01/05/16 – Tough Mudder aftermath

Oh wow, we have bruises and aches all over after yesterday’s Tough Mudder! I popped out quickly this morning on my bike (ow), but apart from that I’ve spent a large part of today relaxing and watching Breaking Bad. We did (well, mostly Nic) manage to wash our clothes from yesterday though! This was theContinue reading “01/05/16 – Tough Mudder aftermath”

30/04/16 – Getting Tough and Muddy!

Today Nic, Moira, Andy and I completed a Tough Mudder race! Over 11miles of running and really hard and obstacles, including being plunged into literal ice water! It was up there on the hardest things I’ve ever done but I’m so incredibly proud of us for doing it, and smiling at the finish line! GoContinue reading “30/04/16 – Getting Tough and Muddy!”