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31/12/2013 – Christmas and New Years Eve, combined! — Dec 31, 2013

31/12/2013 – Christmas and New Years Eve, combined!

Merry Christmas! Wait, what? Today is Christmas Day number two at the Jones home and it’s been great! More presents, dinner and champagne, what’s not to love?
Later on we switched over to New Years Eve mode to see in 2014 together. Happy New Year everyone 🙂 I truly appreciate all of your support on the blog, in comments, views and likes, you’re all delightful!

30/12/2013 – Green, bearded friends — Dec 30, 2013

30/12/2013 – Green, bearded friends

My sister is back in Wales! This makes me very happy, as today is our unofficial Christmas Eve. We spent the day as a full family playing quizzes, eating ham and enjoying trickster scrabble. I then headed into down to meet up with David, who I lived with in Newport for two years. Always a delight, it was fantastic to cuddle his beardy face again. Then onto seeing Alyx! My wonderful best friend from high school and uni, who gave me a fantastic present of a customised wine glass – so good that I forgot to take a selfie of us! Poor form. Fantastic day though, I am loving being home!!


29/12/2013 – I love Cardiff —

29/12/2013 – I love Cardiff

Lovely relaxing day with my mum on a brisk winter’s afternoon. We took the scenic route to pick up a few things from tesco and it was nothing but delightful. I’m definitely going to miss Cardiff when I go back to London… There’s so much to love about this city, London has to work hard to compare!


28/12/2013 – Daemon love and boats! —

28/12/2013 – Daemon love and boats!

I’m taking full advantage of being reunited with my baby car this week! “Jetted” off to Bristol today to see Dae! He was in this blog quite frequently when I lived in Newport but we’ve been rubbish recently due to distance. Today was fantastic though to see his lovely face again! It’s wonderful to see a friend you haven’t seen in over a year, yet it feels like you saw them yesterday.


27/12/2013 – I miss the beach! —

27/12/2013 – I miss the beach!

After waking up at Rach’s I drove onto Fiona’s, for another tradition with another wonderful friend!
This one is rather new, breakfast at Christmas, that started last year. It was very tasty though, nothing beats pancakes and bacon!
I then drove us to Penarth Pier where we took a stroll down before the heavens opened and we retreated to the car!
The rest of the day was a rather relaxing one, Fi came back over in the evening to chill with me and my mum, and all in all it was a lovely day.


26/12/2013 – Boxing Day Daleks! —

26/12/2013 – Boxing Day Daleks!

Today was very busy and very fun! I went to work with my mum at 7am to start off with. She works as an audio supervisor at the BBC, and today she was doing Wynn Evans’ program – he’s hilarious so I was happy to sit in.
After that and a few photos we braved the Boxing Day sales and headed into town and I got lots of awesome bargains I’m sure I’ll be posting about here!
Then last but not least it was onto Rach’s house, a Boxing Day tradition we’ve had since we were about 15, sleepover on Boxing Day! Love it. I’m super happy.


25/12/2013 – Merry Christmas! —

25/12/2013 – Merry Christmas!

This year it’s just me and my mum for Christmas Day, as my sister is off skiing. So we decided to create some new traditions! The first of which was after Christmas Day mass, we headed up to “The Hill” which is a particularly special spot for us for reasons I won’t go into now, but it was a truly lovely experience on Christmas Day, to look over the whole of Cardiff at peace.

Merry Christmas from us! I hope you all had a wonderful day 🙂