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09/02/20 – Stormy Sunday lunch — Feb 9, 2020
18/09/15 – Breakfast ontop of London’s skyline — Sep 18, 2015

18/09/15 – Breakfast ontop of London’s skyline

After an exceedingly long day yesterday, we decided to do the only sensible option this morning.. get up at 6am to have breakfast on top of the walkie talkie building in the city of London of course!

It was probably the most expensive cooked breakfast I’ve ever had but it was definitely worth it for the gorgeous views, not to mention it was absolutely delicious!

After that I had wonderfully productive day at work, so much to do off the back of yesterdays meeting and so little time! But great progress was made, if a little sleepy along the way.. Happy Friday!


27/10/2012 – Day in London’s Sky — Nov 13, 2012

27/10/2012 – Day in London’s Sky

The first day of Mum’s treat weekend started off with a trip to St James’ park so we could play/pet the noses of the squirrels! They’re very tame, and I knew she’d like it! We then went to the London Eye which is always nice, and Mum’s first time! After that we headed to Vertigo – Tower 42’s Champagne Bar in East London – the views were amazing, definitely worth the hefty price tag for drinks, although you have to book in advance for a time slot. Finally, we got a taxi to Cotto, an Italian Restaurant that is well-known for dealing with gluten free dishes, it was fantastic, another well recommended place! Great, yet tiring day in all.


18/09/2012 – London’s Skyline — Oct 4, 2012
17/07/2012 – Loving the London Life — Jul 24, 2012

17/07/2012 – Loving the London Life

This weeks posts won’t be anything too exciting as I’m spending my time in work 9-5.30 and then getting to be quite early to gain back my energy! Last week totally drained me, so much has changed and happened, I’m looking forward to being more settled, but for now, a picture of our lovely balcony view as the sun starts to set.