21/11/20 – More weekend walking

Lovely, muddy walk with Nic today. Feeling smug in our wellies as we trudged through Sydenham Woods to get to the view of London from The Horniman Museum. Then Nic dropped me off so I could go for another walk around Norwood Lake with Mariana! Lots of walking with my faves, followed by a SainsContinue reading “21/11/20 – More weekend walking”

01/08/17 – Sun’s out!

After a dreery few days in London it was so nice to see the sun come out from it’s hiding place! Nic and I got some good news today and decided to celebrate with a Tuesday night date night on Brick Lane. All will be revealed soon enough but for now just keep your fingersContinue reading “01/08/17 – Sun’s out!”

22/05/17 – Green grass and blue skies

So there you are sunshine! London is gloriously sunny today, and due to my bike being fixed I got the joy of sauntering/walking into work in the sunshine.  Nic and I watched Batman Begins this evening. I’ve never actually seen it before and absolutely loved it! Really excited to watch the other two this week!