13/11/15 – Sunset at the office

Such sporadic weather today in London! Beautiful and crisp one second then suddenly the heavens opened! Finally sunset was followed by a gorgeous bright blue sky. Pizza night tonight with Nic, a lovely relaxing end to this pretty busy week, work wise. Happy Friday!

19/10/15 – London’s Shortening Days

It’s officially dark now as I head off cycling home from work. I’m a mix of emotions about this as I love autumn and winter so welcome the cosy evenings, but at the same time it’s a bit bleak not seeing much daylight when I’m in work all day! However, you do get to seeContinue reading “19/10/15 – London’s Shortening Days”

24/09/15 – Dinner in Wandsworth

Today started off the way everyday should start, with a complimentary hash brown in my bacon roll at the station! Yum. I’m tired today.. quite tired. The sort of tired where you become confused over the simplest things, like stairs for example (ouch) and curbs (ouch) and where you quickly become aware of how clumsyContinue reading “24/09/15 – Dinner in Wandsworth”

03/08/15 – A Sydenham Hill Sunset

After work I went to dinner with Ali and Kat, two of my old housemates from when I lived in a shared house in Clapham. It was a great catch up, as it always is with these two – though it makes you realise how quickly time passes you by when it was months sinceContinue reading “03/08/15 – A Sydenham Hill Sunset”

28/07/15 – Evening Swim at Brockwell

Back to business today – fitness biz. Finally managed to go running for the first time since I got ill weeks ago and it was bloody knackering.. but very satisfying to be back out there. After work Nic and I went swimming in Brockwell Lido. There was a small rain shower at one point butContinue reading “28/07/15 – Evening Swim at Brockwell”

19/07/15 – After partying party

So turns out being ill AND hungover is horrendous, so I spent a large portion of today napping.. It seems my illness isn’t going away anytime soon and wants to get worse before getting better.. Oh dear. Later this evening we went to visit an old colleague and his family for a nice (sober) catchContinue reading “19/07/15 – After partying party”

28/12/2013 – Daemon love and boats!

I’m taking full advantage of being reunited with my baby car this week! “Jetted” off to Bristol today to see Dae! He was in this blog quite frequently when I lived in Newport but we’ve been rubbish recently due to distance. Today was fantastic though to see his lovely face again! It’s wonderful to seeContinue reading “28/12/2013 – Daemon love and boats!”

06/03/2013 – The Most Beautiful Sunset

This was our amazing view from the balcony tonight, truly beautiful! Red sky at night, shepherds delight!