18/02/2014 – Lighter Nights!

Slowly but surely, ray by ray, the evenings are getting lighter once again! Took this as I left Clapham Junction around 6pm, beautiful sky. Took my bike to get fixed today, hoping to get it back on Thursday. Then met up with the lovely Claire for wine, popcorn and gore movie night! Lovely day.

20/11/2013 – Reunited Again!

I’m once again back in Wales! This time is for my mums birthday, we’re going away for a spa weekend to celebrate at Ragdale Hall. I bought a first class ticket to Cardiff which meant I get to take advantage of their waiting room at Paddington. I’ve haven’t caught a first class trip during theseContinue reading “20/11/2013 – Reunited Again!”

02/11/2012 – I’ll just stay here then..

I’m back in work tomorrow and thus will have to man up, for now though, my bed is still my best friend! Here’s my view for most of today as I slowly watched the sun go around…