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03/10/2012 – Back in London! — Oct 5, 2012

03/10/2012 – Back in London!

As the title states, I’m back in London.. and drinking again! The picture is of water, as when I’m in work, I drink like a fish. But after a long day catching up with all the jobs that was piling up while I wasn’t in work Monday and Tuesday, I thought I deserved a ‘proper’ drink with friends – and that’s just what I did.

15/06/2012 – Rain Drop Rose — Jun 18, 2012

15/06/2012 – Rain Drop Rose

20120618-211959.jpg Another day in work, and then the last evening with the boys as we’re leaving tomorrow. We didn’t do much again, as we’re just been chatting and playing games etc, as we do. But I really wanted to get a photo like this up before we leave the house, as finally, after so much bother about the weeds in the back garden, they’re starting to look pretty!

29/05/2012 – Lunch with the Ladies — May 30, 2012

29/05/2012 – Lunch with the Ladies

ImageWe all had to go to uni today to work out the placements for the graduation show starting Friday. There was a bit of drama due to us not being able to hire out iPads to show our apps off, but it’ll be sorted. After that I went for lunch with my graphics ladies! It was lovely sitting outside for once. Calm, easy, day today. And I think I’ve finalised my logo I’m currently working on, very happy with it! Yay!

30/04/2012 — Apr 30, 2012


Our uni remains shut due to the wind damage to the roof, but we still went for our weekly lunch in revs, which was yum! Then more work and kettle bells at the gym. Took this on the way home from the glass at the gym, I stand by the fact any city can be pretty at sunset.


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