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01/08/17 – Sun’s out! — Aug 1, 2017

01/08/17 – Sun’s out!

After a dreery few days in London it was so nice to see the sun come out from it’s hiding place!

Nic and I got some good news today and decided to celebrate with a Tuesday night date night on Brick Lane. All will be revealed soon enough but for now just keep your fingers crossed for us (not pregnant!)


28/11/15 – Christmas has begun! — Nov 28, 2015

28/11/15 – Christmas has begun!

This is not a drill, people! We bought our Christmas today and I’m so happy – it was so much fun putting it up and now the living room has the most gorgeous glow about it.

We drove around a lot today picking up various things including a saw to lop off the end of the tree.. But it’s all done now and I’m loving it! Merry Christmas!


03/12/2012 – Christmas is in our flat! — Dec 5, 2012
25/10/2012 – Autumn has set in! — Nov 13, 2012
04/10/2012 – Tree Delivery! — Oct 5, 2012

04/10/2012 – Tree Delivery!

Two things of note happened today –

1. Trees were delivered to outside our office, I thought it was funny so this photo happened.

2. I was a good girl and got a lolly for getting a flu jab. This I am proud of.

I didn’t say today was particularly exciting. Bonus note, my bathroom floor is getting re-tilled, I did a food shop and three loads of washing… oooOoooh. Thrilling day.

02/04/2012 — Apr 2, 2012


Another day of work in Cardiff! With our burst of spring nearly over (the blossom is already falling) I thought I’d brave the quite chilly outdoors and take some photos. I love our magnolia tree when it’s in blossom, but it doesn’t half get everywhere!

28/03/2012 — Mar 28, 2012


ImageAnother lovely day! Britain is having amazing weather at the moment, making it very difficult to stay in work for 6 hours like today.. took this on the way home to Cardiff as it was just such a nice afternoon.