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05/02/2014 – Tube Strike? No bother! — Feb 7, 2014

05/02/2014 – Tube Strike? No bother!

Today marks the first full day of London’s tube strikes. It’s grim, windy and generally grumpy in the air… But not for me! Cycled in today, as always no bother, apart from a little extra traffic. (No one likes a smart arse!) It was horrid cycling home though as the wind picked up, but I did a few extra km’s as my mum is coming to London tomorrow so I won’t be cycling much.

Grabbed this picture just outside where I work at lunchtime, a stranded tube train. Quite typical for today’s transportation antics.


20/03/2013 – My favourite attire — Apr 1, 2013
10/08/2012 – That Friday Feeling — Aug 12, 2012

10/08/2012 – That Friday Feeling

We have internet in the flat! I haven’t missed it too much as I’m in work most of the time, so I enjoy the break when I get home from technology, but it’s nice to be able to blog and browse a lot easier at home.

I got the tube home today, I know, I’m such a rebel. Took this photo just before hopping on the train. It’s expensive, about £2.90 to get the tube home, which takes me 20 minutes to cycle! But today I was feeling lazy.

18/06/2012 – Giraffe in a Phone Box! — Jun 24, 2012

18/06/2012 – Giraffe in a Phone Box!

Another long(ish) drive today as I head to Langley to stay with my sister for a couple nights. We headed into London today to get lunch, and scope out some areas as I’ll be moving to London next month for my new job! (Exciting and terrifying!) Saw this giraffe in a telephone box which after a bit of research turns out it’s Childline, marking their 25th birthday! Later on we saw the downside of living in London, where during rush hour all the Oxford Street tubes were closed due to being over crowded, but it was a great opportunity to show the sheer vastness of people in London!