09/06/2012 – Crimping and Cream

Today consisted mainly of two things, my sister completely ‘crimping’ my hair, and having scones, clotted cream and strawberries (amazing!). On a side note, I also took my PC in to get fixed AGAIN, and should get it back next week sometime..  AND we had McDonald’s breakfast, which is always worth a mention, I love having myContinue reading “09/06/2012 – Crimping and Cream”


I’m a sucker for good design, and today Amoré (my favourite Muller yogurt) won me over with this lovely design once I finished the delightful strawberry yoghurt. Apart from this, my day has just consisted of university work and a delightful walk to the shop. I’m in my last 5 weeks of university now before I finish for good, soContinue reading “14/04/2012”