24/11/2013 – Leave your worries behind

Far easier said than done. Today is the day of a very sad anniversary, and it was hard. As each year gets easier, you still have days where you can’t possibly imagine being happy again. But you have to strive on and keep going, you know it’s what they’d want. Carry on, stay brave, andContinue reading “24/11/2013 – Leave your worries behind”

23/11/2013 – Breakfast in Bliss

Day two at Ragdale Hall! You’re not allowed phones outside of your room, so the photos aren’t going to be too exciting.. But this was today’s breakfast, placed on my lap in bed. Next off its massages and facials for all three of the Jones ladies. Pampered bliss.

22/11/2013 – Off to Ragdale Hall!

What’s know as one of Europes top spas, I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been for this weekend of relaxation at Ragdale Hall. We try to get away from home around these dates for various personal reasons, this year we chose something a bit more calm than last years New York trip! Time toContinue reading “22/11/2013 – Off to Ragdale Hall!”

21/11/2013 – Day of Rest

Tomorrow we head off to our spa weekend, so I made sure I got a bit of work done today but mostly relaxed and caught up with my mum. It’s so calming being back in Cardiff, I’ll aways love this city. Cwtching up on the sofa, chatting away, what more would you want to relax?

20/11/2013 – Reunited Again!

I’m once again back in Wales! This time is for my mums birthday, we’re going away for a spa weekend to celebrate at Ragdale Hall. I bought a first class ticket to Cardiff which meant I get to take advantage of their waiting room at Paddington. I’ve haven’t caught a first class trip during theseContinue reading “20/11/2013 – Reunited Again!”

18/11/2013 – Keep it Colourful

I’m having a fluffy hair day today… as illustrated by the first photo. I’m also basking in being colourful! I love bright colours, they make me happy. My laptop bag does a good job holding my bright green laptop whilst being super colourful. Lovely!

02/11/2012 – Lippy-Stick

Today I’m off to my Aunties in Kent for the night! And in relating news, what a better place to put on lipstick than a train.. I have no compact mirror at the moment, so used my phone to check if it was all over my face, turns out it was the only photo IContinue reading “02/11/2012 – Lippy-Stick”

26/08/2012 – Sunday Shopping!

Today was a day of shopping amongst other things for my mum and I! We we quite busy, so I only took these couple of photos before we set off on our busy schedule. I did however buy my graduation dress, graduation shoes, and a new leather bag! So it was a day of allContinue reading “26/08/2012 – Sunday Shopping!”