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15/03/2014 – Spring has sprung! — Mar 18, 2014

15/03/2014 – Spring has sprung!

It’s a gorgeous day in Cardiff today! Mum and I went for a lovely 6km run this morning, before I headed off to get my hair cut. It’s sunny as a summers day, but with a crisp cool breeze to remind you it’s still march.

We walked into town today to do some shopping, then got the bus back home. This evening we went out for my birthday dinner, starting off at my sisters flat for champagne and strawberries! Couldn’t ask for a more pleasant Saturday.


14/08/2012 – Maria’s Visit! — Aug 15, 2012

14/08/2012 – Maria’s Visit!

Our lovely friend Maria came to visit us today! Myself, Claire and Maria all studied graphic design together at Newport University, and now she’s moved to London, so it was lovely being reunited again. I forgot to take more photos, as I was too busy nattering, but I couldn’t help but take yet -another- sunset photo, the skies just too pretty here!


11/08/2012 – Touristing Around London — Aug 12, 2012

11/08/2012 – Touristing Around London


Today was such a nice day! Claire and I went around London in search for Cream tea as we really fancied a day out in London, and scones! We eventually found some in the Tate Modern (and they were amazing!), after frolicking around in water fountains, watching a bit of the Olympics and walking miles on end! It was a great day, and I went off to get a few cliché photos I’ve always wanted. A really good Saturday all in all!

25/07/2012 – Olympic Practise! — Jul 27, 2012

25/07/2012 – Olympic Practise!

We’re lucky to have an amazing view of the Olympic Stadium, and although we’re both (my flatmate and I) not too interested in the overall Olympics, it’s hard to not get excited when you’re situated in the middle of it all! Last night they were practicing the lighting of the event! They’ve been doing different run through all week. Yesterday we saw someone parachute out of a helicopter, turns out that’s security practicing -gulp- but Claire caught a fireworks display on Tuesday! Exciting stuff!

23/07/2012 – Summer’s Arrived in London —
28/05/2012 – Another Sunny Day.. — May 28, 2012

28/05/2012 – Another Sunny Day..

Sent my PC off today to be fixed, so hear’s hoping it’ll be back by Wednesday! After that Mum and I went shopping in Cardiff and I got two really nice maxi dresses On a side note, all my gym work has paid off as I’m officially a size 10 in River Island! (Yay!) We then went for a picnic near Cosmeston Lake near Sully. It was really nice, so quiet. This evening I’ve been working on my interview brief andImage it’s going well! Not sure how it works with posting work on my blog, so I’ll have to check up on that.

27/05/2012 — May 27, 2012


Spent today at my Cardiff home sorting out my PC for it to be taken away tomorrow. During the day I went for a walk with my mum and took the opportunity to get some summer photos seeing as we’re having such lovely weather here in Wales. My mum also made scones which were just amazing (and gluten free!). Just a really nice, summery day.Image

24/05/2012 — May 25, 2012


Today was another sunny day in Newport, so Claire and I went for a picnic on the edge the river! It was lovely, and she’s my crazy friend, so I thought this photo would suit us best. We then went to the Graduate Fashion Show which featured loads of our friends, and we felt so proud! The photo is from their final hug on stage, even Claire and I were well up!

22/05/2012 — May 24, 2012


Finished my course today completely! Presentation went well, and then I picked up an outfit for tomorrow’s interview in London! Exciting stuff! In the evening we cooked sausages and sat out in the sun, it was a lovely way to relax! For those that don’t know, these are my two lovely housemates.


01/04/2012 — Apr 1, 2012


Well, spring has sprung in Cardiff and the daisies are out! Went out for lunch with my mum, and then spent the day battling some work, but not getting anywhere fast… Still in the middle of a creative block, but I’m telling myself this is normal before I finally jump into action!