09/02/2014 – Shopping day

Popped to Oxford Circus today for a spot of shopping (much to Mum’s dismay of hitting topshop on a Sunday afternoon). I picked up far too many bargains which end up tallying to way more than planned, but that always seems to be the way. We then headed round a couple parks in Kensington asContinue reading “09/02/2014 – Shopping day”

21/12/2013 – Girly post! Shopping and nails!

This weekend I have no exciting plans apart from getting my Christmas shopping done and becoming a little more organised. First stage however was getting my Christmas nails done! Took me about half an hour to get them thoroughly glittery, and I’m happy! Next stop…Westfeild! It was horrendously busy, but that’s my fault for leavingContinue reading “21/12/2013 – Girly post! Shopping and nails!”

14/12/2012 – Worky work.. shopping!

This Tuesday is my works staff do, and after a rather short day in work (Friday’s are 9-4) myself and Jas headed to the shops and I found an awesome dress so I’m excited! Westfield in London (Shepard’s Bush) is amazing, it’s just so big! I’m exploring the Stratford one tomorrow to finish off myContinue reading “14/12/2012 – Worky work.. shopping!”

28/10/2012 – Afternoon Tea in Browns

Day two and it’s shopping and afternoon tea in Browns Hotel! Another thing you have to pre-book and is quite expensive, but definitely worth it if I’m on a roll of recommendations! Amazing service and the food was lovely, we hardly needed dinner we were so stuffed.  

29/09/2012 – 1940’s Pamper

With all the wallowing going around at the moment I decided to cheer myself up a bit and relax, and what better way to do that than getting my nails done (shellac, a hard solid resin over the nails that lasts around 2 weeks without chipping or getting dull) and a haircut! To explain the first photo,Continue reading “29/09/2012 – 1940’s Pamper”

28/09/2012 – Exploring Brick Lane

Last day of work today before a long weekend home for various reasons. Today was rather nice as my work mate took me around Brick Lane during our lunch break. I’m a sucker for vintage shops, and loved adding this to my list of things I can do in work lunchtimes (when I get theContinue reading “28/09/2012 – Exploring Brick Lane”

22/09/2012 – Well there’s one good thing!

Popped into town today with mum and found some good news (if you’ll excuse the vanity)! My efforts of cycling, running and watching what I eat have paid off! I don’t like getting too personal on this blog now it’s audience has spread from just family/friends – but for the first time since I wasContinue reading “22/09/2012 – Well there’s one good thing!”

26/08/2012 – Sunday Shopping!

Today was a day of shopping amongst other things for my mum and I! We we quite busy, so I only took these couple of photos before we set off on our busy schedule. I did however buy my graduation dress, graduation shoes, and a new leather bag! So it was a day of allContinue reading “26/08/2012 – Sunday Shopping!”

28/05/2012 – Another Sunny Day..

Sent my PC off today to be fixed, so hear’s hoping it’ll be back by Wednesday! After that Mum and I went shopping in Cardiff and I got two really nice maxi dresses On a side note, all my gym work has paid off as I’m officially a size 10 in River Island! (Yay!) WeContinue reading “28/05/2012 – Another Sunny Day..”