05/09/2012 – My First Published Work!

Today I received the news that the ad I designed last week was in today’s issue of the Guardian! I nerdily ran out at lunch to buy a copy, and here’s the advert! I’m really happy, it was a 2 day turnaround and it’s come out well (I think). Yay! I then had a lovely evening satContinue reading “05/09/2012 – My First Published Work!”

05/07/2012 – Room Nosey

After getting back from work, I got to task of sorting out – Anndd my room is complete! Everything has been sorted (bar DVD’s and tech, but that’s getting done on Saturday). Here’s random features of my room! 1. My Steph letters! 2. Jewellery tree I made in A Level, now in full use! 3.Continue reading “05/07/2012 – Room Nosey”