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21/01/2013 – It’s like we never left Newport! — Jan 22, 2013
20/01/2013 – Back to more snow — Jan 21, 2013

20/01/2013 – Back to more snow

Today was most definitely another relaxing day with my mum around the house. We had Christmas dinner for lunch and it was as wonderful as in December! I’m now back in London after a 3 hour travel, luckily the snow hasn’t affected my journeys at all so I would call that a success! London is a lot snowier then I expected, but it really looks beautiful – I took this photo at 11pm, just as I arrived home.


19/01/2013 – Don’t die boiler! — Jan 19, 2013

19/01/2013 – Don’t die boiler!

So yesterday the boiler in my family home decided to die. I was still in London so it wasn’t a problem for me – but this morning it definitely was. Spent my early hours with this view, warning my face as the boiler was getting fixed. Great news! It is now, and heating has restored!