30/03/2014 – My Two Best Friends!

I love this photo!! My two favourite people on Mel’s birthday! We woke up begrudgingly and went to Weatherspoons for breakfast which was super yum. Dropped Ing off to the station then went round to my mums for Mel presents! In the afternoon we all went for afternoon tea, I took this photo in mumsContinue reading “30/03/2014 – My Two Best Friends!”

29/03/2014 – Melly’s Birthday Night!

If ever a photo to sum up a night! Smiles with me, my sister and her lovely friend. Surprised Melly at home with mum and she was over the moon! It’s been a fantastic day hanging out with her and Ing 🙂 Thoroughly enjoying myself in Cardiff, as always, it’s fantastic to be home!

16/03/2014 – A PB then Afternoon Tea!

I got up at 7am today to run another long run as I’m now in training for a half marathon. Same as last Sunday, 10 miles, but this time TWELVE minutes faster, and no achy knees! I’m absolutely over the moon. Later on I went to town to have afternoon tea with my mum andContinue reading “16/03/2014 – A PB then Afternoon Tea!”

15/03/2014 – Spring has sprung!

It’s a gorgeous day in Cardiff today! Mum and I went for a lovely 6km run this morning, before I headed off to get my hair cut. It’s sunny as a summers day, but with a crisp cool breeze to remind you it’s still march. We walked into town today to do some shopping, thenContinue reading “15/03/2014 – Spring has sprung!”

14/03/2014 – Misty Welsh Run

Ran 7 miles this morning as I am back in Wales working from home so I have the time! It was absolutely gorgeous, with low cloud over Pontcanna Fields, just bliss. Working, the dinner with Mel and mum. Another chilled out day.

13/03/2014 – Smiling again!

After three trips to the dentist I’m smiling again! A lot more out of pocket than I’d rather, but I definitely got a princess sticker 🙂 Dinner at home with my mum and sister whilst getting work done. Lush relaxing day.

31/12/2013 – Christmas and New Years Eve, combined!

Merry Christmas! Wait, what? Today is Christmas Day number two at the Jones home and it’s been great! More presents, dinner and champagne, what’s not to love? Later on we switched over to New Years Eve mode to see in 2014 together. Happy New Year everyone 🙂 I truly appreciate all of your support onContinue reading “31/12/2013 – Christmas and New Years Eve, combined!”

30/12/2013 – Green, bearded friends

My sister is back in Wales! This makes me very happy, as today is our unofficial Christmas Eve. We spent the day as a full family playing quizzes, eating ham and enjoying trickster scrabble. I then headed into down to meet up with David, who I lived with in Newport for two years. Always aContinue reading “30/12/2013 – Green, bearded friends”

29/12/2013 – I love Cardiff

Lovely relaxing day with my mum on a brisk winter’s afternoon. We took the scenic route to pick up a few things from tesco and it was nothing but delightful. I’m definitely going to miss Cardiff when I go back to London… There’s so much to love about this city, London has to work hardContinue reading “29/12/2013 – I love Cardiff”