07/02/21 – Snowy run!

It’s snowed all day here today. I went out for a nine mile run in it when it hadn’t yet settled on the pavements. It was wonderful, so refreshing and calm. I enjoyed all the nods of encouragement from passers by who were also out braving the elements. Later on today I devoured more ofContinue reading “07/02/21 – Snowy run!”

25/01/21 – Slippy lunch walk

It was a gorgeously sunny day today, unfortunately though it was still -2 when we went out for a walk at lunchtime so the pavements were so slippy! We only managed a short walk around the block but it was enough to get some fresh air in our lungs. We even met this spectacularly tallContinue reading “25/01/21 – Slippy lunch walk”

24/01/21 – Snow day!

It’s snowing in London today! Big, proper flakes. It’s so wonderful. We walked to Sainsburys in the heavy snow, saying hello and chatting to two random houses on the way. There’s something about snow that makes everyone laugh and be so friendly. It’s been a wonderful day, and I’ll be sad to see it turnContinue reading “24/01/21 – Snow day!”

10/01/21 – Carshalton cycle trip!

I woke up to this glorious wintery scene this morning. This isn’t a black and white photo, it’s covered in frost! I waited a couple hours for it to thaw a bit and then popped on my many layers and headed out for a cycle. I went to Carshalton, round to Purley and then homeContinue reading “10/01/21 – Carshalton cycle trip!”

17/01/16 – Snow is here!

Ooo I love snow, it’s even more special when it’s in your own back garden! We woke up to an inch or so of snow this morning and it automatically made eveything look so lovely. We didn’t do much today until around 9pm when we suddenly decided to sort the whole house out, so itContinue reading “17/01/16 – Snow is here!”

01/01/16 – Sliding into 2016!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic night. I was definitely fuzzy headed through a majority of today.. But we made it out there again, even with my dodgy wrist – yay! I successfully made it down the green run, so I’m super chuffed at my gradual progress!

30/12/15 – Swiss Sunset

Our first full day in Switzerland, and my first ever time snowboarding in real snow! We started on the small slopes today.. being overtaken by kids with smaller skis than my feet.. but I definitely have made progress! Slow and steady, and trying to overtake a toddler or too. At sunset Nic and I wentContinue reading “30/12/15 – Swiss Sunset”

12/12/15 – Snow shopping!

Organising day today – we’ve finally finished the study! With one last trip to IKEA (our fourth trip this year) it’s all completed.. So we’re both happy bunnies! We also went shopping for snow boarding supplies as we’re running out of time before we head home for Christmas.. I did so well and got prettyContinue reading “12/12/15 – Snow shopping!”

11/12/15 – Swiss Alps Prep!

Nic and I both booked today off so we could have our own long Christmassy weekend together. We went for a lush cooked breakfast at Regency Cafe in Victoria, then snowboarding in The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempsted! It was my first time so Nic booked me a three hour beginner lesson as a present.Continue reading “11/12/15 – Swiss Alps Prep!”

03/12/15 – Edinbrrrrr!

Much colder today in Edinburgh, I even walked through a snow shower on the way to the airport! Snooooow!! Love it! It was another full day of testing but it was incredibly interesting and went past very quick. Now just waiting to take off, to go back to London!