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22/09/2012 – Well there’s one good thing! — Oct 4, 2012

22/09/2012 – Well there’s one good thing!

Popped into town today with mum and found some good news (if you’ll excuse the vanity)! My efforts of cycling, running and watching what I eat have paid off! I don’t like getting too personal on this blog now it’s audience has spread from just family/friends – but for the first time since I was probably 14, I’m a size ten! This makes me a very happy Steph – hard work prevails! (I will smack anyone who says I’m “lucky”)


02/07/2012 – Fran’s Back from China! — Jul 7, 2012

02/07/2012 – Fran’s Back from China!

My friend Sue came to stay at mine today, as our friend the lovely Fran came back from China today for a short stay before leaving again for another year! We had a really good night out, but sadly my camera died soon after the train journey to Newport, so here’s that one photo of me and Sue heading to Newport!

29/06/2012 – We Met Mario! —
21/04/11 — Apr 30, 2011