24/02/2014 – Running and Food. Life.

My blog seems to far too often revolve around these two topics! I had a lovely run this morning, 7.5km. It was chilly but very pretty morning. Then I seem to have just eaten for the rest of the day.. I had a lot of work to finish before heading to Birmingham with work theContinue reading “24/02/2014 – Running and Food. Life.”

21/02/2014 – Sunshine mornings and rugby

Today started off with a gorgeous run around clapham common, just as the sun was rising. I then cycled to the post office, before heading to work! I have my baby bike back, and I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! After work I met up with the lovely Rach, who is stayingContinue reading “21/02/2014 – Sunshine mornings and rugby”

13/02/2014 – Chicken and Adventure Drinks

Off out for Nandos and cocktails this evening with the lovely Richard. Finally earned my first free chicken this year with my nandos card (probably not something to be too proud of.. tasty though). A lovely day in all, ran 5km at lunchtime, so that’s 20km total this week! Speedy speedy.

02/02/2014 – 10k and cake!

It was a gorgeous morning today, so I decided to not be a lazy bum – I woke up in a fantastic mood and I know I always run great when happy so I popped on my trainers and headed to Battersea Park. Running to the park, doing two laps and running back is 10km,Continue reading “02/02/2014 – 10k and cake!”

31/01/2014 – Rainbow Run

I ran 6.5km this morning before work, I’m definitely getting back into the swing of it, and thoroughly enjoying it. My knee is still playing up but doesn’t seen to be getting worse, so I’m hoping it’ll recover on it’s own. This morning’s run was glorious, it did start heavily raining at one point butContinue reading “31/01/2014 – Rainbow Run”

20/01/2014 – Eerie Morning Run

Monday runday! Headed out to find this creepy setting. It was a good run though, happy that I’m still going! We had house viewings this evening as Kat is moving out. Met some lovely people, so hopefully we’ll have someone shortly.

17/01/2014 – Friday Time!

Started today with a soggy 4 mile run, but I was a happy bunny as it took me 44 minutes, I’m slowly getting back to speed, next task is getting under the ten minute mile. Not long now! Though wet, the mornings are a beautiful time to run in January as the sun rises throughoutContinue reading “17/01/2014 – Friday Time!”

13/01/2014 – The Outdoor Stride

I’ve been going to the gym nearly every weekday since being back in work, but I’ve definitely been slacking on running! I ran yesterday whilst at Fiona’s house, and that really spurred me on to get back on it in London too. So this morning I donned my grubby trainers (from Color Run 2013) andContinue reading “13/01/2014 – The Outdoor Stride”

19/11/2013 – Freezing Autumn Run

  Run, run, run. Crunch, crunch, crunch. It’s autumn! And it’s bloody cold. Went for a 30 minute run today, and was sorely disappointed in my distance. I ran 4km before deciding running home was the perfect idea – I was just SO cold. I had already lost feeling in my hands, and had aContinue reading “19/11/2013 – Freezing Autumn Run”

01/10/2013 – The Book of Mormon!

I finally got to see The Book of Mormon, my lovely friend Richard bought tickets and it was a great night. The songs were brilliant, I was laughing throughout the entire thing – a brilliant performance all round. I would highly recommend it, I’m already listening to the soundtrack! Ran 10km this morning in 1hr10,Continue reading “01/10/2013 – The Book of Mormon!”