Soggy catchup”

22/09/2013 – Finding Our Roots

Another lovely day getting to know our extended polish family. We’re out here meeting my mum’s cousins, which means I also get to meet my second cousins! It’s all pretty exciting and nerve wrecking as my polish is appalling (read: non-existent after please and thank yous). We found my great grandparents grave today, it wasContinue reading “22/09/2013 – Finding Our Roots”

21/09/2013 – The Big Polish Day!

After taking so many photos I found it so hard to chose just one for this post, but here it is! Polish weddings are something else, I’ve had so much fun – with so many surprises! This wasn’t a cake with sparklers in it, it’s a boar.. with sparklers in it.. that the grandad ofContinue reading “21/09/2013 – The Big Polish Day!”

20/09/2013 – Heading to Poland

After a wonderful night, I have a killer hangover to follow. But no time to wallow on that – we’re off to Poland! My grandad is polish, and thus we have a huge polish side to our family I don’t know much about. But we’ve been invited to a wedding here, so what better wayContinue reading “20/09/2013 – Heading to Poland”

19/09/2013 – Bright and Colourful

My new favourite skirt – you know when you buy something and straight away it becomes an ‘old faithful’? That’s how I feel about this! Big news today, this is my last day at my current job! A big goodbye party left with a huge hangover, but it was definitely worth it. End of oneContinue reading “19/09/2013 – Bright and Colourful”

18/09/2013 – Chin up, the sun’s back!

What a lovely site to come home to, the sun breaking through just in time for sun set. Shining over London city, I just had the most delightful cycle home. Happy Wednesday!

17/09/2013 – Multicoloured Drugs

Well, so much for my exciting entrance back into blogging..! My life is consisting of sniffling and taking these fine fellows. After not being off sick all year, I feel now might be my time! Wallow wallow.

16/09/2013 – My Health Streak! Nooo..

Dear oh dear, it must be that time of the year already! So this evening, this was my view. Bed time whilst the sun still shines.. I feel so ill. Time to get 11 hours sleep and hope for a full recovery before a busy week!

15/09/2013 – Gloomy Sunday

I do like that Britain has such a variation in weather, but I wasn’t in the mood for rain today, though I’m happy with this photo I grabbed on my way to Sainsburys!

14/09/2013 – After Party Sunrise

Went to a house warming at my friends house tonight, got the first train back to clapham only to be greeted by the most beautiful, brisk, autumn morning! Shame it rained the rest of the day..