28/03/2013 – Morning run! Lovely sunrise

Definitely improving my leg! Managed 3.5km today, and it didn’t even hurt towards the end but thought it was best to not push it. Progress though! And back in Cardiff by

19/03/2013 – My leg is getting better! 3km run!

I damaged my leg recently and gave myself a break from running for few weeks. Back on it today and managed to run 3km before I decided to stop as my leg was beginning to hurt. Progress though!

24/02/2013 – Training for 10k!

Trying to get back on it as I’m losing a bit of drive at the moment.. Ran 10k in JUST over an hour – my best time yet! Very happy with my progress!

18/02/2013 – Family Swap after Hyde Park

My last run in Hyde park and I managed to run my best eve time! 5km in 26 minutes, I’m a very happy Steph! Mum headed home today and my sister arrived in London! Another day off work tomorrow to spend it with her – such a nice long weekend!

08/02/2013 – Morning run in Victoria Park

I beat my running time by running 7km in under 44 minutes! So I’m a very happy Steph, cut down 4 minutes in a week. Awesome! And this beautiful view is why I love running, and they’ll only get nicer as the days get longer.

01/02/2013 – Back to being healthy

Back to being fit and healthy! I’ve ran 4 times this week and feeling great! Back to eating better too, smiley fruit! Pretty sure I’ve done this photo before though…

08/12/2012 – Back to productivity! .. After a nap

I had a nice day today, finally got back into running and went for a 6k run! It was way harder than my last one a couple weeks prior (holiday and illness have recently got the better of me) but as they say, a bad run is better than no run at all! After thatContinue reading “08/12/2012 – Back to productivity! .. After a nap”

18/11/2012 – I ran 11km!

Well I only bloody went and ran 11km! This is definitely not the most attractive photo of me, but give me a break, I ran 11k! I’m so proud, so excuse the ‘braggy’ post today, it’s the only photo I took!