10/11/15 – Dinner at the Bryants!

Trains haven’t been my friend today.. Southern Rail is the absolute worst trainline ever (sorry, I just needed to get that out there). Anyhoo, this evening made up for it as we went round Maria and Dan’s house for dinner! Nic took photos for their wedding a couple months ago so it was a jointContinue reading “10/11/15 – Dinner at the Bryants!”

29/10/15 – The unexpected delay

I gave up on my train this morning I was so sure I had missed it. But there it was, only a mere three minutes late! ..only to be held at a red signal for 20 minutes just outside of Balham, where I took this photo.. Today was a good day as after work IContinue reading “29/10/15 – The unexpected delay”

25/09/15 – Let’s go home!

Ah Friday, the beginning of the weekend, where Monday is but a far away twinkle in it’s eye.. Perfect. This week has been pretty full on, even for me.. and whilst I wouldn’t change a single thing about that as it’s been a blast, I am exceedingly looking forward to a large gin when IContinue reading “25/09/15 – Let’s go home!”

07/08/15 – The country of my people

Or as some people know it, Wales… I’m off to Rhyl (North Wales) today to stay at my Nana’s. My sister, Mel, is already there so I’m super excited to see them both – it’s going to be a great weekend! And if train journeys call for one thing, it’s travel gin!

20/11/2013 – Reunited Again!

I’m once again back in Wales! This time is for my mums birthday, we’re going away for a spa weekend to celebrate at Ragdale Hall. I bought a first class ticket to Cardiff which meant I get to take advantage of their waiting room at Paddington. I’ve haven’t caught a first class trip during theseContinue reading “20/11/2013 – Reunited Again!”

29/09/2013 – Such a Familiar View

Ah the familiar scene of working on my iPad whilst the world flys past – I’m on my way back to London, it’s home time. After a lovely weekend in Wilmslow I’m back riding the warm Northern underground line whilst writing this up. I have the strongest love/hate relationship with this city – it drivesContinue reading “29/09/2013 – Such a Familiar View”

26/09/2013 – From one Capitol to the Next

.. And in style! Headed back to London today as I had a meeting at 5, and then a hootsuite meet up or “HootUp” later on. Met some lovely people at the latter! All in all a busy day of travelling and meeting new people.

31/08/2012 – Wanderers of Waterloo

This weekend I’m going to Claire’s home in Andover for her mum’s birthday. We got the train there straight after work from Waterloo where I took this photo quickly! I’m excited, should be a lovely weekend away!