22/10/2012 – Nervous Pear, Happy Pear

Today felt very slow, I’ve been feeling ill all day. As shown by my sad pear photo that I took to send to my sister and mum to make them laugh, they did, so I followed up with a happier pear. I’m now on week 9 of couch to 5k! The end is in sight,Continue reading “22/10/2012 – Nervous Pear, Happy Pear”

16/10/2012 – Tube Trip at Lunch

I went for a run today at 6:15am, me! Of all people, you’d least expect. I’m enjoying this running malark. After that it was another normal day at the office (heh, I can say that now). With a quick tube ride at lunchtime to Strand to get a refund from Pizza Hut who charged meContinue reading “16/10/2012 – Tube Trip at Lunch”

14/10/2012 – Running Sunday

Sunday’s are fast becoming my running and relaxing day recently whilst I’m in London (aka, when I’m not on the road). Today I ran 4km in one go in 25 minutes! Now that may not seem much to a lot of people, but it’s a huge deal for me. I’ve never ‘been a runner’ but I’ve just finished week 7Continue reading “14/10/2012 – Running Sunday”

07/10/2012 – Sunny Healthy London

Didn’t do much today, but it was still a really nice day! I’ve had a great relaxing weekend, and feel like I’ve got a lot done! Went for a walk this morning and the sun was shining! After I got back I relaxed for a bit before going running with Claire, and did 25 minutesContinue reading “07/10/2012 – Sunny Healthy London”

05/10/2012 – Drip Drip Drop October Rains On

It’s the weekend! Well, as of 4pm… After work I headed out for a soggy run. It was the hardest run I’ve done yet.. and that definitely wasn’t helped by the rain as shown in the photo! It was chucking it down, though it did make the park really quiet!

25/09/2012 – Poor effort running photo!

Have to apologise for this photo! I run three times a week, and this was after my first run of this week, and I was quite tired, apparently I didn’t wait long enough for it to fully capture! But this is the canal that runs adjacent to Victoria Park, my first choice of places toContinue reading “25/09/2012 – Poor effort running photo!”

24/09/2012 – Aren’t I just the sexiest?

In recent mention of me losing weight, here’s me about to cycling to work in the pouring rain at quarter to 8 in the morning! I plan to stick at it through all months and brave the cold, wind and rain (wind being my biggest pet hate). It’s going well so far, and I’m proudContinue reading “24/09/2012 – Aren’t I just the sexiest?”

16/09/2012 – London with a sister on tow

Mel has come to visit me, which is always a lovely treat. We cycled to spittlefields market today for lunch, and to have mosey round the different stalls. We then headed into central London, got hot chocolate and just wandered around. Really nice day in all, as I said, always lovely.

15/09/2012 – Saturday morning run

My first weekend where I have no plans in about 2 months, and I’m loving it. Spent the morning being healthy! Cycled to Victrocia Park, and then ran and walked for 50 minutes, went for 6k! I’m definitely getting fitter and loving it. Cycled home and spent the day doing various chores. Lovely weekend.