25/12/2013 – Merry Christmas!

This year it’s just me and my mum for Christmas Day, as my sister is off skiing. So we decided to create some new traditions! The first of which was after Christmas Day mass, we headed up to “The Hill” which is a particularly special spot for us for reasons I won’t go into now,Continue reading “25/12/2013 – Merry Christmas!”

22/09/2013 – Finding Our Roots

Another lovely day getting to know our extended polish family. We’re out here meeting my mum’s cousins, which means I also get to meet my second cousins! It’s all pretty exciting and nerve wrecking as my polish is appalling (read: non-existent after please and thank yous). We found my great grandparents grave today, it wasContinue reading “22/09/2013 – Finding Our Roots”

21/09/2013 – The Big Polish Day!

After taking so many photos I found it so hard to chose just one for this post, but here it is! Polish weddings are something else, I’ve had so much fun – with so many surprises! This wasn’t a cake with sparklers in it, it’s a boar.. with sparklers in it.. that the grandad ofContinue reading “21/09/2013 – The Big Polish Day!”