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22/02/2014 – Sunny London — Feb 23, 2014

22/02/2014 – Sunny London

What a glorious day! My ideal weather today, so after another stunning run, we walked into London via Hyde Park. It took around two hours as we went the scenic route, but it was nothing but gorgeous scenery.

Pizza and pasta for lunch, followed by a bike ride around Hyde park. Bliss day with one of my favourite people!


21/02/2014 – Sunshine mornings and rugby —

21/02/2014 – Sunshine mornings and rugby

Today started off with a gorgeous run around clapham common, just as the sun was rising. I then cycled to the post office, before heading to work! I have my baby bike back, and I can’t tell you how happy this makes me!

After work I met up with the lovely Rach, who is staying for the weekend. We popped out for dinner, a couple cocktails, and then watched the rugby. Perfect Friday!


30/10/2012 – Sunrise on a Run — Nov 13, 2012
14/08/2012 – Maria’s Visit! — Aug 15, 2012

14/08/2012 – Maria’s Visit!

Our lovely friend Maria came to visit us today! Myself, Claire and Maria all studied graphic design together at Newport University, and now she’s moved to London, so it was lovely being reunited again. I forgot to take more photos, as I was too busy nattering, but I couldn’t help but take yet -another- sunset photo, the skies just too pretty here!


11/08/2012 – Touristing Around London — Aug 12, 2012

11/08/2012 – Touristing Around London


Today was such a nice day! Claire and I went around London in search for Cream tea as we really fancied a day out in London, and scones! We eventually found some in the Tate Modern (and they were amazing!), after frolicking around in water fountains, watching a bit of the Olympics and walking miles on end! It was a great day, and I went off to get a few cliché photos I’ve always wanted. A really good Saturday all in all!

28/07/2012 – Walking around London — Jul 29, 2012

28/07/2012 – Walking around London

The weekend has arrived! And after a well deserved lie-in, Claire and I went on another explore around London. We walked to Mile End park first off to eat lunch, along the way we saw a large protest about a number of different causes, its exciting living in london and bumping into these things. After our make-do picnic we carried on walking and made it to Canary Wharf (took two hours all together) we then cycled home from Canary Wharf and had a relaxing evening in, lovely day!


24/07/2012 – Another Sunny Day — Jul 27, 2012

24/07/2012 – Another Sunny Day

London’s (well, nearly the entirety of Britain) has been hit with a scorcher of a heat wave this week, and today wasn’t an exception. Another day of 30 degrees heat, and sunbathing during my lunch break. After work I did a huuuge walk with my flatemate Claire as we went to buy Timmy (the binny, long story, he’s a rather delightful blue bin for our flat). We tucked into a full Indian dinner cooked by myself, and it was lovely! The summer days are leaving us with the most beautiful sun sets – taking this flat was one of our greatest ideas yet.


17/07/2012 – Loving the London Life — Jul 24, 2012

17/07/2012 – Loving the London Life

This weeks posts won’t be anything too exciting as I’m spending my time in work 9-5.30 and then getting to be quite early to gain back my energy! Last week totally drained me, so much has changed and happened, I’m looking forward to being more settled, but for now, a picture of our lovely balcony view as the sun starts to set.

22/04/2012 — Apr 23, 2012




I wallowed around my room for the first part of today. The last 4 weeks of uni are coming up, and it’s really taking it’s toll, I’m tired and stressed. So as a method of cheering myself up I went for a drive to Cardiff to see my mum for a bit, it was lovely, and definitely cheered me up. Need to really get down into work this week, and stop getting overwhelmed. Just four more weeks to go!

28/03/2012 — Mar 28, 2012


ImageAnother lovely day! Britain is having amazing weather at the moment, making it very difficult to stay in work for 6 hours like today.. took this on the way home to Cardiff as it was just such a nice afternoon.