11/02/2013 – I thought we were done with this?!

Apparently not, the snow is back in London! It’s exceptionally wet and cold – what you’d expect from snow really.. Had a lovely couple of drinks with Jas after work and then dinner with Claire at Revs! This is the beginning of my unhealthy week, need to get back into running pronto! (Struggling to getContinue reading “11/02/2013 – I thought we were done with this?!”

10/02/2013 – The snow is back!

Oh no, here it is, back again! Got caught out in the snow this evening after spending most of my day tucked up in bed, duvet days are the best..

21/01/2013 – It’s like we never left Newport!

For those who have followed this blog for a while, you’ll recognise Claire as one of my most commonly featured friends (and also my flat mate for the last 6 months in London). When we lived in Newport we used to go to Revs most Mondays for naughty food.. Today we relived that and hadContinue reading “21/01/2013 – It’s like we never left Newport!”

20/01/2013 – Back to more snow

Today was most definitely another relaxing day with my mum around the house. We had Christmas dinner for lunch and it was as wonderful as in December! I’m now back in London after a 3 hour travel, luckily the snow hasn’t affected my journeys at all so I would call that a success! London isContinue reading “20/01/2013 – Back to more snow”

19/01/2013 – Don’t die boiler!

So yesterday the boiler in my family home decided to die. I was still in London so it wasn’t a problem for me – but this morning it definitely was. Spent my early hours with this view, warning my face as the boiler was getting fixed. Great news! It is now, and heating has restored!

18/01/2013 – Shut the door please!

Why oh why do the doors open when no one is getting on or off! Brrrrr… I’m on my way home to Cardiff 5 hours earlier than planned! Here’s to finishing work early!

11/12/2012 – Cycling to work is a pain in the arse..

…literally. This scene greeted me this fine, chilly morning! I’m so grateful for the Barclay’s Bike man that turned up on a warmer saddle and let me have his bike! He was my saviour for myself and my backside’s warmth.