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12/08/15 – Monkeying around lidos — Aug 12, 2015

12/08/15 – Monkeying around lidos

We’re getting the hang of this after work swimming malarkey! I managed to swim a whole 1km after work today – the furthest I’ve ever swam in one go (I think).. Pretty chuffed!

And continuing on a roll of PBs I also managed to do a full set of monkey bars AND come back on myself, which is also a first! Yay for this evening!


06/08/15 – Intermittent triathalon — Aug 6, 2015

06/08/15 – Intermittent triathalon

I cycled, ran AND swam today! One of mine and Nic’s 2016 goals is to complete a triathalon together, so this year we’ve started to include more swimming into our lives and we’re loving it, especially on glorious evenings like this one!

…and we might have had chips afterwards which made today even more excellent.


28/07/15 – Evening Swim at Brockwell — Jul 28, 2015

28/07/15 – Evening Swim at Brockwell

Back to business today – fitness biz. Finally managed to go running for the first time since I got ill weeks ago and it was bloody knackering.. but very satisfying to be back out there.

After work Nic and I went swimming in Brockwell Lido. There was a small rain shower at one point but we swam for nearly an hour then had dinner in the lido cafe. It was a beautiful evening all round.

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25/07/15 – Happy Birthday Moira Swim — Jul 25, 2015

25/07/15 – Happy Birthday Moira Swim

We went to Hampsted Heath today to celebrate our lovely friend Moira’s birthday. Due to various closing times we ended up having to split off into genders and hit the ladies only natural pond. It was seriously delightful, such a tranquil place to be.. Swimming next to herons and ducks basking in the sun.

It was a great day followed by a great night out, happy birthday Moira!


31/03/2012 — Apr 1, 2012


Went swimming today with Dae! Stupidly picked the first day of Easter holidays to do it, so it was a but busier than planned! But after we finished I found this sign it the ladies loos and it made me chuckle. After an hours healthy swim, and trying to get in shape, it’s not the thing you want to see..


26/06/11 — Jul 7, 2011
25/06/11 —


Had another beach day today as it was our last full day in Cuba, but before relaxing I went on a snorkelling trip where we road on a catamaran to deeper waters, where we were surrounded by loads of tropical fish the top picture is me, if you can’t tell)! The boys could hear my yelping coming from my snorkel as the fish would swim right up to your face! (First underwater POD!)

23/06/11 —


We swam with dolphins! I’ve never done it before, and didn’t really know what to expect, but they were lovely! Like puppies, but more soggy.. and bigger. They were really playful, and seemed very happy with the trainers. They swam behind us and pushed us forward on their noses before chucking us up in the air (the first photo)! It was fantastic!