28/12/2013 – Daemon love and boats!

I’m taking full advantage of being reunited with my baby car this week! “Jetted” off to Bristol today to see Dae! He was in this blog quite frequently when I lived in Newport but we’ve been rubbish recently due to distance. Today was fantastic though to see his lovely face again! It’s wonderful to seeContinue reading “28/12/2013 – Daemon love and boats!”

27/12/2013 – I miss the beach!

After waking up at Rach’s I drove onto Fiona’s, for another tradition with another wonderful friend! This one is rather new, breakfast at Christmas, that started last year. It was very tasty though, nothing beats pancakes and bacon! I then drove us to Penarth Pier where we took a stroll down before the heavens openedContinue reading “27/12/2013 – I miss the beach!”

26/12/2013 – Boxing Day Daleks!

Today was very busy and very fun! I went to work with my mum at 7am to start off with. She works as an audio supervisor at the BBC, and today she was doing Wynn Evans’ program – he’s hilarious so I was happy to sit in. After that and a few photos we bravedContinue reading “26/12/2013 – Boxing Day Daleks!”

25/12/2013 – Merry Christmas!

This year it’s just me and my mum for Christmas Day, as my sister is off skiing. So we decided to create some new traditions! The first of which was after Christmas Day mass, we headed up to “The Hill” which is a particularly special spot for us for reasons I won’t go into now,Continue reading “25/12/2013 – Merry Christmas!”