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30/03/2014 – My Two Best Friends! — Apr 9, 2014

30/03/2014 – My Two Best Friends!

I love this photo!! My two favourite people on Mel’s birthday! We woke up begrudgingly and went to Weatherspoons for breakfast which was super yum. Dropped Ing off to the station then went round to my mums for Mel presents!
In the afternoon we all went for afternoon tea, I took this photo in mums car on the way there. Beautiful day, they’re just the most awesome people these two! Travelled back to London in the night, sleepy Steph.


29/03/2014 – Melly’s Birthday Night! —
16/03/2014 – A PB then Afternoon Tea! — Mar 18, 2014

16/03/2014 – A PB then Afternoon Tea!

I got up at 7am today to run another long run as I’m now in training for a half marathon. Same as last Sunday, 10 miles, but this time TWELVE minutes faster, and no achy knees! I’m absolutely over the moon.

Later on I went to town to have afternoon tea with my mum and sister. I was absolutely stuffed, and ended up not having room for my cake! Don’t worry though, I ate it on the train back to London. Yum.0


15/03/2014 – Spring has sprung! —

15/03/2014 – Spring has sprung!

It’s a gorgeous day in Cardiff today! Mum and I went for a lovely 6km run this morning, before I headed off to get my hair cut. It’s sunny as a summers day, but with a crisp cool breeze to remind you it’s still march.

We walked into town today to do some shopping, then got the bus back home. This evening we went out for my birthday dinner, starting off at my sisters flat for champagne and strawberries! Couldn’t ask for a more pleasant Saturday.


14/03/2014 – Misty Welsh Run — Mar 16, 2014
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