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25/03/2012 – Happy 21st! — Mar 28, 2012

25/03/2012 – Happy 21st!

A few days ago I explained how I didn’t want to carry on with this blog, but today (my birthday) my mind has been changed! It’s my 21st, and I’ve had such a lovely day! (In fact I’ve had such a lovely week too!) But it was the present that my sister gave me that changed my mind – a book made up of all pictures and text from this yearly blog! It was the most amazing present ever, and took so much effort to do, and I loved it. I enjoyed looking at all the memories, and looking over things I’ve forgotten about. So here it is the blog returns. I’m going to try hard to keep it daily updated, and hopefully last until my 22nd birthday, which means you’ll see my final mayball, graduation, and hopefully more travelling amongst other things!

Photoblog – GO! Here’s me on a rope swing we found at the beach today!

10/07/11 — Jul 11, 2011
09/07/11 — Jul 9, 2011


Helped David move into our new house today! Long day left me quite tired so my Mum made my favourite meal which I had to take a photo of, chicken garlic kiev with mash and peas! (I forgot to take photos moving, and screw it, I love this meal!)

03/07/11 — Jul 8, 2011
28/06/11 —


Going back up to Newport to spend the week there getting work done and seeing friends before they head back! Look who’s ginger after the Cuba sun (It’s a good thing, I’m trying to go back to my natural blonde hair colour)

05/05/11 — May 6, 2011
11/04/11 — Apr 12, 2011
02/04/11 — Apr 5, 2011
30/03/11 — Apr 1, 2011
25/03/11 — Mar 25, 2011