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25/11/19 – Crunchy run — Nov 25, 2019

25/11/19 – Crunchy run

I ran my first 5k since summer’s heel injury and I feel great! Tired, but in a wonderful way. I had the day off today before heading back to London this evening – it’s been such a nice weekend being with my mum and sister (and today my nephew). I’m even more excited for Christmas now.

24/11/19 – Back in Cardiff — Nov 24, 2019
02/11/19 – Welcome to Wales — Nov 2, 2019

02/11/19 – Welcome to Wales

Well the weather isn’t great, but the company is! Nic and I started off today with an incredible massage, followed by chip shop chips. I mean, as days go, this is already a pretty great one. We then donned our rain coats and headed into town to do a spot of shopping which proved to be much more successful for Nic than me…

01/11/19 – Off we go — Nov 1, 2019
27/12/15 – Driving home for Christmas.. — Dec 27, 2015

27/12/15 – Driving home for Christmas..

… round two with Nic at home in London! Today was my last day in Cardiff and it’s been quite the relaxing one thankfully, as this week has been pretty knackering!

I’m on the bus back to London now, should get in around midnight.. Then it’s mine and Nic’s Christmas day as we weren’t together for the real deal. Exciting!


26/12/15 – Boxing Day at the Bay — Dec 26, 2015

26/12/15 – Boxing Day at the Bay

Mum, Alana and I all went to Cardiff Bay this morning as this was Alana’s first trip to Cardiff so we thought we’d show her a bit more than just our house! It was incredibly breezy, but also as pretty as ever.

The rest of the day was spent with my mum and sister relaxing at home in a lovely post-Christmas glow. Tis the season.


25/12/15 – Happy Christmas!! — Dec 25, 2015

25/12/15 – Happy Christmas!!

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you’ve all had a really lovely day, and those across the pond.. I hope you’re currently having a great day!

We certainly have! My sister knitted me a mermaid tail, it’s incredible! Dinner was delicious as always and now we’re all relaxing watching tv with stuffed tummy.. Happiness is right now!


24/12/15 – Christmas Eve in Cardiff —
23/12/15 – Cardiff Run Ins — Dec 24, 2015

23/12/15 – Cardiff Run Ins

Today began with a lovely breakfast visit from Rachel so we could present swap after yesterday. Then mum and I went for a crisp run around Cardiff to this glorious view!

I’m now out for drinks with my sister and friends after eating copious amounts of all you can eat meat! Cheers to being home for Christmas!


22/12/15 – Present and Correct — Dec 23, 2015

22/12/15 – Present and Correct

I had a glorious lie in today then a cheeky 3km run before heading into town to meet my cardiff based best friend, Rach, delightful.

Sadly, being the useless Londoner that I now am, I forgot Wales packs a punch when it comes to weather, and thus spent the next 4 hours running around in the pouring rain between shops.. But I’ve done it! All present buying is complete, huzzah.